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Chad Hedrick has amassed an abundance because of his speed skating and ice skating professions.He is at present an authorized real estate agent with eXp Realty, where he chips away at properties going from gold to sold. His total assets is accepted to be more than $18 million.

Chad Hedrick’s Childhood and Background Chad was born on April 17, 1977, and is an inline speed skater. His dad, Paul Hedrick, and mother, Wanda Hedrick, brought forth him.

He and his sister, Natalie, developed brought up in the little Texas town of Spring. Hedrick has additionally been skating since he was two years of age.Before long, he started skating with his companions at his folks’ arena.

Name Chad Hedrick
Nickname The Exception/ The Paris Hilton of Speedskating
Birthdate April 17, 1977
Age 45 years old
Birthplace Spring, Texas, USA
Parents Paul Hedrick & Wanda Hedrick
Sibling Natalie Hedrick
Height 5’10″/1.78 m
Weight  78 kg/172 lb
Body type Athletic
Eye color Light brown
Hair color Black
Skin Fair
Education Brill, Strack, and Klein High
Profession Speed skater
Figure skater
Current status Retired
Olympic accomplishments 3 medals (Gold, Silver & Bronze)
Skill Double push
Relationship status Married
Wife Lynsey Elizabeth Adams
Marriage Date June 7, 2008.
Wedding location Houston, Texas
Featured TV show “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway”
Children Hadley, Harper, and Hogan
Social Media Instagram
Brand DP52 Racing
Net Worth $18 million
Merch  Olympic Cut Signature, Autographed FDC
Last Update May, 2022

Chad Hedrick taking a stab at his skates as a kid. Chad was additionally a National Champion when he was only eight years of age. From that point forward, he has developed at a dramatic rate, becoming World Champion at sixteen years old.

Moreover, the twofold push turned into a nickname for the technique he used oftentimes. Then, at that point, it turned into a standard for tip top skaters from one side of the planet to the other to flaunt their abilities and mastery.

Chad Hedrick | Wife, Children, and Marriage Chad is a cheerfully hitched man with a great family who is consistently there for him. On June 7, 2008, he wedded his long-term sweetheart, Elizabeth Adams.

Their wedding function occurred in Houston, Texas, before a little gathering of visitors at a private setting.

Their wedding was additionally highlighted on the Style Network unscripted TV drama “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?”

Also, the couple invited their most memorable youngster in 2009, not long after their marriage. Hadley, their most seasoned kid, was born in March 2009.

Chad Hedrick with his loved ones. Moreover, Harper, their subsequent little girl, was born in December 2010. In 2014, the couple had their third youngster, a child called Hogan.

Derek Parra, a previous inline skater turned ice skater, was a motivation to Chad. After Derek won the gold award at the 2002 Olympics, he was awestruck.

Subsequently, Chad Hedrick chose to change to the Ice. Chad won the World All-round Speed Skating Championships in February 2004 after only one year of ice preparing.

Chad even broke the world record by bringing it down to 150.478 focuses all through the opposition.

He likewise settled six world records by being the main man to skate 6.2 miles (10,000 meters) in under 13 minutes.

Additionally, on March 12, 2004, Chad satisfied his standing by catching the gold decoration in the 5,000 meters race. Seoul, South Korea facilitated the World Single Distance Championships.

Hedrick additionally effectively guarded his 5,000m big showdown at Inzell, Germany, around the same time.

In 2005, he was crushed by Shani Davis in the World All-round Speed Skating Championships.

In spite of this, Hedrick, called The Exception, has stayed a notable character, setting third in an informal worldwide positioning.

The Formidable Ice Man On account of his capacity and splendor on the ice, Chad Hedrick acquired the moniker “Iceman” from his revering fans.

In spite of being new to skating, Chad didn’t frustrate and kept on fostering each time. He was likewise given the Oscar Mathisen Statuette in 2004 only a couple of years after his presentation.

Additionally, the honor is conceded exclusively to the best speed skater execution on the planet for that specific year.

Hedrick likewise secured himself as one of the world’s most prominent significant distance skaters. Among November and December of 2005, he laid out world records in the 10,000, 5,000, and 1,500 meters, demonstrating his value.

Chad Hedrick’s Olympic Career Chad picked to go to the Winter Olympics in 2006 to win the three significant occasions. Hedrick additionally projected that he would attach Eric Heiden for the most gold awards with five.

His inheritance was established when he won gold in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games (5,000m occasion). Chad crushed top challenger Sven Kramer of the Netherlands to win the sought after honor.

Shani Davis and Chad, then again, got into a battle during the group pursue. Shani decided not to contend since it would struggle with his 1,000m occasion, which ignited the episode.

Davis, then again, ought to have run in the competition to assist with reinforcing their list, as per Hedrick.

Shani likewise made the right choice by quitting the group pursuit, as indicated by Eric Heiden, an Olympic group doctor and five-time gold medalist.

Besides, it would have imperiled Davis’ possibilities winning the gold award, which he in the long run accomplished.

Because of the shortfall of Shani Davis, the US pursuit group battled and completed 6th.

Notwithstanding this, Chad procured three awards at the finish of the Olympics. He likewise turned into the third American to win three straight Olympic awards in figure skating.

Chad has keeps on contending universally in speed skating, completing fourth in the 2008 World All-around competition.

An inheritance left behind. At 17 years old months, Chad Hedrick, one of the most famous ice speed skaters, trample on a couple of inline skaters.

Chad put his sights on significance after that heartbreaking episode. He came out on top for 52 World Championships and nine World Overall Championships in succession.

Chad Hedrick flaunting his Olympic awards. What’s more, in 2002, he moved to ice skating and came out on top for the World All-around Championship in under two years.

All beneficial things should reach a conclusion, and Chad declared his retirement in 2010, at 33 years old.

The skilled skater presently invests his energy giving persuasive talks all over the United States. Chad likewise gives his opportunity to the service of “Twofold Push.”

He addresses the audience on how his confidence was essential in his progress in the drive.

Alongside these undertakings, he established “DP52 Racing,” a speed skating hardware firm.

He has likewise coordinated the ‘Chad Hedrick Foundation,’ which has gathered a huge number of dollars for the Special Olympics.

Chad, a previous ice speed skater, has kept his athletic figure in shape at 45 years old. As he occasionally shows his ability on Ice, he is an ideal representation of the expression “age is only a number.”

He additionally keeps up with his wellness with tight diets and an everyday preparation program.

Hedrick is a strong man who is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. He additionally loads about 78 kg.

Chad is essentially as light as a quill on the Ice, regardless of his gigantic physical level. Besides, his versatility has assisted him with performing fast moves with accuracy.

Respects and Awards Chad is one of the best speed skaters ever. On the ice, he has obtained the nickname “The Exception” for his remarkable ability and abilities.

All through his profession, Chad has won a few decorations, honors, and differentiations in both inline and ice challenges.

Chad Hedrick | U.S. what’s more, World Roller Speed Skating Records
(3,000m multi stage sprint) National roller skating record in 1993
(5,000m multi stage sprint) National inline skating record in 1998
(1,000 and 1,500m race) The National outside history in 1998 and 1999
(3,000m-male-female multi stage sprint) National inline skating record in 1998
(15,000m race) National open air history in 1998
(1,500m race) National inline skating record in 1996
(500 and 1,000m) National open air street record in 2001
(1,500m race) National outside street record in 1998
(10,000m race) National outside street record in 2001
(1,500m race) World open air street record in 1999
(10,000m race) World outside street record in 1996
(15,000 m race) World outside street record in 2000
Chad Hedrick | Athletic achievements, Awards and Honors
Hedrick is a six-time World Record Holder

All-round samalog-150.478 (Hamar, Norway, February 8, 2004)
5000 m, 6.09,68 (Calgary, Canada, November 13, 2005)
10000 m, 12.55,11 (Salt Lake City, USA, December 31, 2005)
3000 m, 3.39,02 (Calgary, Canada, March 10, 2005)
All-round samalog, 148.799 (Calgary, Canada, January 22, 2006)
1500 m, 1.42,78 (Salt Lake City, USA, November 18, 2005)

Is there ill will among Chad and Shani Davis? No, the discussion between the pair was a direct result of expert reasons. In this way, no animosity right now.

Is Chad Hedrick a realtor? Indeed, the eminent Olympian has likewise dunked his toes in the land waters. He spends significant time in Buyer’s Agents, Listing specialists, Commercial Real Estate, Luxury Listing subject matter experts, Luxury Home Marketing, etc.

You can observe more about his land venture on Compass. Is Chad Hedrick dynamic? Chad is dynamic in different exercises, for example, dealing with his image and traversing the God-fearing nation, giving inspirational discourses in view.