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Gloria Trevi, a Mexican music diva, and her previous maker Sergio Andrade were blamed for mishandling high school young ladies during the 1990s. A new respectful activity has been documented against the vocalist by two informers, both of whom have distinguished themselves as Jane Does.

As per records gained by Drifter and inspected by Assortment, the casualties guarantee that Trevi and Andrade mishandled them over a time of numerous years, starting when they were 13 and 15, individually. In the activity, the two casualties recognize as “overcomers of young life s*xual misuse, savagery, attack, m*lestation, and misuse” and profess to have encountered “serious mental pain, stress, disquiet, fury, and fear.”

Before the latest charges, Trevi and Andrade were both imprisoned in 2000 for physically attacking youths during the 1990s. A few casualties blamed them for being engaged with a clique like s*x ring. Gloria Trevi burned through four years in a Chihuahua jail prior to being excused of all charges in 2004 inferable from an absence of proof.

Birth name Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz
Born February 15, 1968 (age 54)
Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Genres Pop rock
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • dancer
  • actress
  • television hostess
  • music video director
  • businesswoman
Years active 1985–present
  • Sony BMG Mexico (1989–04)
  • Univision (2005–08)
  • Universal Latin (2005–present)

Following her delivery, she continued to have a fruitful vocation while keeping up with her guiltlessness. Trevi said during a profound location at the 2018 Latin American Music Grants that a “significant maker” tormented, tortured, and rebuffed her for quite a long time and that she needed to persevere “17 years of shame.”

Despite the fact that Trevi didn’t distinguish the maker in her discourse, she is said to have implied toward Andrade. Subsequent to enduring four years anticipating preliminary, the last option was likewise sentenced for undermining youngsters however just burned through one year in prison.

An investigate Gloria Trevi’s lawful activity Two unknown female casualties have recorded a grumbling against Gloria Trevi, charging that the vocalist prepared and took advantage of them as youngsters in the mid 1990s and procured them for her ex-maker Sergio Andrade.


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The grumbling alluded to Trevi as a “prestigious and well known pop diva and quite possibly of the most profoundly compensated female performer in Latin America,” while Andrade was alluded to as “one of Mexico’s best melody makers.” The report likewise alluded to Trevi as “Mexico’s Madonna,” while Andrade was alluded to as her “in the background creation pro.”

Gloria Trevi

The offended parties affirmed that when they were 13 and 15 years of age, the previous reached them and allured them to join Andrade’s music preparing program, expressing that it was an outstanding star-production possibility. They were allegedly changed into Andrade’s s*x slaves and exposed to long stretches of torment, particularly in Los Angeles Region. As per the 30-page common claim:

“[Trevi and Andrade] used their situation, esteem, and power as a notable and fruitful Mexican pop craftsman and a conspicuous maker to gain admittance to, husband to be, control and misuse [the victims] and propel s*xual contact with them over a range of years.

The court report additionally expressed that a third respondent, who functioned as a choreographer, artist, and colleague with Gloria Trevi and Andrade, was likewise participated in the infringement. The individual, be that as it may, was not recognized in the recording.

As per the request, Jane Doe 1 was 15 years of age when her mom went with her to a Gloria Trevi occasion in 1991. The kid was supposedly singing and moving to Trevi’s tunes outside Andrade’s office in Mexico City with different admirers when the vocalist moved toward her.

Trevi purportedly told her she was “incredibly appealing and an exceptionally gifted artist” before quickly asking her to a tryout. Jane Doe 1 was likewise offered a private preparation program on the spot and migrated to Mexico City to make the most of the open door.


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As per the objection, Trevi visited Jane Doe 1 in her Inn del Bosque room in late 1991 or mid 1992 and illuminated her that Andrade was “extremely enraged” over a relationship she had made with a male individual from the gathering.

As per the claim, Gloria Trevi illuminated her that Andrade had “tight guidelines” and that she would need to convince him to give her go on with the program access request to try not to leave the company. As per reports, the vocalist told her:

“I don’t believe you should go; you really want to go address [Andrade] and do anything he desires of you since I maintain that you should remain.”

As per the request, the juvenile was then taught that to go on in the company, she would must have an actual association with Andrade. As per the objection, the casualty felt “extraordinary strain” since she worshiped Trevi and Andrade and needed to go on in the gathering and “didn’t have the foggiest idea what else to do.” Jane Doe 1 was evidently 16 years of age when she was gone after by Andrade, 36. She was then supposedly hoodwinked and constrained into a progression of assaults that went on until 2001. As per the grievance:

“At the point when [Gloria Trevi] saw that [Jane Doe 1] was at a ‘limit’ from the maltreatment, [she] would intercede to impact and tension [Jane Doe 1] into staying with the gathering, not leaving, and not illuminating anyone about it, permitting the rape to proceed.”

As indicated by the objection, Trevi frequently educated Jane Doe 1 that “the rest of the world was more terrible than being with the group.” The vocalist additionally guaranteed the young person that the band was like a “family” to which she had a place. Right now, she evidently expressed:

“What looks for you assuming that you return to Puebla City? This is your opportunity, so don’t miss it. You will travel, performing music, and gaining some significant experience, yet you should do this.”


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As indicated by the claim, Andrade oppressed Jane Doe 1 and other mysterious artists to “whippings, beatings, food limitation, and constrained actual preparation” if they “disappointed” him. He is said to have beaten the casualties with “electrical wires until their backs were red and wounded.” It was additionally expressed that as a feature of the discipline, the people in question “couldn’t shout out or move as he hit them.” The beatings were said to have gone on until the artists were “still and unmoving as he conveyed the punches.” Jane Doe 1 expressed that by 1993, she had been totally taken out from the stage and compelled to act as a partner and slave for Andrade. She was obviously “damaged” and “broken,” yet she had to remain with the group in spite of feeling “miserable” and “zombie-like.”

The lady further guaranteed that her attack proceeded when she traveled to Southern California with Gloria Trevi and Andrade for recording meetings and gigs, like the performer’s August 31, 1992 execution at the Roxy Theater. As per the protest, the maltreatment continued until Andrade’s capture in 2000. In the mean time, Jane Doe 2 said she was 13 years of age when Gloria Trevi moved toward her external a radio broadcast in Mexico City in 1989.

The artist evidently illuminated her that she was searching for entertainers and commended her on her level and excellence. As indicated by the grumbling, Trevi encouraged the young lady to take off her dress for a tryout half a month after the fact.

While she denied the interest, the juvenile said that she had recently sung and moved prior to being given a “grant” to go to Andrade’s studios. As per the documentation, Gloria Trevi promptly started prepping the young lady to turn into Andrade’s sweetheart. She apparently convinced the juvenile that she was the ideal young lady for him to “have confidence in affection once more” after another youngster “double-crossed him” and obliterated his heart. As per the claim, Andrade began going after her when she was 13 years of age in an office and a Mexico City home.

At that point, the maker was 33, and Gloria Trevi was 21. Andrade supposedly informed Jane Doe 2 that in the event that she concurred with his requests, he would make her a VIP like Trevi. In the mean time, he proceeded to rule and abuse her.

He purportedly slapped her, punched her, lashed her with a belt, starved her, and denied her admittance to the bathroom. The attack against Jane Doe 2 supposedly proceeded when she was in Los Angeles with Andrade somewhere in the range of 1990 and 1992, while Gloria Trevi was recording her collections Tu Heavenly messenger de la Guarda and Mi Siento Tan Sola


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. Jane Doe 2 said she reached her mom and requested that she save her from the “underhanded folks,” guaranteeing she was being kept prisoner in Los Angeles. Gloria Trevi, then again, purportedly mediated and convinced the juvenile to stay by recommending she was “close to completing her collection and understanding her desire of being a vocalist.”

As per the claim, Andrade wedded Jane Doe 2 in December 1990 when she was 15 years of age to eliminate her from her mom’s lawful consideration. As per the claims, the casualty acknowledged the marriage since “she was frightened of what [Andrade] would do in the event that she declined.” In December 1992, she purportedly “got away” from the company’s home in Mexico City.

The two offended parties are looking for both real and correctional harms, albeit the sum will in all not entirely settled at preliminary. Gloria Trevi is obviously wanting to perform three gigs in Mexico City toward the month’s end, in spite of the forthcoming suit.

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