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Kim Poirier is a Canadian expert entertainer, vocalist, film maker, and TV have. In 2014, Kim has been given a role as April in After The Gather in which she’s likewise a maker. She’s additionally creating the thriller The Clowns. She featured as the lead in the Emily Stone short film/book trailer which was delivered in October.

Kim Jacinthe Poirier was born on February 6, 1980 (age 42 years) in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. She is the little girl of entertainer/model Carol Laquerre who was Miss Toronto in 1976, she has one sister. She appreciates watching motion pictures, composing, reflecting, running, playing guitar, and singing. She accomplishes charitable effort for the destitute. Poirier is conversant in both French and English. She is a prepared yoga. She has studied numerology, recuperating, and sustenance.

Kim Poirier worked in demonstrating and television plugs as a kid prior to moving into television and film acting in adulthood. She inventoried displaying and ads for Aquafresh, Ontario The travel industry, Ontario Spot, Ringer Canada, Turtles Chocolates, Old El Paso, Toronto Eaton Center, Pizza and Passage. She was up for a lead female job in the Television program Breaker High when she was just 15 however when they requested that she eliminate her tongue ring she declined and didn’t get the job.

Name Kim Poirier
Net Worth $5 million
Occupation Actress, Singer, Film producer, TV host
Age 42 years
Height 1.65m

Poirier visitor featured on the science fiction show PSI Element: Accounts of the Paranormal as Marisa in 1996 and was approached to compose a tale for the book “Sci-fi TV Series 1990-2004” in 2007 about her job on the show. This was Kim’s presentation acting job. She happened to visitor star in one more show around the same time called Straight Up in which she played a little part as AJ’s Gangster.

In the next year, she played a little part in a television film called Exposed City: Equity with a Shot as Youthful Darling 1 and in 1999 played a little part in The Chase after the Unicorn Executioner as a young lady who had an unsanctioned romance with Ira Einhorn however her scenes were cut from the film. Kim has expressed that along these lines, it is her most un-most loved job. She proceeded to play a supporting part in the television pilot A Lone ranger’s Manual for Enticement in the Kitchen as Linda. It was gone for Utopia Amusement anyway it wasn’t gotten, however a few European nations communicated interest in it.

Kim Poirier likewise played one more little part in the television film Evaluated X as Jamie the “Entertainer”, who gets hit on by Artie Mitchell in a jacuzzi. She likewise visitor featured on the Network program Two times in a Lifetime as Amanda, the sister of Delia Congruity whom she has a battle with and dies before she can leave town. She likewise visitor featured on The Gavin Crawford Show as Jenna.

In 2001, her vocation took off when she turned into an ordinary in the Canadian Network program Heaven Falls as Roxy Tracker, the low class young lady who experiences numerous individual difficulties, for example, being seized, bound, and choked in a lodge by a strange miscreant. The primary season had 52 episodes. She likewise played a supporting part in the television film Peril Underneath the Ocean as Lisa Alford, the pregnant spouse who’s abandoned in a town where she doesn’t actually know anybody after her significant other leaves for the submarines.

In 2002, she played a little supporting part in the television film Imagine You Don’t See Her as Heather Greco, an entertainer who is maintaining a dull mystery about her sweethearts life. She then proceeded to assume a supporting part in the directly to-video American Psycho II: All American Young lady as Barbara, the obnoxious understudy who needs the T.A. position that Teacher Starkman’s contribution. She visitor featured as Holly for 4 episodes in the MTV show Stripped down in its 6th and last season.

Kim Poirier happened to visitor star in the parody show I Love Mummy as Youthful Esther, a little supporting job in the television film The Rodents as Jay, a visitor star appearance as Denise on Doc and visitor featuring in the Manikins Who Kill as Evelyn, a wonderful specialist at a retail chain who utilizes her focuses on her benefit. In 2003, she visitor featured on the Program Largo Winch as Jacqueline Lindley, the little girl of a newsman designated by the Adriatic commission who succumbs to Largo however doesn’t believe that her dad should get messed up at serious risk.

She sings the tune La Bamba in the episode. She showed up at the 2003 Much Music Video Music Grants and the first Yearly Spaceys. It was in 2004 that Kim got her most memorable lead job in a component film as Constance in Baits, an outsider who becomes hopelessly enamored with Roger. She advanced the film on the talk show Open Mike with Mike Bullard. She likewise played a significant supporting part in the change of First light of the Dead as Monica, a survivor from the congregation who was saved by Norma and has a sad consummation.

Kim Poirier got back to her job as Roxy Tracker for the second time of Heaven Falls which had 26 episodes. The long break between Seasons 1 and 2 had left many fans accepting the show had been dropped. She likewise played a supporting part in the CBS television film While I Was Gone as Dana Jablonski, a famous unique flower child who is closest companions with Jo during the 60s.

In 2005, she showed up in the short film The Toxophilite as Lisa, the sweetheart of a delinquent. It was coordinated by John Palmer and delivered by the Penney brothers, it additionally featured Anthony Furey and Dov Tiefenbach. The film has had a couple of screenings at Canadian Short Film Celebrations. She joined Space channel after co-facilitating the 05 Spaceys. She turned into a customary live moderator for HypaSpace and did 1 brief sections on Drive-In Works of art each Saturday before the Repulsiveness Long distance race and did the voiceovers for the promotions of Hot Windshields from 2005 until 2007. She likewise showed up in the audience of the MuchMusic television unique Audioslave Live@Much.

In 2006, she co-facilitated the 06 Spaceys and was the live moderator for one more unique show for the Space channel called Space Top 10 Commencement. She joined with Ruler Ability Inc. in September and in November, chief George Mill operator was so enchanted by Kim Poirier during a meeting on HypaSpace, he got Warner Brothers to reach her maker at Space and requested that she compose a snippet for a Network program examining films of the week and this time it was about Blissful Feet. She acknowledged the deal. Her authority site was likewise upgraded and sent off with another connection.

In 2007, she did a gathering class stage studio with Tom Todoroff and it was her most memorable time in front of an audience. She said it has made her believe that should do some performance center acting. She reported that she will show up on The Quest For The Healthy lifestyle which she recorded in February (at first it was Natural Security for Ladies). She returned as Constance Snowden for the directly to-DVD Baits 2: Outsider Temptation. She showed up in an episode of Best! Motion pictures! Ever! in which she discussed her job on Baits, she likewise returned for the second and last time of the show Space Top 10 Commencement.

Kim Poirier got a section in the melodic The Privateers of Penzance however she needed to exit in the wake of getting excessively occupied. She additionally reported that she will be important for Heaven Falls third season, which at the time had no new episodes starting around 2004. She had a highlighted photograph go for the nearby magazine “Our Area”, facilitated The Best of the Spaceys and co-facilitated the 07 Spaceys. In Spring, she handled a lead supporting job in the Lifetime film called How I Wedded My Secondary School Crush as Kate Duncan, the hyper and fun closest companion of Sara. In July, she left HypaSpace/Drive-In Works of art and started recording for the third time of Heaven Falls, which went on until October.

In 2008, she got back to HypaSpace on the eighth of Spring. Yet again she returns as Roxy Tracker in the well known Canadian Network program Heaven Falls’ third season what began circulating on here! Television from 11 April and on Grandstand around October. She partook in the Donning Life 10k disagreement Toronto in May. She tried out for the job of Tess Mercer on Smallville however didn’t get the job. She likewise engaged with being a maker on a film which she advanced at Cannes 2008 called The Good news of Phi, it had a restricted separating Canada in 2007.

She went to Cannes 2008 with entertainer/maker Lisa Wegner and maker John Davidson to advance the film and thought of the banner idea for the film. She likewise moved to Vancouver, English Columbia. HypaSpace reached a conclusion on June 27, 2008, and was Kim’s last episode following four years of being on the show. She then, at that point, finished shooting for the thriller Quiet Yet Deadly in the mid year, she plays the lead job of Sandra.

Kim Poirier is a visitor speaker in the Burman Books DVD The Quest For The Healthy lifestyle which was delivered on September 1, 2008 (recording was in February 2007). Subsequent to recording finished for Quiet Yet Deadly she went to the 2008 Toronto Worldwide Film Celebration and visitor featured in the HypaSpace substitution The Circuit to discuss the film. She additionally had interviews with the site In-your-face Nerdity and public broadcast The VM Underground Show. She shot her scenes for an episode of Aha which broadcasted in 2009.

Poirier additionally joined the band Jacqui Judge and the Hangman’s tree as their sponsorship singer. In 2009, she went to Winnipeg, Manitoba to shoot the film Foodland, coordinated by Adam Smoluk. The film marks whenever she first will be singing on screen in a component film, she plays Lucy Eklund the femme fatale who’s a scalawag by day and supper club vocalist around evening time. She sings the tune “You Made Me Love You (I Would have rather not Gotten it done)”. She was initially projected in the job of Miranda Kirby for the show Blissful Town yet was supplanted by Linda Kash the prior night shooting.

She sang with Corduroy live for Canadian Music Week in Toronto at Bread and Carnival on Walk 13 and furthermore performed at VTV Live on April 29 with Sway and The Horde singing the tunes Dance hall Rush, Bronco Sally, Prison Rock, Green Waterway, Born On A Marsh, Phantom Riders Overhead, 13 Ladies, Little Assistance From My Companions and Ch