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EJ Snyder is a profoundly enlivened Army battle veteran who acquired the nickname “Skullcrusher” during his residency in the Army. There he filled in as a Ranger Instructor, Survival and Tracking Instructor, and Drill Sergeant.

He rose to unmistakable quality after his appearance on the show, Dual Survival, and Naked and Afraid legend.


Who Is EJ Snyder From Dual Survival? Wikipedia Bio EJ from Dual Survivor is a 25-year Army battle veteran (91 Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom), outrageous survivalist, and traveler. As indicated by Wikipedia, he was the host of season 9 of Dual Survival and a three-time Naked and Afraid legend.


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EJ is accessible for appearances, persuasive talking, endurance, group building preparing, and directing. He is a distributed creator also, as indicated by his LinkedIn.

You may likewise remember him from his appearances in Season 1 of “First Man Out with Ed Stafford.” The Retired Army Combat Vet knows how to lead, track, trap, make asylum and hardware, utilize crude weapons, explore, be independent, and safeguard himself.

As per his site, EJ has served in Infantry and Airborne units as a Ranger. At 19 years old, he joined up with the military. He quickly rose through the positions, battling in the Gulf War in 1991 and a 15-month arrangement during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2 of every 2004-2005.

While serving the country, EJ was granted two Bronze Star Medals, the Legion of Merit, the Order of St. Maurice (Centurion), and more than 40 extra awards and improvements.

All through his Army profession, EJ went to an assortment of schools, extraordinarily growing his wide scope of abilities, went on preparing and tasks from one side of the planet to the other, and got a few honors.


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EJ was a known competitor and fighter during his time, acquiring the moniker “Skullcrusher.” He moved forward as a Ranger Instructor, Survival and Tracking Instructor, and Drill Sergeant.

EJ was a Sergeant Major/E-9 when he surrendered. In the wake of resigning from the US Army he decided to seek after an old aspiration of working in media outlets in some way.

He decided to attempt his hand as a TV/Film Military Technical Advisor while additionally playing out some trick work and acting. Right off the bat, EJ had some achievement and was projected in various standard movies, TV programs, ads, web series, and free and understudy film projects.

He is generally perceived for his depiction as “Redfern,” a Freighter Boat Mercenary in the hit TV series “LOST,” as well as his trick abilities.

Other eminent EJ projects incorporate “Patton 360” on the History Channel and “Could You at any point Survive a Horror Movie” on the Chiller Network, among others.

He was then seen by Discovery Channel which offered him a job in the show, “Double Survival” and Naked and Afraid: Terror in Tanzania.” Rest after that is history.

EJ Synder Is Getting Famous For His Knife Styles EJ Synder’s blade additionally considered the Warrior Survivalist’s “Skullcrusher’s Xtreme Blade” (SXB) was made to assist them with enduring in the wild as well as on the war zone.


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Xtreme circumstances need a Xtreme Blade. EJ needs to make a contemporary-day edge that honors the trailblazers of the past while addressing the requirements of an always changing current world.

As well as a strategic endurance weapon that is serious areas of strength for as, and reliable as he is. One that no hero, survivalist, or outdoorsman ought to be without.

EJ started his quest for such a blade while taking an interest in a 21-day Xtreme Survival challenge on “Stripped and Afraid” in Tanzania, Africa. The one thing of hardware EJ carried with him, a blade, didn’t work well in the field and became non-practical.

Being out in the field and incapable to depend on your blade might be grievous. EJ tried a few cutting edges upon his re-visitation of the United States and looked for help from many top custom blade producers he knew.

He went through numerous hours exploring all aspects of the craft of blade producing.

E.J. keeps on educating Soldiers in the Art of Surviving Behind Enemy Lines as an Independent Government Contractor. He additionally gives inspirational discourses and shows up for some foundations, causes, veteran and soldier occasions, and expos.


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He is currently chipping away at different books, fliers, and articles on endurance, mentality, authority, achievement, and life, as well as furnishing little gatherings with free endurance preparing.

He is an individual from various Veteran and Military Organizations and Associations. EJ devotes his time and assets to two causes. They are “Michelle’s Place” for Breast Cancer and “Give Kids The World Village” for youngsters with hazardous sicknesses.

Find out About Errol James Snyder’s Wife And Family EJ Snyder is joyfully hitched to his drawn out sweetheart Amy, who was likewise in Naked and Afraid. The couple is honored with two youngsters. Tyler is the couple’s child, while Kassidy is their girl.


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EJ loves his children and appreciates investing energy with them.

He experienced childhood in cruel Italian people group in Northern New Jersey, right beyond NYC. Whenever their dad took them setting up camp, climbing, hunting, fishing, and catching.

EJ mastered various open air abilities and fostered an adoration for the wild from his dad’s impact. Paddling, boating, rock climbing, and extended strolls assisted them with sharpening their abilities.

EJ and his brother could regularly be spotted rehearsing their gifts in the closest backwoods or waterways they could find inside the substantial wilderness. His more youthful brother was killed before he turned 22 which essentially affected him.

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