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Indian extremist, craftsman, and model Rehana Fathima is dynamic in a few moderate developments. In Kochi, Kerala, India, on May 30th, 1986, she entered the world. Rehana rose to reputation as a blunt ally of ladies’ privileges, orientation equity, and the Primary Correction.

In 2018, Rehana Fathima put forth news for her attempt to break a centuries-old Hindu untouchable that restricts ladies of feminine age from getting to the Sabarimala Sanctuary in Kerala. Her activities caused an exuberant conversation and were met with both recognition and judgment from different quarters of society.

Rehana is a lobbyist and a craftsman who has worked in execution workmanship, photography, and composing. She has utilized her work to point out cultural worries and question long-held suppositions.

Real Name Rehana Fathima
Nick Name Rehana
Birthplace Kerala, India
Date of Birth May 30th, 1986
Profession Activist, Artist, and Model
Nationality Indian

The period of Rehana Fathima is 37 years at this point in 2023.

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm

1.70 m

5 feet 7 inches

Weight 65 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black


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Rehana Fathima has a BA in science from Kerala, India’s Mahatma Gandhi College. She proceeded with her schooling at a similar foundation for her Lord’s in Science in the wake of completing her college degree. While in Kochi, Kerala, Rehana went to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and graduated with a confirmation in news-casting.

A passionate Muslim family raised Rehana Fathima Pyarijaan Sulaiman. At the point when she was in secondary school, her dad, Pyarijaan Sulaiman, died. They are sisters.

BSNL constrained Fathima to resign in May 2020 as a media communications expert. Prior to turning into a women’s activist, Fathima displayed. Her life partner, artist, and Pune movie organization graduate Manoj K Sreedhar, composed and coordinated the Malayalam film “Eka,” in which Rehana featured. The film portrays intersex life. “Eka’s banners said, ‘I’m intersex,'” said The Quint. Born with a penis and vagina. To live.

Rehana Fathima is known for her activism on different social issues, especially zeroing in on ladies’ privileges, orientation uniformity, and opportunity of articulation. Her activism frequently includes testing cultural standards and upholding for underestimated voices. Here are a few vital parts of Rehana Fathima’s activism:

Sabarimala Sanctuary Section: Rehana acquired huge consideration for her endeavor to enter the Sabarimala Sanctuary in Kerala, India, in 2018. The sanctuary had a centuries-old practice of denying ladies of bleeding age from entering. Rehana’s activity meant to challenge this unfair practice and bring issues to light about orientation imbalance and strict practices.
Ladies’ Strengthening: Rehana effectively pursues engaging ladies and advancing orientation balance. She advocates for ladies’ more right than wrong to settle on decisions about their bodies, sexuality, and vocations. Her activism looks to challenge male centric standards and destroy orientation based segregation in the public eye.
Workmanship as Activism: Rehana uses craftsmanship as a useful asset for activism. Her imaginative works, including execution workmanship, photography, and composing, frequently address social issues like women’s liberation, body governmental issues, and sexuality. She utilizes her specialty to ignite discussions, challenge cultural standards, and incite thought on basic issues.
LGBTQ+ Privileges: Rehana is likewise a backer for LGBTQ+ freedoms in India. She upholds the decriminalization of homosexuality and pursues making a more comprehensive and tolerating society for the LGBTQ+ people group.

Opportunity of Articulation: Rehana firmly has faith in the significance of opportunity of articulation and difficulties control and limitations on imaginative and artistic liberty. She stands up against backward belief systems that smother individual articulation and pursues establishing a climate that supports open discourse and difference.

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As per BBC News inclusion from November 2018, Fathima was detained for 14 days after police got grumblings over a photograph she transferred to Facebook in October 2018. The police got protests that the photograph “was physically unequivocal’ and ‘injured the strict sensations of Master Ayyappa’s aficionados,'” as announced by BBC News.

In November 2020, the Hindustan Times detailed that Kerala High Court requested Rehana Fathima not to utilize “gomatha” (a typical reference to heavenly or holy relics) as an equivalent for hamburger on the grounds that “On the off chance that it is so trusted by a few lakhs of Hindus all through the country.

The utilization of the term gomatha as an equivalent word for meat utilized in a cookery show, at first sight, is probably going to wound the strict sensations of those devotees,” the court said. In the wake of posting a cookery video via virtual entertainment in May 2020 named “Gomatha Ulurthu” and referring to hamburger as “gomatha,” Fathima was heard over and over referring to meat as “gomatha”.

In February 2021, the High Court to some degree remained the Kerala High Court request that banished Fathima “from distributing, sending, sharing, transferring or scattering any material or remarks through any open visual and electronic media. However, coordinated that the disallowance on her spreading any remark that might influence strict opinions will keep,” as indicated by The Indian Express.

Rehana Fathima has been engaged with displaying close by her activism and creative undertakings. She has taken part in different design shows and demonstrating projects, utilizing her foundation to advance body energy and challenge magnificence principles.

Rehana has been perceived for her special and striking style, frequently breaking traditional standards of design and pushing limits. She has worked with a few picture takers and creators, both in India and globally, to make striking and provocative visual portrayals.

Total assets
Net Worth 20-30 Lakh Rupess


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Who is Rehana Fathima? Indian dissident, model, and craftsman Rehana Fathima upholds moderate and social worries. Kochi, Kerala, was her origination. Rehana was commended for her work for ladies’ privileges, orientation equity, and free discourse.

Her 2018 endeavor to enter the Sabarimala Sanctuary provoked a question about the sanctuary’s feminine cycle boycott. Various gatherings upheld and censured this opposition.

What is the time of Rehana Fathima? The time of Rehana Fathima is 37 years ( starting around 2023).

When is the Birthday of Rehana Fathima’s? Rehana Fathima’s birthday is on May 30th, 1986.