Every Ending to the ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Interactive Movie, Explained

Cautioning: Spoilers ahead for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy versus the Reverend. On the off chance that you haven’t given all of these Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt film endings a shot at this point, we guarantee you’ll need to. Kimmy’s reality is now ordinarily loaded with whacky inside jokes and concealed diamonds—yet with another intuitive gathering exceptional now on Netflix, you know those are just going to show signs of improvement.

The new Netflix exceptional debuted on Tuesday, May 12, and carried with it an uncertain number of approaches to get conclusion over Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s principle scalawag: the Reverend. Devotees of the Tina Fey-helmed unique show—which circulated from 2015 to 2019—never fully found solutions about Kimmy’s most despised foe by the arrangement’s end. We knew Kimmy turned into a tycoon because of her top of the line youthful grown-up books, while Titus became famous in Hollywood, Lillian spared her neighborhood, and Jacqueline discovered her profession as an acting operator. Be that as it may, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt left one significant inquiry unanswered: What might happen to Kimmy if she’s still *technically* hitched to the Reverend?

All things considered, we didn’t need to manage that question except if Kimmy was attempting to wed another person. Enter, Kimmy versus the Reverend. In it, we reencounter Kimmy a few years after the occasions of the primary arrangement. Furthermore, this time, she’s locked in and days from wedding Frederick, played by another person who’s likely had a considerable amount of involvement with strange, offbeat universes: Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter alum makes his appearance in the all-encompassing scene as an English sovereign, who’s twelfth (or eleventh, contingent upon who you’re asking) in line for the seat.

Nobody—not even Jon Hamm’s repulsive Reverend—can prevent Kimmy from getting hitched. That is, just in the event that she can defy him one final time about another unfamiliar shelter of ladies. All Here’s waies that experience goes down in Kimmy versus the Reverend.

The “You Won” Ending!

In contrast to Netflix’s intuitive sister extraordinary, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, there’s just a single conclusive approach to “win” Kimmy versus the Reverend. While we’ll let you make sense of how to get to that consummation for yourself, in any event we can tell you what you ought to be paying special mind to.

Kimmy’s “You Won” wedding commences with our red-headed champion wearing her Fun Dress: a cushy pink mullet dress gathering, shoes notwithstanding. After Kimmy and Frederick state their promises and seal it with a kiss, the center group—as in, Kimmy, Titus, Jackqueline, Lillian, Frederick, Cyndee, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg—will separate out the path in a Breakfast Club Bender present. That is it! You won. What’s more, prompt everybody rearranging out fumblingly.


The (Mostly) Happy Ending

The main significant distinction between this not exactly immaculate consummation and the triumphant closure is that Kimmy isn’t wearing the correct dress. So you won’t “win” on the grounds that, while Kimmy is so glad to be hitched, she’ll “wish” she wore the Fun Dress.

The Least Happy Ending

Kimmy still gets hitched, however at a genuine cost: Titus’ vocation is demolished after an awful call that leaves his vocal lines pulverized, and Jacqueline, uh, turns into the phony town messenger on the Time’s Up development after she’s discovered lying about Titus. Womp.

The Quickest Ending

On the off chance that you’re extremely just in it to see Kimmy and Freddy kiss, at that point you should realize that you’re passing up all the activity. This consummation sees a prompt glimmer forward to the pair after their wedding, and well, that is it. Just got a couple of moments to save? Attempt it.

The Other Quick Ending

Another glimmer forward in the wake of making an inappropriate call—truly. The interesting piece here is that Cyndee appears, asking why the hell Netflix employed Daniel Radcliff only for one scene. We’re with her on this one; next!


Now for the failed endings—these will all prompt you to restart, but are worth getting to anyway.

The Plane Crash Ending

Recollect the maxim, there are no alternate routes throughout everyday life? All things considered, this completion will unquestionably help you to remember it. When Jacqueline recruits her child Buckley to fly her and Kimmy to Indiana, she’s doing it for all an inappropriate reasons. Slippery Jacqueline is quite of the school confirmations embarrassment and is attempting to make her child look great with this abnormal extracurricular. Be that as it may, he’s not so much as an authorized pilot!

Obviously, this one finishes in a crash. Everybody kicks died. The End!


The Small Talk Ending

Being too well mannered can reverse discharge. It can (lamentably) welcome the Reverend to flaunt his Michael Jackson moonwalk, leaving him to lose his balance and break his skull on a jail counter. Kimmy will get the chance to wed Freddy, yet she’ll never realize what befell those West Virginia Mole Women.

The Robot Army Ending

Stand by unreasonably long for a Uber, and you may feel like you’re biting the dust over the deferral. Actually. In this genuinely prophetically calamitous closure, Titus and Kimmy’s skeleton bodies are found weeks after the fact by a multitude of abhorrence robots who have shown up to assume control over the world. Light stuff, folks.


The Police Call Ending

This present one’s very nearly a little *too* genuine. Strolling into a provincial bar as an astonishing Black man singing an inappropriate tune is sufficiently only to get the cops approached you in Kimmy versus the Reverend all things considered in reality. 0/10, would not suggest.


The “Bad Choices” Ending

Halfway through Kimmy versus the Reverend, a desperate error including a surrendered child leaves Kimmy and Titus stuck on a street in West Virginia. This gives the Reverend simply sufficient opportunity to hustle back to his subsequent dugout and re-abduct the West Virginia Mole Women, moving them to Florida “where everything’s lawful!”

Mikey will appear on a bomb screen to thump some detect into you. “Kimmy is a decent individual and you’re not using sound judgment for her,” he says. He’ll allow you to hit the nail on the head this time.

The Clone Ending

In one new development, Kimmy kicks died after *ahem* getting payback on the Reverend. Be that as it may, all’s not lost, precisely. Freddy clones his expired darling and brings her back—just to find that she’s, well, not exactly herself. New Kimmy is much more peculiar than Old Kimmy, if that were even conceivable. It doesn’t look good for her illustrious sovereign.

The Wrong Couple Ending

After another endeavor at sorting things out with the Reverend, Kimmy gets lost always in the forested areas, never to be found again. Lillian, uh, gets hitched to Freddy. Thus results her masterplan to slaughter the imperial family and become the following Queen of England.


The Other Wrong Couple Ending

This current one’s outright off-base. Kimmy goes crazy after another vicious endeavor to manage the Reverend, leaving Jacqueline’s ex-stepdaughter Xanthippe as probably the main qualified single woman left for Freddy to wed. The pair get hitched, and Xan makes a narrative about Kimmy’s excursion to “respect her or whatever.” Whatever to this consummation.

The Reverend in Hell Ending

An undisputed top choice. Be particularly horrible by deciding to ‘splode, step, and shoot the Reverend and you’ll pass up one of the above substitute couples, however show signs of improvement finishing off with trade. A bomb screen discovers you vis-à-vis with the Reverend sitting on a lounge chair over flares in damnation. He’ll rebuke you for being so brutal, and consider you a “failed” individual for getting vengeance on him in every one of the three different ways. It’s amusing, thus, so justified, despite all the trouble.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy versus the Reverend debuted on May 12, 2020, and is accessible to stream on Netflix.