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Geoffrey Robertson is an Australian-English common liberties lawyer, scholarly, creator and telecaster. He holds double Australian and English citizenship. Robertson is a pioneer and head of Brave Road Chambers working closely together. He fills in as an Expert of the Seat at the Center Sanctuary, a recorder, and visiting teacher at Sovereign Mary College of London. He turned into an English resident in 2003. He won Australian Humanist of the Year in 2014 for his work as a common freedoms legal counselor and supporter.

Geoffrey Ronald Robertson AO, KC was born on September 30, 1946 (age 76 years) in Sydney, Australia. He is the child of Australian guardians and experienced childhood in the suburb of Eastwood. His dad, Frank, who might proceed to be a senior official of the District Bank, and later a stockbroker, endure a RAAF preparing flight crash in Chiltern, Victoria, in 1943.

Robertson went to Epping Young men Secondary School and afterward went to the College of Sydney, where he graduated with a Four year education in liberal arts in 1966 and a Single guy of Regulations with Top notch Praises in 1970, preceding winning a Rhodes Grant to learn at the College of Oxford, where he graduated with an Unhitched male of Common Regulation from College School, Oxford in 1972. In 2006 he was granted a privileged level of Specialist of Regulations by the College of Sydney.

Name Geoffrey Robertson
Net Worth $5 million
Occupation Barrister, Academic, Author, Broadcaster
Age 76 years
Height 1.75m

Geoffrey Robertson turned into a lawyer in 1973 and was named QC in 1988. He turned out to be notable subsequent to going about as protection counsel in the observed English criminal preliminaries of OZ, Gay News, the ABC Preliminary, The Romans in England (the arraignment brought by Mary Whitehouse), Randle and Pottle, the Brighton bombarding and Lattice Churchill.

Robertson guarded the craftsman J. S. G. Boggs from a confidential indictment brought by the Bank of Britain with respect to his portrayals of English cash. In 1989 and 1990 he drove the guard group for Rick Gibson, a Canadian craftsman, and Peter Sylveire, an overseer of a workmanship display, who were accused of shocking public conventionality for showing studs produced using human hatchlings.

He has additionally acted in notable criticism cases, including protecting The Gatekeeper against Neil Hamilton MP. Robertson was undermined by psychological militants for addressing Salman Rushdie. In 1972 he exhorted Peter Hain as a McKenzie companion when Hain guarded himself on a few charges remembering trick to intrude emerging from his contribution for hostile to politically-sanctioned racial segregation fights, as a dissent against the politically-sanctioned racial segregation system.

During the ten-day preliminary at the Old Bailey Hain excused his QCs, however held Robertson and one more as counselors, prior to being indicted and fined £200. Robertson was likewise utilized to protect John Stonehouse after his fruitless effort to counterfeit his own demise in 1974.

In Walk 2000 in the Free Schools Council, sitting at the Illustrious Official courtrooms, he effectively safeguarded A. S. Neill’s Summerhill School, a confidential free school. The procedures were brought by OFSTED for David Blunkett, the Training Priest, who was looking for the conclusion of the school. The case was subsequently performed by Tiger Perspective Creations in a television series entitled Summerhill and broadcast on BBC Four and CBBC.

Geoffrey Robertson was held in August 2000 by the heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson for a meeting before the English Boxing Leading body of Control (BBBoC). The disciplinary hearing connected with two counts connecting with Tyson’s conduct after his 38-second triumph over Lou Savarese in Glasgow in June of that year. Tyson got away from a restriction from battling in England.

Robertson effectively conveyed a safeguard of opportunity of articulation for Tyson, the main use before the BBBoC, yet Tyson was indicted on the other count and fined. In 2002 he shielded Dow Jones in Dow Jones and Co Inc v Gutnick, a situation where Joseph Gutnick, an Australian mining financier, sued Dow Jones after an article reproachful of him was distributed on the site of Barron’s paper. Gutnick effectively applied to the High Court of Australia, mentioning for the case to be heard in Australia as opposed to the US, where the Main Correction safeguards free discourse.

He pursued the case to the Unified Countries Basic liberties Board of trustees. The case was portrayed as a “exceptionally stressing choice” as it possibly opened the entryway for criticism cases connected with web distributing to be heard in any nation and in numerous nations for a similar article. In December 2002 Robertson was held by The Washington Post to address its veteran conflict reporter, Jonathan Randal, in The Hague at the Assembled Countries Court, the Global Criminal Council for the previous Yugoslavia.

He laid out the guideline of qualified honor for the assurance of columnists in atrocities courts. In 2006 Geoffrey Robertson effectively guarded The Money Road Diary (WSJ) in Jameel v Money Road Diary Europe. The case focused on an article distributed in the WSJ in 2002, which claimed that the US was observing the financial balances of a Saudi Bedouin money manager to guarantee he was not subsidizing fear mongers. Jameel, who was addressed via Carter-Ruck, was initially granted £40,000 in penalties however this was toppled for the WSJ. The case was seen by The Legal counselor as a landmark case that reclassified the prior instance of Reynolds v Times Papers Ltd, maintaining the option to distribute in the event that being in the public interest is considered.

In mid 2007, trained by the Native attorney Michael Mansell, Robertson took procedures for the Native Tasmanians to recuperate 15 arrangements of their taken tribal remaining parts, then being held in the cellar of the Regular History Gallery in L ondon. He blamed the historical center for wishing to hold them for “hereditary prospecting”. Geoffrey Robertson has showed up in cases under the steady gaze of the European Court of Common freedoms and in different courts across the world.

Geoffrey Robertson was engaged with the protection of Michael X in Trinidad and has showed up for the safeguard in a defamation body of evidence against the previous Singaporean top state leader Lee Kuan Yew. He was additionally associated with the questionable examination of Helen Smith and furthermore in the Blom-Cooper Commission investigation into the sneaking of weapons from Israel through Antigua to Colombia.

Robertson has been on a few basic liberties missions for the benefit of Reprieve Global, for example, to Mozambique, Venda, Czechoslovakia, Malawi, Vietnam and South Africa. Until 2007 he sat as an allure judge at the UN Extraordinary Court for Sierra Leone. In 2010 Robertson fruitlessly protected Julian Assange, the organizer behind WikiLeaks, in removal procedures in the Assembled Realm. In 2013 Robertson was selected a privileged partner of the Public Common Society.

On 28 January 2015, he addressed Armenia with advodate Amal Clooney at the European Court of Common liberties (ECHR) in the Perinçek v. Switzerland case. He considered Doğu Perinçek a “vexatious disputant bug” at the ECHR hearing. Beginning around 2016, Robertson has been address ing previous Brazilian president Lula da Silva with requests to the Assembled Countries Basic freedoms Panel in regards to Lula’s treatment by the Brazilian equity framework.

Geoffrey Robertson is a supporter of the Media Lawful Safeguard Drive. Starting around 1981, frequently with long in the middle between, Robertson has facilitated an Australian TV series of projects called Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypotheticals. These shows welcome outstanding individuals, frequently including previous and current political pioneers, to talk about contemporary issues by expecting envisioned personalities in speculative circumstances. This program was frequently parodied by Steve Vizard on the Australian improv show program Quick Forward.

Robertson talks at public occasions including numerous abstract celebrations. In 2009 he talked at the Thoughts Celebration in Brisbane, Australia. He has composed many books. One of them, The Equity Game (1998), is on the school educational program in New South Grains, Australia. His 2005 book The Tyrannicide Brief: The Tale of the One Who Sent Charles I to the Framework subtleties the narrative of John Cooke, who arraigned Charles I of Britain in the conspiracy preliminary that prompted his execution. After the Rebuilding, Cooke was sentenced for high injustice and hanged, drawn and quartered.

In his 2006 update of Wrongdoings Against Mankind, Robertson manages basic liberties, violations against humankind and atrocities. The book begins with the historical backdrop of basic liberties and has a few contextual investigations, for example, the instance of General Augusto Pinochet of Chile, the Balkans Wars, and the 2003 Iraq War. His perspectives on the US’s nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan can be viewed as questionable.

Geoffrey Robertson considers the Hiroshima bomb was surely legitimate, and that the second bomb on Nagasaki was most presumably legitimized however that it could have been exceptional assuming that it was dropped external a city. His contention is that the bombs, while killing in excess of 100,000 regular citizens, were legitimate in light of the fact that they pushed Head Hirohito of Japan to give up, accordingly saving the existences of a huge number of unified powers, as well as Japanese soldiers and regular people.

In his 2010 book, The Instance of the Pope, Robertson guarantees that Pope Benedict XVI is at legitimate fault for safeguarding pedophiles on the grounds that the congregation swore the casualties to mystery and moved culprits in Catholic sex misuse cases to different positions where they approached kids while realizing the culprits were probably going to re-irritate. This, Robertson accepts, comprises the wrongdoing of helping underage sex and when he was as yet Cardinal Ratzinger, the resigned pope supported this arrangement up to November 2002. As Robertson would like to think, the Vatican is certainly not a sovereign state and the pope isn’t resistant to indictment.Twitter account.