‘The Voice’ Coach With the Highest Net Worth May Surprise You

The Voice has been on for 18 seasons, and keeping in mind that none of its champs have become commonly recognized names, the show consistently has top-level mentors. We think about their pay rates, yet shouldn’t something be said about The Voice mentors’ total assets? All things considered, similar to their checks, The Voice makes a decision about aren’t on similar degrees of riches. However, that doesn’t mean they’re paid pennies either. Every one of the mentors is a tycoon (obvi), yet which one merits the most? We accomplish the insightful work ahead.

The Voice debuted in April 2011 with mentors Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. Quickly, the show turned into a hit for its straightforward however compelling reason: You can just pass judgment on artists on their voice. In the tryout adjusts, the appointed authorities’ seats are turned around as contenders perform. In the event that they like a candidate and need them in their group, they press the red catch before them, which pivots their seats and permits them to see the artist. On the off chance that more than one adjudicator squeezes their catch, the competitor is permitted to pick the big name they need as their mentor—however not before a silly offering war between the well known appointed authorities.

While the voice-just reason just goes on for the tryout adjusts, it despite everything makes for a fun and imaginative singing rivalry. It’s no big surprise The Voice has been on TV for very nearly 10 years. Discover how much every one of the show’s 14 appointed authorities are worth ahead.

Cee Lo Green

Image: Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons: 1 – 3, 5

Net worth: $22 million

Cee Lo was one of The Voice’s four OG decides when the show debuted in 2011. In spite of the fact that his total assets is the most reduced of the 14 mentors—at $22 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth—the artist will consistently hold an extraordinary spot in our souls as an OG whose shades killed every scene. Cee Lo, who’s most popular as an individual from Gnarls Barkley, five Grammys and one top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, “Screw You,” which arrived at number 2 of every 2010.

Jennifer Hudson 

Image: Justin Lubin/NBC.

Seasons 13, 15

Net worth: $25 million

Hudson was an adjudicator on The Voice in seasons 13 and 15. While her total assets isn’t the most elevated of the mentors, it’s as yet a sizable number ordinary people. As indicated by Celebrity Net Worth, Hudson is worth $25 million. Hudson has two Grammys and is known for melodies like “Spotlight” and “If This Isn’t Love.” Along with her music vocation, she’s additionally a set up entertainer with an Oscar (!!! for 2005’s Dreamgirls) and jobs in films like Cats and Sex and the City. Not awful for a previous American Idol challenger.

Kelly Clarkson 

mage: Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons: 14 – Present

Net worth: $45 million

Clarkson is one of the most generously compensated appointed authorities on The Voice with a $14 million for every season pay. While her total assets isn’t the most elevated of her friends, the previous American Idol victor’s checks represent themselves. Clarkson has eight top 10 collections and various top 10 singles, including “Since U Been Gone” and “More grounded.” According to Celebrity Net Worth, her total assets is $45 million.

Nick Jonas 

Image: Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons 18 – Present

Net worth: $50 million

Jonas joined as a Voice mentor in 2020. He’s likewise one of the show’s most youthful adjudicators. He was 27 years of age when he joined the show. Yet, that doesn’t mean his total assets is something to laugh at. The Jonas Brothers part has a $50 million total assets, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. Alongside his work with the Jonas Brothers (with which he was designated for two Grammys), Jonas likewise has two top 10 collections and an effective single, “Envious.” He’s additionally cooperated with brands like John Varvatos and Villa One.

John Legend 

Image: Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons 16 – Present

Net worth: $75 million

Legend has a $75 million total assets, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. It shouldn’t be an unexpected that the man is rich given his long music profession. The “Customary People” artist has 11 Grammys and is known for hits like “Every last bit of Me” and “Love Me Now.” Did we notice he’s likewise an EGOT victor?

Blake Shelton 

Image: Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons: 1 to Present

Net worth: $80 million

Shelton is the main OG mentor to at present be on The Voice. His residency clarifies why he gets $13 million for every season, which represents a great deal of his total assets. Per Celebrity Net Worth, the nation vocalist is worth $80 million. As we’ve clarified previously, The Voice has helped Shelton’s vocation. After he began on appear, every one of his collections has arrived at the best 10 in the Billboard Hot 100. He’s likewise been assigned for nine Grammys.

Adam Levine

Image: Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons: 1 – 16

Net worth: $120 million

Before he left in season 16, Levine and Shelton were the longest enduring Voice mentors. Per Celebrity Net Worth, the artist merits a cool $120 million. As the lead artist of Maroon 5, Levine has won three Grammys and been designated multiple times. He’s additionally been liable for number one hits like “Moves Like Jagger,” “Makes Me Wonder” and “One More Night.”

Gwen Stefani 

Image: Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons: 7, 9, 12, 17

Net worth: $150 million

Stephanie’s Voice profession has been here and there, yet fans think about her as a standard because of her relationship with Shelton. (Talk has it that the two are both paid $13 million for each season to hype their sentiment for the show.) Celebrity Net Worth reports that Stefani is worth $150 million, which represents her independent music and work with No Doubt. Almost certainly has won two Grammys while Stefani has brought home three brilliant gramophones all alone.

Alicia Keys 

Image: Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons: 11 – 12, 14

Net worth: $150 million

Keys is frequently viewed as probably the best musician of the 21st century, so it should not shock anyone that she’s worth $150 million. The “Young lady on Fire” vocalist is one of the most finished ladies in Grammys history with 15 honors from 29 designations. She’s additionally answerable for hits like “Fallin'”, “I Ain’t Got You” and “Nobody.”

Christina Aguilera 

Seasons 1 – 3, 5, 8, 10

Net worth: $160 million

Aguilera was one of the four OG mentors on The Voice when the show debuted in 2011 and was paid the most at that point. Her stock is reflected in her total assets, which is $160 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. The vocalist is the beneficiary of five Grammys and is behind hits like “Candyman,” “Lovely” and “Hurt.”

Miley Cyrus

Image: Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons: 11, 13

Net worth: $160 million

Cyrus might be one of the most youthful Voice mentors (she was just 23 when she joined as an appointed authority in season 11), but on the other hand she’s one of most extravagant. She’s worth $160 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. As the star of Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, Cyrus makes a huge amount of coin from those syndication checks. She likewise has her own music profession, as the artist behind hits like “We Can’t Stop” and “Destroying Ball.”


Seasons: 4, 6

Net worth: $180 million

Usher might not have been on The Voice for that long, yet his total assets is one of the most elevated on this rundown. Big name Net Worth reports that vocalist is worth $180 million. It shouldn’t come as an astonishment to fans given that Usher was perhaps the most sizzling artist in the ahead of schedule to mid-2000s. The craftsman is liable for melodies like “Better believe it!” and “My Boo.” He’s additionally one eight Grammys and found craftsmen like Justin Bieber.

Pharrell Williams 

Image; Trae Patton/NBC.

Seasons: 7 – 10

Net worth: $200 million

Pharrell’s time on The Voice additionally wasn’t the longest, however the artist essayist maker merits a great $200 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net worth. While Pharrell has his own hits like “Luck out” and “Upbeat,” the craftsman is most popular in the music business off camera. The previous Voice judge has delivered melodies like Migos’ “Pan fried food,” Ed Sheeran’s “Sing” and Robin Thicke’s “Obscured Lines,” which is the reason his total assets is so gigantic.


Seasons: 4, 6

Net worth: $300 million

Furthermore, the most extravagant Voice mentor is… Shakira. The Latin-pop artist just decided on the show for two seasons, yet we’re certain this is on the grounds that the arrangement couldn’t manage the cost of her for additional. As per Celebrity Net Worth, Shakira is worth $300 million. It’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why: She’s a global symbol with hits like “At whatever point, Wherever,” “Hips Don’t Lie” and “She Wolf.” She’s additionally won 12 Latin Grammys and three Grammys. She’s additionally one of only a handful not many individuals on this rundown who has played out the Super Bowl Half Time Show. Absolute chief.

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