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CrossFit competitor Jacqueline Dahlstrom contends expertly. She became one of the sportspeople who succeeded at winning the most prizes in cutthroat occasions in 2019.

She completed in the main 20 in the Open also, making her the primary person to accomplish CrossFit Games capability.

Dahlstrom overexerted herself while executing 10 arrangements of sumo lift high pulls as a feature of the French Throwdown meeting, which prompted a physical issue when she showed up at the CrossFit Games. She subsequently experienced lower back torment because of a nerve issue.

CrossFit Games: Jacqueline Dahlstrom Wikipedia In spite of being a notable Crossfitter, Jacqueline Dahlstrom is excluded from the authority Wikipedia page. In 2014, Jacqueline Dahlstrom took part in her most memorable CrossFit contest.

Age 31
Date of birth 1991 (Fredrikstad, Norway)
Nationality Norwegian
Height 5feet 6inch
Weight 67
Profession Athlete
Instagram @jacdah


She used to prepare at a rec center, and when she heard that the case was opening close by, she was intrigued and needed to look at it.

At the point when Jacqueline was a decade old, she initially figured out how to ride. She likewise attempted soccer, handball, vaulting, swimming, and different games, however not a solitary one of them were ideal for her.

At the point when Dahlstrom was 16 years of age, she quit braving ponies and began working and running. In 2012 and 2013, she took part in wellness contests, setting second and third broadly. After this, she wanted to develop further, actually better, and more skilled.

In 2013, she went with the choice to keep working out while seeking after CrossFit. During this time of progress, Dahlstrom participated in both strength and cardio preparing in the normal rec center.

The crate proprietors encouraged Jacqueline to take part in the Open in spite of the way that she couldn’t execute the twofold under or any weightlifting practices that year since she was fit for performing other troublesome activities, for example, toes-to-bar or pull-ups.

Starting in 2014, she quit doing CrossFit because of strain from contenders. In the wake of taking a break from CrossFit classes for a considerable length of time due to getting exhausted with the exercises, Jacqueline got back to them in September 2014.

Dahlstrom went through hours culminating her methods and sharpening each exercise’s particular development. She completed third in Norway and 54th by and large in Europe at the 2015 Open. She pursued the choice to treat it more in a serious way in the wake of seeing these outcomes and to begin a specific program to be qualified for Regionals.

Jacqueline Dahlstrom Age: How Old Is She? Jacqueline Dahlstrom, who is 31 years of age, was born in Norway’s Fredrikstad on January 1, 1991. Jacqueline is 67 kilograms and 5 feet 6 inches tall.

She recently studied science designing and has experience educating math. Practice is trying for Jacqueline for different reasons, and most of meetings are actually burdening.

Jacqueline Dahlstrom’s Parents Made Her Try Different Sports Data about Jacqueline Dahlstrom’s folks has been kept hidden. She has a brother, a sister, and two more youthful kin.

She was brought up in the pens and contended in showjumping as a youngster (horse riding). Dahlstrom’s folks caused her to partake in various games, yet she just rode for a lot of time.

The guardians of Jacqueline are enormously adoring and empowering, filling in to act as an illustration for their children in all that they do.

Meet Jacqueline Dahlstrom On Instagram On Instagram, Jacqueline Dahlstrom is dynamic under the handle @jacdah. She has 1,708 posts and 58.4k devotees.

She posts both individual and expert stuff to her Instagram account, keeping her supporters informed.

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