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Joe West is the dad to Iris West Allen played by entertainer Candice Patton and furthermore filled in as the lawful gatekeeper of Flash otherwise known as Barry Allen during the initial not many periods of the series.

Joe West had a splendidly cut story curve since the absolute starting point and this pattern proceeded till the most recent closed seventh season.

Notwithstanding, a few deviations in the ways of treating the person and some minor clues projected at his prosperity have caused a sensation of regret as of now among the well known fanbases.

The overall hunch comes after the person left the CCPD project following a few questions with Kristen in regards to the Subside strategy of meta-human.


January 18, 1969 (age 52)

Rocky Mount, Virginia, U.S.
Occupation Actor, singer
Years active 1993–present

Character Joe West, a dad in law and previous lawful gatekeeper of lead character Barry Allen otherwise known as Flash from the CW series ‘Streak’ has been supposed to have died offscreen.

The moment insights concerning the demise away from the obtrusive storyline showed up with the show’s inclination to not show his new status.

Streak series debuted its initial segment of the principal scene ‘Armageddon’ from Season 8 where the essential whereabouts and wellbeing reports on the hearty person have been missing.

Fans were stressed over the occasions that caught the ordinary existence of Joe West in the series, particularly after a tempestuous conversation round with Kristen, who was at that point zeroed in on confining meta-human.

Joe. then again attempted to help her to remember how a few undertakings may really be inclining toward some unacceptable and least practical choice and added that meta-human were working for the benefit of everyone.

His offscreen demise may really uncover how his way strayed from the underlying arrangement he readily endorsed to convey and act in understanding to.

Entertainer Jesse Martin who depicted the all-adored Joe West person in the Flash series has been estimated to leave the show after 7 long seasons with it.

Jesse had a few changes in the storyline and plot of his person to oblige his simple goodbye from the series and presently some spirit blending occasions have run after’s his flight.

A short discussion between Joe’s reel life sweetheart Cecile Horton and Chester P Runk was loaded up with passionate methodologies when Chester shared his compassion toward Cecile, who had a sorry look across her face.

This may by implication accord for her accomplice’s unbeknownst demise and nonappearance from the group meet as ordinarily found in CW’s Flash.

Joe West had marked an agreement with Warner Bros back in June 2021. Albeit at first displayed as a passionate person goodbye and separating from the reel depiction.

The secured proviso may not legitimize his initial discounting from the series as he promised on about proceeding in the eighth season also.

The person’s passing may indeed be a diversion for the superhuman group to vitalize their opponent’s fortresses.