Jill Roord Biography: Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Family, Salary & Net Worth

Memoir Jill Roord is a well known Dutch Footballer of the groups VfL Wolfsburg (Frauen-Bundesliga) and the Dutch public group. She started playing for the Dutch Public Group in 2011 and has not halted from that point forward.

Prior to joining VfL Wolfsburg, Jill played for Stockpile and Bayern Munich. She is the victor of a few Dutch Public titles. On account of her, the Dutch Public Group won in the UEFA Ladies’ Euro 2017.


Jill Roord Beau or Sweetheart Up to this point, Jill has not made any declaration of a heartfelt connection. She doesn’t appear to have a beau right now, yet no one knows it all. Some energized football fans like to transport her with individual footballer Ingrid Engen.

Birthday April 22nd, 1997
Place of Birth Oldenzaal, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Residency Oldenzaal, Netherlands
Boyfriend / Girlfriend Unknown
Study Unknown
Instagram @jillroord
Height 1.73 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs)
Tattoos On wrist
Smoking Unknown
Brother She has two brothers Boyd Roord and Davy Roord
Father & Mother Her father’s name is René Roord, and her mother’s name is unknown.
Religion Unknown
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Net Worth (approx.) $2 Million

Nonetheless, neither of them have affirmed any heartfelt association. It is most likely correct that Jill Roord is single at the present time, and her dating life is private.

Who is Jill Roord at present dating? Jill Roord isn’t dating anybody as of now, yet it might change from now on. Plus, Jill might not have any desire to uncover her adoration life to a huge number of football fans.

She has never spoken about her exes and dating existence with the media. She is dynamic and intelligent on her virtual entertainment locales, yet discussing heartfelt life is excessively private for her. Fans can trust that Jill will approach and spill the tea about her affection life one day.

Family: Guardians and Kin Jill was born in a group of sports darlings. Her dad, René Roord, was a Dutch footballer and saw himself in his girl. He goes to her football matches and upholds her profession.

Moreover, her mom was a sportswoman, but not at a similar level as her dad. Her mom was a ball player, however her name is as yet unclear. This article has one of the uncommon photos of her mom and father together in the football arena. Nonetheless, she additionally shows full help to her little girl.

The Roord family was excited when their little girl scored the triumphant objective during the world cup. As per her dad, the family got a few calls saluting Jill on the accomplishment.

The most amazing aspect, all things considered, was that triumphant the world cup was her dad’s experience growing up dream, which turned out to be valid as a result of Jill. After Jill Roord made his desire work out as expected, she acquired moment acclaim across the Netherlands and the football local area.

Jill Roord likewise has two brothers with whom she shares a nearby bond. As a youngster, she played football with her brothers and realized every one of the essentials with them. Her brothers don’t play football expertly, yet they have an interest in it.

The two of them go to her football coordinates and consistently spend time with her. One of them seems to be a copy of Jill and appears to go out with her more. Jill frequently posts photos of her and her brothers on her Instagram account.

Because of her wildly steady family and acquired ability, Jill has developed into a renowned football player. She was gifted to the point that she joined a football club at the youthful age of 5. In those days, she played football for entertainment only, yet she chose to make it her profession a couple of years after the fact.

Her football symbol was Ronaldinho, the observed Brazilian football legend. Jill actually looks for direction from her dad and stays an enthusiastic student of sports. Her folks and brothers are so critical in her life that she moved to VfL Wolfsburg from Munititions stockpile to remain nearby them.

Jill Roord Compensation and Total assets The total assets of Jill Roord is $2 million, and it will increment later on. She started her expert profession during her teen years, and her total assets has improved hugely from that point forward.

She is in her mid twenties as of now and has proactively brought in a ton of cash. Other than her total assets, Jill has not uncovered anything about her income.

What amount does Jill Roord acquire? Her compensation is obscure at present since she has not spoken about it. Nonetheless, VfL Wolfsburg probably pays her more than Stockpile. She likewise brings in a few cash from different sponsorships and notices. Her compensation is probably going to increment in the future since she is a urgent individual from VfL Wolfsburg.