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Alina Burroughs

Nick Title


In style As

Alina Burroughs

Well-known For

For showing in Drama collection ‘Crime scene confidential

date Of Delivery



45 years


Lake Mary, Florida, United States


Lake Mary, Florida, United States




Host and Crime investigator



Faculty Title

Oviedo Excessive Faculty

Faculty Title

College of Central Florida

Training Qualification


Present Residence

Lake Mary, Florida, United States

Years Lively

Not Identified


Not Identified

Zodiac Signal

Not Identified

Alina Burroughs is a senior business improvement supervisor at “FARO Innovations” and the host of Crime location Classified on Examination Disclosure and Discovery+.


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Alina Burroughs is the host of Crime location Classified on Examination Revelation and Discovery+.

A notable telecaster has 12 years of mastery as a detective in Orange District, Florida.

She additionally chipped away at high-profile cases like Caylee Anthony’s homicide in 2008 and the Beat dance club shooting in 2016.

Burroughs recently reported that she will star in the send off of Crime location Classified, another show that will respond to waiting inquiries regarding explicit homicide cases. Alina Burroughs, a notable television character, has become well known in the completely exhilarating universe of wrongdoing narratives.

Also, she has earned acclaim and respect for her jobs in hit shows like “Genuine Feeling: Location of the Crime” (2022), “Marcia Clark Researches The Initial 48” (2018), and “Crime location Secret” (2022).

In any case, Alina’s mastery lies in carrying watchers very close to the coarse and complex universe of criminal examinations. With her dazzling narrating and sharp experiences.

Likewise, she has turned into a recognizable face on the screen, giving audiences an arresting inside investigate probably the most interesting and perplexing wrongdoing cases.

Besides, Alina Burroughs has without a doubt solidified her standing as an unmistakable figure in the domain of genuine wrongdoing TV. Alina Burroughs was on 16 January 1977 in Lake Mary, Florida, USA; as of June 2023, she is a 46-year-elderly person.

Likewise, She is the senior Public Security Investigation supervisor with north of twenty years of policing.

On Wikipedia, Alina Burroughs, a crime location classified have, isn’t recorded.

\In spite of her superstar, her name doesn’t show up in the authority Wikipedia profile.

On the opposite side, her LinkedIn page contains some helpful data.

Her LinkedIn profile expresses that she got a graduate degree in science in law enforcement in 2022.

The host acquired her four year college education from the College of Focal Florida. She is likewise an authorized senior-prepared crime location examiner. Well by and by, Alina lives in Florida where, At FARO Advancements, as Sr. Business Advancement Chief for Public Security.

Be that as it may, she guarantees clients’ voices are addressed in the items and programming FARO makes.

Essentially, Alina’s senior brother’s name is Adin Burroughs, and he is a Sr. Framework Designer and a Program Supervisor at Northrop Grumman, He has 3 children with his better half Jennifer.

At this point, she is unmarried and appears to partake in her single existence with her new enthusiasm for crime locations.


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Also, You can’t find bunches of data about the analyst us as well. Her Instagram is loaded up with her television program and works and a few strange irregular statements. Alina Burroughs, the crushing woman of the wrongdoing narrative world, has a flourishing presence on Instagram. With an ongoing following of 4758 committed fans, she’s been catching the consideration of genuine wrongdoing devotees and inquisitive spectators the same.

Through her 541 enamoring posts, Alina shares looks at her interesting television projects, in the background minutes, and maybe even a few clues about impending examinations.

Besides, Her Instagram feed is a tempting blend of interesting crime locations, intriguing statements, and intermittent looks into her own life.

Likewise, giving supporters a selective look into the universe of a genuine wrongdoing devotee.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just interested by the baffling domain of wrongdoing, Alina Burroughs’ Instagram is a must-follow for your everyday portion of tension and interest.

Alina is pursuing that objective at this moment. Having resigned from crime location examination, she joined FARO Innovations a long time back.

There, she attempted to foster laser innovation that outputs and guides crime locations.

The data is then used to make a 3D guide of the crime location with estimations precise inside a millimeter.

Essentially, During her 21-year profession in the policing, she burned through 12 years as a Detective.

Besides, getting the capability as a Confirmed Senior Crime location Examiner with the Worldwide Relationship for ID (IAI).

Notwithstanding, Alina filled in as a CSI for the Orange Province (FL) Sheriff’s Office. Starting around 2023, the moderator’s total assets is assessed to be $1.5 million.

Essentially, The host procures more than $110, 000 USD as a Sr. Business Improvement Director for FARO. Disclosure pays USD $38,000 for her work.

The Dative appears to be autonomous, dedicated, and pragmatic in her vocation.

In any case, there is nothing unexpected that she is having such a total assets as she has endeavored to procure the fortune she today. Alina Burroughs is a gifted television character who has earned respect for her parts in holding wrongdoing narratives.

She is notable for her appearances in well known shows, for example, “Genuine Feeling: Location of the Crime” (2022), “Marcia Clark Examines The Initial 48” (2018), and “Crime location Secret” (2022).

With her dazzling on-screen presence and mastery in the realm of criminal examinations, Alina has turned into an eminent figure in the genuine wrongdoing classification.

Likewise, Her commitments to these shows have furnished watchers with exciting experiences into genuine wrongdoing cases, making her an esteemed and regarded ability in the business.


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As Alina Burroughs has American Identity, her zodiac sign isn’t accessible and Alina Burroughs’ nationality isn’t known and Alina Burroughs’ religion is Christianity.

Alina Burroughs, the enrapturing television character from “Genuine Feeling: Location of the Crime” (2022), likewise ends up shaking a shocking tattoos that add to her novel appeal.

While her on-screen presence is adequately spellbinding, her body craftsmanship further exhibits her singularity and style.

Alina’s tattoos are an impression of her captivating character, with each plan recounting its very own account.

From multifaceted dark and dim plans to vivid and dynamic pieces, her tattoos are a declaration of her energy forever and her interest with the more obscure side of human instinct.

Whether it’s an entrancing sleeve or a prudent ink inconspicuous, Alina Burroughs’ tattoos are a visual portrayal of her enamoring persona that keeps fans snared and fascinated.

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