Is DJ Envy In Jail | Arrest And Charge

DJ Envy is a co-have on the hit radio program The Morning meal Club. Cesar Piña, his longstanding colleague, was captured on government wire extortion charges in the wake of swindling many financial backers out of millions of dollars through a Ponzi-like plan.

DJ Envy has discredited any unfortunate behavior and declared that he was likewise hoodwinked by Piña. Be that as it may, what exactly did Piña do, and what is DJ Jealousy’s relationship with him? We at present know this.

Is DJ Envy Captured?
As of the present moment, there is no verification that DJ Envy knew about or was straightforwardly engaged with Piña’s extortion plan. He could in any case be dependent upon lawful repercussions, however, given his situation as Piña’s advertiser and accomplice.

Claims have been sent off by specific casualties against DJ Envy and Piña, charging heedlessness, misrepresentation, crooked enhancement, and break of agreement.

They are mentioning pay for their advantage and misfortunes. DJ Envy could likewise experience harsh criticism from the IRS, who could investigate his monetary dealings with Piña and charge filings.

The FCC could likewise investigate him and investigate whether he defied any morals or guidelines about communicating by advancing Piña’s organization on his public broadcast.

To safeguard himself against claims and any examinations, DJ Envy has held lawyers.

Likewise, he has communicated lament to his audience members and admirers for any misconception or misery the issue might have made. He has vowed to continue with his profession as a land educator and radio character.


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Envy apologized to any individual who felt let down on The Morning meal Club. “Nonetheless, I’ll continue to do what I excel at, which is teach individuals in land.”

In 2015, Jealousy got to know Piña — a previous street pharmacist who is presently a land head honcho — through a pal. Piña proclaimed he had made over a fourth of a billion bucks flipping north of 1,000 homes in New Jersey.

Moreover, he lifted up in his nearby relationship with DJ Envy and took advantage of his prominence to attract financial backers at courses and via virtual entertainment.

Piña and Jealousy co-facilitated various land workshops around the country, showing aggressive entrepreneurs how to purchase upset structures and turn them around for a benefit.

DJ Envy | Capture and Charge
In the government grumbling presented by the U.S. Lawyer’s Office in New Jersey, Piña was engaged with a fake activity that requested cash from financial backers deceptively somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2021.

With respect to nature of his business, the state of his properties, and the potential benefits from his exchanges, he is blamed for lying.

Moreover, he stole the financial backers’ cash for his own spending, credit reimbursements, and different ventures.


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As per the claim, Piña misled more than $10 million from somewhere around 40 individuals. Participants of DJ Envy and Piña’s studios incorporated a few casualties.

Envy suggested others, and Piña connected with them by means of web-based entertainment. The casualties said that Piña’s standing as a fruitful flipper and his connection with DJ Envy were the reasons they confided in him.

On October 18, 2023, the FBI assaulted Piña’s New Jersey home and office and arrested him on charges of wire misrepresentation.

In the wake of entering a not-blameworthy supplication, he was given a $1 million bond and given electronic observing. Whenever saw as blameworthy, he might get as long as 20 years in jail and a fine.

The FBI looked through DJ Envy’s office at The Morning meal Club and took PCs, hard drives, and phones; he was not charged or confined.


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Envy has unflinchingly shielded his honesty, professing to have been uninformed about Piña’s unlawful interests. He added that he lost huge load of cash effective financial planning with Piña and never got any cash from the defrauded financial backers.

During his public broadcast last week, DJ Envy announced,

“I could never take a dollar from someone.”

“I’ve been on the radio for right around 30 years, and during that time, I just attempted to rouse individuals and show them that there is one more method for pondering business.”