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Car racer Emerson Fittipaldi was hitched to his significant other, Teresa Fittipaldi, for right around eight years. In 2002, they cut off their friendship.

Since the separation, Emerson’s better half has been dating her new sweetheart, Fernando Silva Telles.


Emerson Fittipaldi brought home the primary Big showdown for Brazil with Colin Chapman’s Lotus group in 1972. He was likewise the F1 champion at that point and was the most youthful driver. The racer is principally associated with riding the notable kind 72 in dull and-gold JPS attire.

Fittipaldi held the record for a very long time as the F1 title holder who was the most youthful ever. His last a long time in Equation One were fruitless on the grounds that the Fittipaldi vehicles were not sufficiently cutthroat to battle for triumphs. By and by, Fittipaldi came out on top for two additional titles prior to tapping out in 1980.

Born 12 December 1946 (age 75)

Nationality  Brazilian
Political party FdI (2022−present)
Relatives Wilson Fittipaldi (brother)
Christian Fittipaldi (nephew)
Max Papis (son-in-law)
Pietro Fittipaldi (grandson)
Enzo Fittipaldi (grandson)

Fittipaldi was more than happy with the specialized part of the game. Prior to coming out on top for the Brazilian kart title, he dealt with the karts of Carlos Speed and his more established brother Wilson Jr. He additionally acquired accomplishment by coming out on top for the 1989 Truck title and two Indianapolis races.

In 1995, the car racer wedded his subsequent spouse, Teresa Fittipaldi. He likewise became the dad of two kids with her.

Emerson Fittipaldi wedded his better half, Teresa Fittipaldi, during the 80s following a couple of long stretches of dating. They are additionally guardians of two kids.

By wedding an auto racer, Teresa’s life was loaded with fast, motor commotion, and gas smell.

Together the couple spent just about eight years of joyful wedded life. They frequently headed out to motion pictures with their kids, Joana and Luca.

As referenced in a month to month version of Indianapolis magazine, Emerson got the movies, however in some cases he drove his kids to pick the diversion. They additionally went Fly Skiing or Zoom around the seas.

Teresa was likewise cordial to Emerson’s other child named Jayson, who studied at the workmanship school in Baltimore. She additionally filled in as the stepmom to his little girl Tatiana.

As indicated by Teresa, Emerson maintained that their child should be a driver as he normally expressed Luca cherished speed while skiing. At present, Teresa is among the best-dressed ladies in Sao Paulo.

Following an eleven-year relationship, Fittipaldi marry financial expert Rossana Fanucchi toward the beginning of December 2012 in So Paulo. Their youngsters are Vittoria, born in mid 2012, and Emerson Jr., born in 2007.

Emerson Fittipaldi likewise has a grandson named Enzo Fittipaldi, who races with the Red Bull Junior Group. His grandson contended in the Charouz Hustling this year and became 6th in the title. The youth tied for focuses with number four Jack Doohan and number five Jehan Daruvala.

After Emerson Fittipaldi and his significant other, Teresa Fittipaldi, separated, she began another relationship. It isn’t known whether they are still attached or presently.

As indicated by LinkedIn, Telles claims Coinvalores CCVM Ltda, a universally acclaimed portfolio and monetary administration organization. He likewise upholds Teresa a ton in her business and configuration work.

Despite the fact that Teresa is seeing someone, has chosen at no point ever to secure the bunch in the future. “Marriage at absolutely no point in the future,” she announces.

The conceivable justification behind Teresa and Fittipaldi’s separation was Emerson’s hustling profession. Emerson has said that his most recent two years in Recipe One were exceptionally miserable. The racer said: “I was too associated with the issues of attempting to make the collaboration, and I disregarded my marriage and my own life.”

By and by, Emerson Fittipaldi is partaking in his existence with his ongoing spouse, Rossana Fanucchi.

Fanucchi’s dad, who likewise studied financial aspects at Mackenzie Presbyterian College and is at present utilized for Sportello Participacoes, may have given his adoration for the subject to her. She likewise has a Brazilian sister named Giovanna Fanucchi, who lives in Sao Paulo.

In 2001, the Brazilian race vehicle racer and the financial specialist started dating. Following 12 years, they got hitched in 2012. They are guardians to a child and a little girl. Their girl Vittoria was born toward the start of 2012, and their more established child Emerson Jr. was born in 2007.

Emerson Jr. has likewise begun as a racer, emulating his father’s example. He set third generally in the 2021 F4 Danish Title.

Teresa Fittipaldi is the mother of two developed youngsters, Joana and Luca. She presently lives alone in a penthouse in Jardins, Sao Paulo.

Her child Luca lives close by, and her girl Joana has burned through 12 years in New York.

Today, Teresa establishes the rhythm of her life. She has said: “I actually like energy on occasion, yet I never again want to constantly have a timetable, to be welcome to all that to feel invigorated. I figured out how to see the value in isolation. It is in the void that you track down space to make.”

Teresa likewise has an extraordinary atelier in her home, which sits in a corner. She recently studied the female body’s shapes in plates holding tight the wall as specific illustrations.

Her ebb and flow assortment comprises of ocean growth roused natural shapes and ball containers that look like figures of dinosaur eggs from which the hatchlings have been catapulted in a blast.

According to the internet based sources, Teresa has an Italian foundation. She was born on the second of January 1880 in San Severino, Basilicata, Italy. Her dad, Saverio Fittipaldi, was accounted for to be 48, and her mom, Rosa Ciancio, was in her thirties when she showed up on the planet.

Emerson Fittipaldi’s better half, Teresa Fittipaldi, is a craftsman. She is associated with the plan and enrichment business.

Her work has showed up in magazines and paper section.

Teresa guarantees that Emerson Fittipaldi is a gifted craftsman. She settled on earthenware production as her creative medium. She became entranced with earth when she studied visual expressions at FAAP in 2002. Her most memorable works date from that period, and she never stopped making or going to class.

She gained design from the late Florian Raiss, who died in Walk 2016. She urges. “I continued onward to courses continually. Albeit the class is great, nothing beats practice.”

At the point when Teresa was in kindergarten, the educator called her mother to say that sometime she would be an extraordinary craftsman. Teresa recollects her mother affectionately. “She kids about it, however she generally recollects this story when she sees a photograph of me with my work in a magazine or in a paper section.”

“I awaken here in my space, make my morning meal, put on my cover, and begin massaging the mud”, she proceeded “I never understand what will end up, each piece has its confidential, which is uncovered in the shape, variety, and surface. Nothing is ever something similar, the pieces are not uniform, and that is the very thing that I like. The entire cycle has a flightiness that I like. It’s like life.”