BTS’ Suga & IU’s New Song ‘Eight’ Is All About Growing Older & It’s Giving Us Chills

In some cases three minutes is everything necessary to back off. ARMYs and enthusiasts of Lee Ji-eun, a.k.a. IU, got a token of that on May 6, when the artist lyricist banded together with BTS’ Suga on her new single. IU and BTS’ Suga’s “Eight” verses in English are about existence moving excessively quick—from youth sneaking away, to the day by day obligations of adulthood holding us down. Be that as it may, the tune itself is an exercise in how to unwind and reflect.

Both Suga and IU were roused by the way that they’re both 28 years of age and accepting the melody as a chance to channel their encounters as completely fledged grown-ups—regardless of whether that is disappointment or alleviation. In a public statement, IU shared, “‘Eight’ resembles a short novel of admission of my twenty-eight-year-old self to the anecdotal character ‘you’ utilizing different analogies.”

“I’m uncertain about whether it originates from my own emotions or from the general air of society that is suffering extreme occasions together because of debacles, however my 28-year-old life is probably going to be recognized as a repetitive vulnerability and weariness, and a yearning for the ‘Orange Island’ where ‘we’ were not pitiful and could be free,” she included, referencing one of the tune’s allegories.


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In the interim, Suga opened up about chipping away at his stanza and the creation with band-mate RM. “The creation procedure was exceptionally smooth so there wasn’t a great deal of to and fro. I composed the beat and the tune came rapidly after that. After I completed the process of chipping away at it, I tuned in to it a great deal,” he uncovered. “After I complete the process of chipping away at a melody, after it’s discharged, I don’t as a rule hear it out. Since I can just hear the things that I wish I could improve. The second it leaves my hands, I think the tune has a place with the audience members.” But “Eight” is so acceptable, it warrants all the replays.

Peruse on for the English interpretation of Suga and IU’s new single, “Eight,” and watch the music video underneath.

Verse 1:

So are you happy now?
Finally happy now, are you?
Well, I’m exactly the same
I think I’ve lost everything
Everything comes as it pleases and leaves without a goodbye
Like this, I don’t want to love anything
Where the sun has set, as far as the sun sets
I travel in those memories


Under an orange sun
We dance with no shadows
There is no such thing as decided farewells
Meet me in that memory that was once beautiful
Forever young


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so proud of yoongi as always the mv is so precious and the lyrics speak a thousand words yoongi’s rap w iu’s vocals is just something else ahh going to listen to this beauty on repeat hehe ! . . . . . . . . . . . which is your favorite song yoongi has produced for another artist? ~ : eight w iu & we don’t talk together w heize

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Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Forever we young
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
If it is this kind of nightmare, I won’t ever wake up

Verse 2:

Island, yeah, here is an island
A small one that we made with each other
Yeah, um, forever young, the word “forever” is a sandcastle
A farewell is like a disaster cast
A morning greeted along with yearning
Let us both pass this eternity
Surely meet once more on this island

Verse 3:

Like what someone said as they were consoling me, passing
It isn’t that easy to forget a memory merely big as a handspan
Even as time goes by, still
At that place which takes hold of me

Chorus (Above)


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We lie down atop of each other
Share stories that aren’t of sorrow
There is no such thing as gloomy endings
I will forever meet you in this memory
Forever young


Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
Forever we young
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh
If it is this kind of nightmare, I won’t ever wake up