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Nothing Nadarevic is eminent as a girl of late Bosnian and Croatian entertainer Mustafa Nadarevic. Her dad Mustafa was applauded for his depiction as Izet Fazlinovic in the Bosnian sitcom Lud, zbunjen, normalan.

Nothing was the person who affirmed her dad’s demise to the world. Dive in to find out about Nada Nadarevic and her family.

Nothing is the girl of Mustafa Nadarevic and Jasna Nadarevic. On November 22, 2020, her dad died in his home situated in Zagreb, at 77 years old, he was fighting cellular breakdown in the lungs for quite a while. Be that as it may, just in January 2020, he uncovered his analysis (cellular breakdown in the lungs).

She was the person who affirmed her dad’s demise to the sensationalist newspapers. Talking with 24 ur, she affirmed the news and mentioned them to give her protection.

Name Nada Nadarevic
Gender Female
Nationality Bosnian and Croatian
Parents Mustafa Nadarevic and Jasna Nadarevic

In the family, she has two stage kin from her dad’s relationship with Slavica Radovic—Nana Nadarevic, and Asa Nadarević. Expertly, Nana is MAC Cosmetics PR, and Asa is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu contender. Other than that, Nada is a grandkid of Mehmed Nadarevic, Asija Nadarevic.

Nothing’s late father Mustafa was additionally involved with Slavica Radović. On June 7, 2012, Slavica had a lamentable death because of bosom malignant growth at 48 years old.

Mustafa, her dad, was one of the well known countenances in the diversion world. Having recorded in more than 70 movies, Nadarevic was regarded with Life Achievement Award “Fabijan Sovagovic” for his stunning exhibition in Croatian cinematography. Moreover, he won the Golden Arena grant for his film Washed Out and the Silver St. George grant for his depiction in Silent Gunpowder.

Insights concerning her relationship are yet to get uncovered. She has stayed mum about her sweetheart to date. She doesn’t hold any web-based media accounts, including Instagram. Nothing holds Bosnian and Croatian identity.

She likes to carry on with a daily existence away from the spotlight, so her age and birth date are as yet a secret. As of recently, Nada has additionally not given any clues about her vocation. Thus, it is elusive her acquiring and total assets.