If You’ve Been in TV Purgatory Since ‘The Good Place’ Ended, Watch These Shows Next

Indeed, even beneficial things must reach a conclusion, and The Good Place is no exemption. The knockout satire featuring Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, and a few increasingly, wrapped up its arrangement finale with a fourth season in Jan. 2020, and we’ve been longing for shows like The Good Place from that point forward. Beneficial thing those exist.

Alright, enough with the “great” quips—we would prefer not to put showrunner Michael Schur, the driving force behind this arrangement, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Parks and Recreation, to disgrace. When Schur declared The Good Place’s finale, he ensured we realized that an early end was in the show’s wellbeing: “Now and again in the course of recent years we’ve been enticed to go past four seasons, however for the most part since making this show is an uncommon, innovatively satisfying euphoria, and by the day’s end, we would prefer not to step water on the grounds that the water is so warm and lovely,” he said in an announcement.

Fortunate for us, the appears ahead are no less uncommon and satisfying. Appreciate these five shows to stream in the wake of completing The Good Place.

Pushing Daisies

Ned has an uncommon blessing: the ability to bring things resurrected. Be that as it may, there’s a trick—in the event that he contacts his subject a subsequent time, back to the grave it goes. Which places him in somewhat of a bind when he needs to revive his youth darling, Chuck. Think about this as an exercise in social separating before it was cool.

Better Off Ted

Ted is a pleasant person with a capital-N. He’s excessively acceptable, particularly for the organization he works for—Veridian Dynamics—whose adage is actually “Cash before individuals.” If that is certifiably not an illustration for our occasions, I don’t have the foggiest idea what else is; yet by one way or another, Ted explores everything with beauty (and absurdist humor for us all viewing).

Drop Dead Diva

Disregard needing to be a model—Drop Dead Diva follows the tale of one such wannabe strutter who passes on after an awful mishap, just to return to life as a self-depicted “sovereign measured” legal advisor who is much more adored and regarded than she ever could’ve planned to be. Tolerating this new life is the enabling, fun excursion she never anticipated.


It’s about time retail laborers got their own sitcom. The hardships of the business floor were constantly ready for the picking—maker Justin Spitzer at last snatched hold, setting the magnificent America Ferrera in a lead job as Superstore’s model worker, Amy, who attempts to keep everything together.


There’s very little that can be said about Forever, a heavenly miniseries on Amazon Prime, that wouldn’t ruin it. Pretty much all you have to know is this: Like The Good Place, this show turns the possibility of paradise on its head. Gracious, and it stars Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen. What more would you be able to request!