Is Kristine Hermosa Pregnant? Who is Kristine Hermosa Husband?

Kristine Hermosa, close by spouse Oyo Sotto, blissfully expects the appearance of their 6th youngster, as partaken in a genuine declaration via web-based entertainment. Several offers thanks for the gift and their steadfast confidence in God’s arrangement for their developing family.

Is Kristine Hermosa Pregnant?

Indeed, Kristine Hermosa is pregnant with her 6th kid. She shared the news by posting an image with her significant other, Oyo Sotto, and a ultrasound image of the child. Kristine, who is 40 years of age, communicated her confidence in God and how she never expected to have such countless kids, yet she’s thankful for every one.

She referenced feeling confident yet shocked each time she sees a good pregnancy test result, despite the fact that she’s had various pregnancies previously. Kristine finished her declaration by saying thanks to God for His arrangement for herself as well as her family, and she confides in His affection and direction.

Kristine and Oyo got hitched in 2011 and right now have five kids together. Their oldest, Daniel, was embraced, and their most memorable organic kid, Ondrea, was born around the same time. Their different kids are named Kaleb, Marvin, and Vittorio Isaac. Kristine’s declaration mirrors her fervor and appreciation for this new expansion to their loved ones.

Who is Kristine Hermosa Spouse?

Kristine Hermosa’s better half is Vittorio Mari Bonnevie Sotto, who is expertly known as Oyo Kid Sotto. Oyo Kid is a Filipino entertainer. He is important for the conspicuous Sotto family in the Philippines, being the child of famous Filipino entertainer humorist have Vic Sotto and Swiss-Filipino vocalist entertainer Dina Bonnevie.

Additionally, Oyo Kid is the nephew of previous Representative Tito Sotto, the more youthful brother of entertainer Danica Sotto, and the stepbrother of Pasig City Chairman Vico Sotto. He is additionally the cousin of Gian Sotto, Ciara Sotto, and the late Miko Sotto. Oyo Kid Sotto and Kristine Hermosa got hitched in 2011. Together, they structure a praised couple in the Philippine media outlet.

Several has been honored with a developing family, as they are anticipating their 6th youngster. Kristine Hermosa shared the happy insight about her pregnancy via web-based entertainment, offering her thanks for God’s endowments and the adoration and backing of her significant other, Oyo Kid Sotto. Their marriage and day to day life keep on being appreciated by quite a few people, as they explore the delights and difficulties of life as a parent with adoration, confidence, and fellowship.

Who is Kristine Hermosa?

Kristine Hermosa-Sotto is a notable Filipino entertainer, model, endorser, and business person. She acquired distinction for her parts in different Television programs and dramas, beginning with her presentation in the adolescent situated theatrical presentation “Ang television” in 1995. Be that as it may, her advancement accompanied the exemplary drama “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” in 2000, which stays one of the greatest appraised television series in Philippine history.

All through her career, Kristine featured in a few dearest dramas like “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas” (2003), “Together forever” (2005), “Gulong ng Palad” (2006), “Prinsesa ng Banyera” (2007), and “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” (2009). She procured acknowledgment for her remarkable exhibitions, in any event, getting a selection at the Worldwide Emmy Grants for her part in “Dahil May Isang Ikaw.”

Kristine is additionally known for her effective film projects, for example, “Forevermore” (2002) and “Ngayong Nandito Ka” (2003), which were film industry hits. She had some time off from showbiz in 2010 to zero in on her family with her significant other, Oyo Sotto. Nonetheless, she got back in the saddle in 2016 with the sitcom “Roughage, Bahay” and got back to ABS-CBN in 2018 to depict a main bad guy job in the series “Bagani.” All through her career, Kristine has been commended as one of the Philippines’ best entertainers.

Full Name Kristine Hermosa-Sotto
Date of Birth September 9, 1983
Birthplace Philippines
Occupation Actress, Model, Endorser, Entrepreneur
Spouse Oyo Boy Sotto
Children Expecting sixth child
Known For Successful acting career in Philippine entertainment industry

Kristine Hermosa Age

Starting around 2024, Kristine Hermosa is 40 years of age. She was born on September 9, 1983. At 12 years old, Hermosa’s excursion into showbiz started out of the blue when her more seasoned sister Kathleen went for a tryout at ABS-CBN. During this tryout, Hermosa grabbed the eye of headhunters and makers who were available.

In spite of not expecting to try out herself, her regular ability and appeal stuck out, prompting her revelation by media outlets. This startling development marked the start of Hermosa’s career in showbiz. Being found quite early on opened up new open doors for Hermosa, impelling her into the universe of TV and acting. It was a critical second that would shape her future and set before her the way to becoming quite possibly of the most unmistakable face in the Philippine media outlet.

This opportunity experience not just acquainted Hermosa with the universe of showbiz yet additionally made ready for her to feature her gifts and seek after her enthusiasm for acting. From that second on, she left on an excursion loaded up with progress, challenges, and endless significant encounters in the realm of diversion.

Kristine Hermosa Career

In 1998, Hermosa handled a job in the week by week show series “Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako.” Her big break came in 2000 when she featured in the well known early evening drama “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” close by Jericho Rosales. She additionally showed up in the film “Forevermore” in 2002.

From 2003 to 2004, she featured in the drama “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas.” In 2005, she played the lead job in the brief show “Together forever.” Hermosa proceeded with her television accomplishment with jobs in “Gulong ng Palad” (2006), “Prinsesa ng Banyera” (2007), and “Dahil May Isang Ikaw” (2009).

Her last undertaking with ABS-CBN was the activity dream series “Noah” in which she depicted a diwata, a pixie like being in Philippine folklore. In 2016, she joined GMA Organization’s sitcom “Roughage, Bahay!” close by her better half Oyo Kid Sotto, Vic Sotto, and man-made intelligence computer based intelligence delas Unfortunately. Then, at that point, in 2018, she got back in the saddle to ABS-CBN with a unique job in the experience dream show “Bagani.” All through her career, Hermosa exhibited her flexibility as an entertainer in different TV dramatizations and movies.

Oyo Kid Sotto Age

Starting around 2024, Oyo Kid Sotto is 40 years of age. He was born on January 12, 1984. Quite early in life of 3, Sotto started his excursion in showbiz by showing up in the dream situational satire “Alright Ka, Pixie Ko!” in 1987. He additionally took part in Network programs like “Affectionately Yours, Helen” and “Coney Reyes on Camera.” When he was 9 years of age, he turned out to be important for the GMA Telecine Specials in 1993.

At the point when he turned 19, Sotto marked an agreement with GMA Craftsman Center and turned out to be essential for shows like “Love to Cherish: Wealthy in Affection” and different dramatization series on GMA Organization from 2003 to 2007. Notwithstanding, around the same time, he moved to ABS-CBN in the wake of marking with Star Wizardry, where he remained until 2010.

Following three years with ABS-CBN, Sotto got back to GMA Organization in 2013, marking a rebound following six years. He joined the cast of “Vampire ang Daddy Ko” and proceeded with his career in the organization. All through his career, Sotto displayed his ability and flexibility as an entertainer, progressing between various organizations and investigating different jobs in TV shows and comedies.

Is Kristine Hermosa Pregnant – FAQs

1. When did Kristine Hermosa-Sotto report her pregnancy?
Kristine Hermosa-Sotto declared her pregnancy on February 19, 2024, through a sincere post via virtual entertainment, sharing her fervor about anticipating their 6th kid with spouse Oyo Sotto.

2. Who is Kristine Hermosa-Sotto?
Kristine Hermosa-Sotto, born on September 9, 1983, is a conspicuous Filipino entertainer, model, endorser, and business person known for her fruitful career in the Philippine media outlet.

3. What number of kids does Kristine Hermosa-Sotto have?
Kristine Hermosa-Sotto and her better half Oyo Sotto are anticipating their 6th youngster, as reported by Kristine via virtual entertainment.

4. Who is Oyo Kid Sotto?
Vittorio Mari Bonnevie Sotto, expertly known as Oyo Kid Sotto, is a Filipino entertainer and the spouse of Kristine Hermosa-Sotto. He is important for the noticeable Sotto family in the Philippines.

5. What eminent undertakings has Kristine Hermosa-Sotto been a piece of?
Kristine Hermosa-Sotto has featured in different Network programs and dramas, including “Pangako Sa ‘Yo,” “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas,” “Together forever,” and “Dahil May Isang Ikaw.” She has additionally showed up in films like “Forevermore” and “Ngayong Nandito Ka.”

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