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George Lindemann Jr. is a successor to perhaps the most extravagant family in Palm Beach County. He is the child of the tycoon money manager George Lyle Lindemann.

Lindemann Jr. is still famously popular for his association in the passing of a pony for protection misrepresentation during the 90s.

As per AP News, he requested a hit on his showjumping horse, Charisma, after he performed ineffectively on a show horse circuit.

The story is being retold in Netflix’s new series, Bad Sport.


March 26, 1936

New York City, US
Died June 21, 2018 (aged 82)

Palm Beach, Florida, US
Nationality American
Alma mater Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Occupation Businessman
Title Chairman and CEO, Southern Union
Spouse(s) Frayda B. Lindemann
Children 3

George Lindemann Jr., who is currently an effective business visionary and giver, served 33 months in jail for killing his pony Charisma.

Both the lesser Lindemann and his pony mentor Ms. Marion Hulick were indicted for deceiving the insurance agency and got sentences for the electric shock of the pony.

SunSentinel revealed the jury kindness on Ms. Hulick, who really focused on her handicapped kid and got just 21 months in jail.

Lindemann was likewise requested to pay a $500,000 fine and $250,000 compensation to the insurance agency. At first, he denied having his pony killed for protection cash as he was boundlessly rich.

A few observers referenced the pony performed inadequately on a show horse circuit which made him look terrible.

He had the pony killed to save his face. It was clearly simpler than conceding he committed an error in purchasing the pony.

Lindemann has been delivered subsequent to serving his prison time. Right now, he is a financial backer. He helped to establish Lake Point Holdings, a mining activity and everglades rebuilding project in Central Florida in 2007.

George Lindemann Jr., a successor to tycoon money manager, most likely has an individual total assets of millions of dollars.

His dad, Lindemann Sr. total assets was assessed at $4 billion, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth.

Lindemann Jr. worked at Metro Mobile Cellular Telephone Systems, Inc. as an individual from the leading body of individuals in 1987.

In 1992, he became leader of Cellular Farms, Inc. He has bought 10,000 sections of land of land in Eastern Tennessee for the reason for timbering, cultivating, distributing, partitioning real esatate.

Besides, he is the leader of the leading body of trustees for the Bass Museum in Miami Beach.

George Lindemann Jr. was sentenced to jail for horse killing and protection extortion at age 32 of every 1996.

Hence, his age is 57 years of age at present, if our assessment is exact.

George Lindemann Jr. Family: Meet His Father George Lindemann Sr.

George Lindemann Jr. was born into a tycoon family. His dad, George Lindemann Sr. claimed 19 Spanish-language radio broadcasts.

Lindemann Sr., who died on 21 June 2018, was the executive and CEO of a pipeline organization, Southern Union. In 2018, Forbes put him on the rundown of the world’s very rich people with a total assets of $3.3 billion.

Frayda B. Lindemann, Lindemann Jr’s mom, is VP on the leading body of the Metropolitan Opera.

He has two kin. His brother, Adam Marc Lindemann, is likewise a workmanship authority and editorialist at the New York Observer. He is hitched to his better half, Elizabeth Ashley Graham.

Lindemann’s sister, Sloan Lindemann Barnett is a leading group of trustees of the New York University School of Law. She is hitched to the CEO of Shaklee, Roger Barnett.