‘Siesta Key’ Juliette Porter Says Ex Alex Kompothecras “Begged” for Their Hookup

The last time Alex Kompothecras snared with Juliette Porter, she says he “asked” for it as opposed to as vengeance on him for undermining her previously.

Not long before the mid-season break of ‘Rest Key’, it was uncovered that Juliette Porter and Alex Kompothecras snared, with the discussion of the morning after the night appeared in a scene. Furthermore, he had a sweetheart, Alyssa Salerno, at home since the time at that point.

Concerning why she snared with him realizing he was in a serious relationship, she revealed to Us Weekly that he was really “asking” for it. What’s more, Chloe Trautman was there to demonstrate it, clearly.

Trautman was there to prove it.
Photo Source: Juliette Porter, Instagram

“He was asking,” she uncovered in an ongoing meeting. “I didn’t go looking for that. Chloe [Trautman] will reveal to you he was thumping on our entryway in the night.”

Trautman additionally affirmed it, saying, “I opened the entryway and stated, ‘She’s snoozing. What do you need?’ He pushed through the entryway and I attempted to push him out.”

Moreover, Porter additionally got out that the passionate association with him was not why she coexisted with it in any case. She says she needed to know whether she was by all account not the only young lady he would undermine, in the event that he had not changed.

“I think there was a piece of me that needed to realize that he didn’t change. He didn’t change for her,” she proceeded. “He was never going to change, and he was going to keep on acting that path for quite a while. I’m expecting perhaps he’s distinctive at this point.”

The couple recently became parents to a daughter.
Photo Source: Alex Kompo, Instagram

“I needed to realize I wasn’t the issue. He is simply constructed along these lines and he’s continually going to cheat and it wasn’t beneficial for me either. There was likewise a piece of me that presumably needed to, however it was pleasant realizing that he was unable to deny that anything occurred after.”

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In the following morning discussion, Porter inquired as to whether he was going to enlighten Alyssa concerning the circumstance, however he disregarded it. At the point when he returned home, Alyssa disclosed to him that she didn’t care for him being companions with Porter, yet he took a stab at persuading he was not investing energy with her alone by any stretch of the imagination.

It was peculiar how they discovered Alyssa was pregnant some time after the hookup, and he’s presently become a father as of late. Be that as it may, Juliette accepts he likely won’t change his practices with young ladies yet trusts parenthood positively affects him.

Meanwhile, Juliette is now dating Sam Logan.
Photo Source: Juliette Porter, Instagram

“I imagine that he will be an extraordinary dad. He adores kids. I trust that this will be one of the changing variables throughout his life,” Porter as of late told ETOnline. “I simply wonder [if] he may not be completely accessible as a dad ought to be, on the grounds that that is an all day work in the event that you need to do it appropriately, and I would be intrigued to check whether he truly submits. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether he’s going to totally focus on [Salerno] – I don’t figure he will.”