You’d Be Surprised at Which ‘Outer Banks’ Stars Are Actually From North Carolina

Netflix’s Outer Banks focuses on a gathering of companions in the OBX of North Carolina. Be that as it may, who’s truly from that point? After we marathon watched the show, we went set for discover where the Outer Banks cast is from and where the places where they grew up are. Despite the fact that every one of the entertainers play brought up local people of the OBX, a significant number of them originated from different states far, far away from where John B. what’s more, the Pogues drifted around.

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Outer Banks, which debuted on Netflix on April 15, follows a high school kid named John Booker Routledge (John B., for short) and his companions called the Pogues in the Outer Banks, a string of obstruction islands that spit off the shoreline of North Carolina and southeastern Virginia on the east shoreline of the United States. As found in the show, pontoon is the method of transportation for a significant number of the OBX’s inhabitants and you’ll be unable to discover somebody who doesn’t have a clue how to swim. (Simply see John B’s. impeccable beachy hair.) However, we lament to advise you that Outer Banks doesn’t really film in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As OBX Today revealed, the show shot in Charleston, South Carolina, which has appeared to agitate some IRL Outer Banks inhabitants.

In any case, a considerable lot of the stars are neighborhood to the territory. Furthermore, if Outer Banks gets a season 2 (fingers crossed), we trust that the creation can move and film in an increasingly real area. Discover where the cast is from ahead.

Pursue Stokes (John B.)


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Old neighborhood: Annapolis, Maryland

Feeds, who plays the Pogues’ chief John B., was born in Annapolis, Maryland, before his family moved to south Florida when he was a child. He grew up between downtown Orlando and Coco Beach in Florida, which is the place he figured out how to surf. Despite the fact that he’s not from the OBX, he despite everything identifies with the water culture down there.

“I invested a ton of energy at Coco Beach, surfed there all through secondary school,” he told Nylon in April “I was somewhat of a radical in my initial secondary school years, we’d go down to the sea shore and break into the surf shop pool, utilize counterfeit IDs at the Hilton and get whatever lagers we could, dive openings in the sea shore and utilize our surfboards as rooftops, and sit under there. You know, be underage drinking a few brews. John B and myself certainly have a few likenesses and that way of life.

Feeds likewise didn’t need to learn a lot of when it came to driving pontoons and scuba jumping. “I experienced childhood with the water, so I realized how to surf and realized how to drive vessels,” Stokes, who currently lives in Los Angeles, told People. “Figuring out how to scuba plunge, that was something I learned in an end of the week so as to complete the shots. It was staggering.”

Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron)


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Old neighborhood: Charleston, South Carolina

Cline, who plays John B’s. affection intrigue Sarah, was a neighborhood employ. She was brought up in Charleston, South Carolina, where Outer Banks was shot. “I think by and by, I fell back in affection with where I’m from, Charleston,” she disclosed to V Magazine. “Shooting a show and a romantic tale in that entire environment with the most astounding individuals, our cast and our group, I fell back in adoration with that territory since I was so enamored with the venture.” Cline presently lives in Los Angeles.

Madison Bailey (Kiara “Kie”)


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Old neighborhood: Kernersville, North Carolina

Madison, who plays Kiara, the main female individual from the Pogues, is another nearby recruit. She’s from Kernersville, a modest community in North Carolina. In a meeting with the Charlotte Observer, Bailey said that she got notification from nearly everybody in her town when she was thrown. “[I’ve] gotten a message from each individual I can consider,” she told the Winston-Salem Journal in April. “I’ve gotten such a great amount of adoration from the 336 thus numerous individuals.”

In a meeting with Seventeen, Bailey discussed how she never figured she would film a show in her home state. “I never envisioned I’d film a show about North Carolina. During our break, we went up to Asheville, and I got the opportunity to show them my side of the state and how totally beautiful it is,” she said. “Clearly, the story is fiction, however the air felt genuine. Being outside and angling and going out on the water is what growing up resembled for me.

Jonathan Daviss (Pope)


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Old neighborhood: Conroe, Texas

Daviss, who plays John B’s. closest companion Pope and the sharpest of the Pogues, isn’t from the Carolinas, however he is from the south. As per Express, he was brought up in Conroe, Texas, and played for the Conroe High School football crew. In spite of the fact that he wasn’t from a similar state as the ret of his cast, Daviss revealed to Flaunt that the gathering was as yet ready to identify with one another.

“I feel like we generally sort of had it. We are for the most part certifiable companions,” he said. “Maddy says a great deal that each time you see us giggling in the show it’s certified chuckling. We make each other laugh out loud. We could experience the arrangement and I could make you each inside quip that just so happened to sneak past. We despite everything hang out considerably in the wake of shooting. We are all at one another’s homes.

Rudy Pankow (JJ)


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Old neighborhood: Ketchikan, Alaska

Pankow, who plays John B’s. closest companion and terrible kid JJ, is one of the uttermost cast individuals from the OBX. He was brought up in Ketchikan, Alaska, where he lived all through secondary school and ran track and played soccer for Ketchikan High School. At the point when he graduated when he was 18, he moved to Los Angeles to seek after acting.

In a meeting with Seventeen, Pankow discussed what he gained from JJ. “JJ is so independent, and I think I am too. Focusing on others and how you influence them is something that I learned as JJ. It resembled, Oh, you can’t simply consistently be doing whatever you might want to do or probably you hurt individuals when you just do whatever you might want to do.”” he said. “Be that as it may, at that point, there’s a sure equalization to it in such a case that you just are out there perceiving how you’re influencing others, you’re truly not centered around how you influence yourself. JJ showed me how to adjust the two universes of going about as JJ, yet additionally adjusting work and not work. On the off chance that it’s appreciating your family time or being seeing someone some point, there’s an equalization to everything.”

Austin North (Topper)


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Old neighborhood: Cincinnati, Ohio

North, who plays John B’s. rival Topper and Sarah’s ex, was brought up in Cincinnati, Ohio, as indicated by his IMDB. At the point when he was more seasoned, his family moved to Atlanta before they moved to Los Angeles for his acting vocation. A few fans may remember him from Disney Channel’s I Didn’t Do It. “I was living in Atlanta and my sister pursued an open call tryout. My mother essentially caused me to go with her,” he revealed to Relate Magazine in 20145. “I did it, at that point we did an ability feature and they flew Hollywood specialists in. I got a lot of callbacks so we came to LA, so my sister and I could take gatherings. I got my first specialist at that point. We chose to check out it and my folks were in the long run ready to move around here, which I am overly appreciative for. I did a ton of classes and got a supervisor and dramatic operator and in the end began booking visitor star jobs, at that point found my fantasy work on “I Didn’t Do It.”