Lizard Lick Towing Ron Shirley Son Was Shot & Killed, Alex aka Harley Alexander Shirley From Clayton NC


Harley Alexander Shirley turned into the survivor of the supposed shooting on Thursday night in Johnson County. The group of Harley later recognized the perished soul as, in all honesty, Lizard Lick towing Ronnie Shirley’s child Harley. He was 21.

The crushed dad, Ronnie Shirley requested protection to adapt to the unforeseen misfortune.

On the off chance that you don’t have any idea, Ron is the President of LLTR and cares for the every day activities of the repo organization, including heading up the repossession skip following division.

Who Is Harley Alexander Shirley From Clayton? Clayton-based Harley Alexander Shirley was a casualty of the supposed shooting that occurred on Thursday night. Reports affirmed that he was the child of Ron Shirley, LLTR unscripted television show’s leader.

Examining Harley’s family, his folks are Ron Shirley and Amy Vaughan Shirley. The family is sorrowful by the information. Individuals are pouring in their genuine supplications to the family.

Ronnie shared an enthusiastic post on Facebook which peruses, “Hands hold, feet convey, eyes see, ears hear, yet the heart feels. You can lose one of the above to this world regardless track down your direction, however lose your heart to this world, and you will remain lost.”

Harley Alexander Shirley Was Shot And Killed In Johnson County Shooting Purportedly, Harley Alexander Shirley was shot and killed on Thursday night around 8 p.m.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s office got a grumbling of the weapon shooting in the 1600 square of Josephine Road. As indicated by a news discharge, they got a report soon after with respect to shot casualties at the Sheetz parking garage around 3 miles away.

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Harley Alexander Shirley Is Lizard Lick Towing Ron Shirley’s Son Harley Alexander Shirley is the child of Ron “Ronnie” Shirley. He is a Lizard Lick Towing unscripted television show president.

According to the Johnson County Sheriff, the dead assortment of Harley was found at the Sheetz service station along Cornwallis Road. The other lady was in the medical clinic battling for her life. She is 20 years and getting medicines close by the clinic, detailed ABC 11. The exploring is continuous.

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Harley Alexander Shirley Murder: Is Anyone Arrested? Harley Alexander Shirley was shot to no end. The explanation for the gunfire is unnoticed at this point.

After the shooting, the shooters escaped away in a yellow traveler vehicle, police announced.