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Shula Lloyd from BBC Radio 4 isn’t leaving the job of Shula in The Toxophilite. Hebden, Shula Lloyd, otherwise called Toxophilite, is a fictitious person from the BBC Radio 4 drama The Bowmen. In 1958, the person was presented as the oldest girl of Phil and Jill Bowman.

Shula, a passionate Christian engaged with the Ambridge church and Ward Gathering, has showed up in a portion of the shoe’s most contentious and high-profile storylines, including the end of her most memorable spouse Mark, an issue with the town specialist, which ultimately prompted fruitful IVF treatment.


As per Bowman’s true site, Shula is a “mainstay of the Congregation” and a “first love of ponies.” She has been hitched to Brian Aldridge co-star Charles Collingwood starting around 1975.

Real Name Judy Bennett
Date Of Birth 5th October, 1984
Birth Place Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Profession Actor
Spouse Charles Collingwood

Judy Bennett, a Liverpudlian entertainer, has played Shula beginning around 1971. Bennett has been assuming the part for a considerable length of time starting around 2021, making her one of the world’s longest-serving drama entertainers.

The Architechs Hebden, Shula Lloyd might be thinking about leaving Ambridge after a sincere discussion with her father by marriage, Jim Lloyd, on tonight’s episode of the town based show.

The Bowmen is a BBC Radio 4 radio show on the company’s principal verbally expressed word channel. It has been communicated starting around 1951 and got broadly charged as “a regular story of salt of the earth people” prior to being rebranded as “a contemporary show in a country setting.”

It is the world’s longest-showing dramatization to a few episodes, having broadcasted north of 19,500 episodes. What has been going on with Judy Bennett? Judy Bennett seemed occupied as The Bowmen started off tonight, with her and Jill Bowman (Patricia Greene) looking at running over Leonard Berry (Paul Copely) painting ponies in the show.

While Jill stayed with the novice painter, Shula met with Jim (John Rowe) to examine an occurrence at a new Dedicating at the nearby church that made the strict person stagger and not be able to convey a discourse at the service.

The pair had a strained relationship on the BBC Radio 4 cleanser because of their contradicting strict convictions. In any case, Jim and Shula seemed to accommodate as the father by marriage attempted to comfort the tumultuous person.

Nonetheless, subsequent to confessing to Jim that she didn’t know what she put stock in any longer, Shula prodded that she could enjoy some time off away from the town toward the finish of the episode.

“I didn’t realize you would be there,” Shula answered. “After the conversation,” she went on before Jim contributed. “It won’t be whenever I’ve first switched up and put individuals off their stroke,” Jim said, adding, “I thought you’d be satisfied to see me battle like that.”

When Did Judy Bennett Start Assuming the Part of Shula In Bowman?  Judy Bennett has been assuming the part of Shula Hebden-Lloyd beginning around 1971.

Bennett is a Liverpudlian voice entertainer whose profession in radio started with the long-running drama. She had played Shula’s twin brother Kenton and most youthful sister Elizabeth prior to expecting the job of Shula herself.

The entertainer rose to popularity subsequent to assuming the part of Shula in the show The Bowman. She had gotten heaps of adoration from her fans and audience starting around 2022.