Did Gabbie Hanna Leave the Internet for Good?

Gabbie Hanna is no more abnormal to contention. Since she got her beginning on Vine, she’s been engaged with open disagreements with numerous influencers, and individuals have endeavored to drop her more than once.

Since 2020 began, Gabbie has been enduring an onslaught for purportedly supporting YouTuber Jessi Smiles’ ex, Curtis Lepore, after she blamed him for explicitly ambushing her; censured by Trisha Paytas for spreading talk that she had herpes; and all the more as of late has been blamed for being transphobic.

Also, it appears that the entirety of the detest has gotten to her. After she posted a video, in which she guaranteed YouTube has “shadowbanned” her, making her perspectives drop, she supposedly has gotten demise dangers from others internet, prompting her breakdown and erasure of a portion of her web based life accounts.

Why did Gabbie Hanna delete her Twitter and Instagram?

As of late, drop culture has been spinning out of control among YouTubers, with many reporting that they’re removing some time from the web.

In the course of recent months, a large number of Gabbie’s past discussions have been reemerged, prompting an attack of abhor on the web. Individuals online were for the most part calling attention to that in a ton of circumstances where she was approached to address an issue, she stayed quiet.

Everything reached a critical stage after Gabbie posted a video asserting she’d been shadowbanned. In the video, she indicated that looking through her name in the YouTube search bar didn’t raise her own recordings, yet content by critique channels, posting content she considered “criticize.” All of this finished into death dangers being sent to her place of residence.

“i’m very in contact with @YouTube and they’re attempting to address the issue. cheerfully cooperating bc they perceive it’s wrong. so this is in reality more criticism and maligning,” she said because of a Twitter client’s case she was lying about being shadowbanned, reports Dextero.

Gabbie additionally as of late discussed the abhor she was getting on her web recording, in which she heatedly asserted that she was being harassed and that was the reason she wasn’t openly reacting to her contentions.

The sound, however, has since been taken and ridiculed on the web, explicitly by clients on TikTok.

The entirety of this is likely what prompted her choice to erase her Twitter and Instagram accounts without notice.

Will Gabbie return?

It’s right now muddled whether Gabbie has any designs to come back to the web. Since she appeared to leave without officially tending to her choice, it’s reasonable she’s taking a break to all the more likely deal with her emotional wellness.

As of now, her YouTube channel is still up, however it appears her fans are proceeding to leave it in large numbers. As indicated by Social Blade, Gabbie’s channel has seen a consistent decrease in execution since the start of 2020. Over the most recent a half year alone, she’s lost very nearly 400,000 endorsers.

Gabbie has additionally erased every last bit of her past recordings including Shane Dawson, because of the backfire she got for supporting him, making her perspectives drop too.

We don’t have a clue whether she intends to return, however it’s conceivable she’ll be joining the numerous YouTubers who have abandoned their influencer callings in the ongoing weeks.

Up to that point, her fans are still straightforwardly supporting her on the stages she abandoned, sitting tight for her to return.