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Amir Hetsroni (born February 6, 1968) is an Israeli correspondence teacher who by and by addresses at Istanbul’s Koç University. As well as being a writer and marketing expert in Israel, he is notable for his contentious convictions.

He was partner editorial manager of Communication Research Reports and Corporate Communications, and in a study distributed in 2008 in the Journal of Advertising, he was named one of the main 100 most productive creators in publicizing the scholarly world.

Hetsroni composed and altered four books and almost 100 diary articles and book parts.

Born February 6, 1968 (age 54)

Tel Aviv, Israel
Nationality Israeli
Citizenship Poland, Romania, Israel
Occupation Associate professor at Koç University in Istanbul
Known for His radical political views
Parent(s) Sima Hetsroni (1932-2011), David Hetsroni (1931-2016)

Who Is Amir Hetsroni? Teacher Thrown Chair To A Face During Live TV Reddit Video Amir Hetsroni is a teacher of correspondence at Koç University, a writer, and a marketing specialist in Israel who became well known for his questionable assertions. A seat was tossed to his face during a live TV Reddit video.

The show came by ended because of the event, with group individuals communicating their doubt. Police in Ashdod have started an examination concerning the occurrence’s conditions.

To figure out the law-breaking request’s guilty party, police authorities started gathering proof from observation cameras and the cameras that recorded the live transmission.

Did Amir Hetsroni Suffer Any Injury? Teacher Amir Hetsroni experienced a minor cut on his brow right over his eyebrow. A first assessment demonstrates that he is an adolescent who ran away from the area, and endeavors are in progress to find him. It’s muddled assuming this is a minor who has arrived at the period of criminal obligation.

Hatzroni answered the past fierce episode after the occurrence. He said his attackers “needed to remain in the sinkholes.” “This is the very thing I arrive in Ashdod, Kibinimt,” Hatzroni proceeded.

“What will make me the most satisfied is to see you get once again to Morocco. That is my viewpoint, and I will keep on communicating it all through my life.” Hatzroni remarked subsequent to being treated by a medical aid group.

Amir Hetsroni Wikipedia: Biography Explored Amir Hetsroni has a Wikipedia page. He was born on February 6, 1968, to Sima Kolker and David Hetsroni in Tel, Aviv. He was recruited into the Israel Defense Forces for a considerable length of time subsequent to completing secondary school.

In 1993, he got a BA in Psychology and Cinema and Television from Tel Aviv University, and a MA and Ph.D. in Communication from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1996 and 1999 separately.

From 2000 to 2009, he was a senior teacher at Max Stern Yezreel Valley College prior to turning into a teacher at Ariel University.