Is Joyce Thompson Hawaii Nurse A Suspect In Jon Tokuhara Murder? Eric Thompson Wife


Joyce Thompson is a medical attendant at Jon Tokuhara’s center and she has been set as an expected suspect as indicated by different news sites. Be that as it may, police have not tracked down sufficient proof to demonstrate she had an influence in Tokuhara’s homicide and has not been captured at this point.

Tokuhara’s mom found the body of her 47-year-old child at his Waipahu center on the morning of Jan. 13. He had a discharge wound. He was regarded by north of 200 individuals by lighting candlelight in his recognition seven days after the fact. Allow us to advance more with regards to Joyce Thompson from Hawaii and investigate in the event that she was engaged with Jon’s homicide.

Who Is Joyce Thompson Hawaii Nurse? Joyce Thompson is the spouse of Eric Thompson, as per Showbiz Cast, the individual who supposedly shot Jon ridiculously at his own center.

Joyce and Jon supposedly had a relationship while Joyce actually being hitched to Eric. She was purportedly betraying her secondary school darling spouse.

Eric learned with regards to the undertaking last year in July. The couple had traded a few personal photographs and recordings alongside different discussions through Instagram direct messages as per Khon 2.

They additionally had discussed Joyce’s better half learning about their relationship and some more. She was filling in as a medical attendant in Jon’s facility as indicated by TMZ.

Much data about Joyce Thompson has not risen to the top yet as specialists have not uncovered much with regards to her, yet she has been standing out as truly newsworthy on the web as of late. She has been covered by a few news sites at this point.

Jon Tokuhara Affair: Is She A Suspect In His Murder? Jon Tokuhara supposedly had illicit relationship with Joyce Thompson last year however their present status is obscure.

She has been put on the rundown of possible suspects by the police as per Areal News however the specialists have not tracked down any proof against her yet. Thompson could be the inspiration driving Eric shooting Jon yet we can’t represent sure at this time until new proof is found for the situation.

Much data about Joyce has not been made accessible to the overall population with the end goal of personality insurance, we assume, But she had confessed to having illicit relationship with Jon keep going year on August 11 as per Khon2.

Notwithstanding, Jon demanded having a drawn out relationship with Joyce however she denied having a responsibility as she was unable to leave her better half. Joyce and Eric were secondary school darlings who later got hitched to one another following quite a while of relationship.