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Olu Jacobs isn’t dead however alive as affirmed by his significant other, Joke Sliva. Here is the passing trick exposed.

There’s hardly any exposing to do as Joke Sliva straightforwardly affirmed that Olu Jacobs is “sound and generous.” The renowned Nollywood entertainer couldn’t take individuals discussing the bogus end of her better half and responded right away.

At this point, Olu Jacobs is a lot of alive and healthy. We are yet to pinpoint how the passing reports began precisely. In any case, the tales had made a serious spot on Twitter in the previous day.

Olu Jacobs is alive and solid at 79 years old.

Born 11 July 1942
Occupation Actor
Years active 1970
Spouse(s) Joke Silva

For the last little while, the web was discussing his plausible demise. In response to that, many fans on Twitter even devoted eulogies to the Nollywood film leader.

Be that as it may, the uplifting news is he isn’t dead. His significant other, Joke Silva, who is one more noticeable figure of Nollywood exposed the scam. She saw its amusing side and made a little joke also.

Nonetheless, the main thing is Olu Jacobs isn’t dead and it’s an ideal opportunity to shut down those jabber bits of gossip about his death.

Joke Sliva talked with The Punch to forgo off the gossipy tidbits about her significant other’s downfall.

Addressing them, she said, “Don’t care about them, they’re simply talking refuse; don’t upset your head. He is in the parlor right presently going to have Eba and Ogbono soup.”

“Allow them to continue to mislead themselves. He is solidness and good,” The double cross Africa Academy Awards winning entertainer added.

Olu Jacobs is healthy and distant from any disease whatsoever second.

As the entertainer was far away from the spotlight for a significant time, talk about his alleged sickness surfaced on the web a couple of days back. Those bits of hearsay duplicated and instantly, individuals were discussing his demise.

Yet, the Nollywood film chief has shown up postponing that load of bits of gossip off. What’s more, Joke Silva discussed him being fine in an entire meeting.