What Is The Taylor Swift Love Story TikTok Challenge?

Another Taylor Swift Challenge has circulated around the web on TikTok, and it utilizes one of her most seasoned and most well known melodies.

It’s been a major week for Taylor Swift. On Thursday, she reported the arrival of her new collection ‘Old stories’, an assortment of 16 tracks which will shape her eighth studio collection.


Furthermore, one of her tunes has likewise framed the premise of an enormous new TikTok pattern. Be that as it may, it’s not really one of her new tracks – it’s one of her most established!

On the off chance that you were a fanatic of Taylor in 2008, at that point you’ll unquestionably realize the melody Love Story. Everybody that experienced childhood in the 2000’s knows it in exactly the same words I’m certain. However, a portion of TikTok’s more youthful clients have been somewhat confounded at what that odd ‘Wed Me Juliet’ tune really is.

Here’s the entire Taylor Swift Love Story Challenge clarified!

What Is The Taylor Swift Love Story TikTok Challenge?

Another test is circulating around the web on TikTok that utilizes the tune Love Story by Taylor Swift.

It includes putting your telephone or camera on head of something that has wheels, for example, a skateboard. At that point, you move along to the tune Love Story and when the track says the verses “wed me Juliet” you need to drive the camera away from you.

The pattern started with men moving provocatively, yet now everybody is making up their own renditions of the test.

@maddie_newton_Little twist on my favorite trend 😍🤩 ##fyp ##foryou ##viral ##weddingdress ##marrymejuliet ##taylorswift ##lovestory♬ Love story discolines – ethanishung

Everyone Is Going Crazy For The Trend On Twitter

The peculiar new TikTok pattern is positively ending up being extremely well known, with individuals in any event, taking to Twitter to communicate their adoration for the test.

One Twitter client stated: “That ‘wed me juliet’ tiktok pattern and them moving is so snappy! I can’t quit watching them.” Whilst another stated: “I love this taylor quick romantic tale pattern on tiktok.”

@kris.galangHands down the greatest trend on here. Had to add some ##filipino flare to this. (cc:@pokemonmasterzo) ##asian ##marrymejuliet ##taylorswift ##otsootso

♬ Love story discolines – ethanishung

But Some People Are Getting Really Confused By What The Song Actually Is

Furthermore, the most entertaining part about the pattern is that nobody really comprehends what the tune is called.

It’s just being alluded to as the ‘wed me Juliet’ pattern, since that is the primary verse that is said in the TikTok.

In any case, it’s really from a well known 2008 tune called ‘Romantic tale’ by Taylor Swift. The tune was the lead single from Swift’s second studio collection ‘Intrepid.’

Following the tale of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, it was really expounded on one of her affection advantages at the time who wasn’t well known among her loved ones.