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KhanZaadi’s nonappearance from the Bigg Manager 17 finale, alongside Anurag Dobhal, stays unexplained, however it is possible attached to the dubious idea of their ways out and discontent with the show’s procedures, as demonstrated by Dobhal’s obscure virtual entertainment post.

Who is Khanzaadi?

KhanZaadi, whose genuine name is Firoza Khan, is an Indian rapper, vocalist, and artist initially from Assam. She earned respect in 2022 when she partook as a candidate on the Indian singing unscripted TV drama called Hustle 2.0 on MTV. During the show, she exhibited her ability by performing tunes like ‘Azaadi,’ ‘No Limits,’ and ‘Tarazu.’

In 2023, KhanZaadi rose to noticeable quality when she turned into a challenger on the famous Indian unscripted TV drama, Bigg Supervisor Season 17. Her support in Bigg Manager carried her into the spotlight, permitting a more extensive audience to get to know her. While on the show, she probably participated in different exercises and undertakings close by different hopefuls.

It’s critical to take note of that KhanZaadi, likewise realized by her stage name, has been effectively engaged with the music scene, and her process incorporates both a singing unscripted TV drama and a stretch on an eminent unscripted television program.

Stage Name KhanZaadi
Real Name Firoza Khan
Profession Musician
Date of Birth Year 1996
Age (as of 2023) 27 Years
Birthplace Assam, India
Nationality Indian
Height 170 cm (5’ 7”)
Weight 55 kg (121 lbs)
Net Worth (2022) $1 million

Why Khanzaadi isn’t in the Bigg Supervisor Finale?

In light of the data accessible, it appears to be that KhanZaadi didn’t go to the Bigg Manager 17 finale alongside Anurag Dobhal. The justification for KhanZaadi’s nonattendance isn’t unequivocally referenced in the accessible data. Notwithstanding, it is noticed that both Anurag Dobhal and KhanZaadi had a disputable stay in the Bigg Manager house, and their ways out from the show finished leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

Anurag Dobhal posted an obscure note via web-based entertainment, expressing, “Atma samman ke liye fundamental uski jhoothi tareef nahi kar sakta… For the people who are asking I expressed no to go to Bigg Manager finale. #brosenaontop #biggboss17.” In his past remarks, Anurag Dobhal had communicated disappointment with the show’s creators, asserting out of line treatment and guaranteeing that he was focused on during his time in the house.

While the particular justification for KhanZaadi’s nonattendance isn’t known, it very well may be derived that both Anurag Dobhal and KhanZaadi could have decided not to take part in that frame of mind because of their discontent with the show’s procedures or for individual reasons. The contention encompassing their ways out from the show could be a contributing component.

Khanzaadi Age

Born in 1996 in Assam, India, KhanZaadi, otherwise called Firoza Khan, is a 27-year-old Indian rapper, vocalist, and performer starting around 2023. With her underlying foundations in Assam, she earned respect in 2022 when she partook in the Indian singing unscripted TV drama Hustle 2.0 on MTV, displaying her ability through exhibitions like ‘Azaadi,’ ‘No Limits,’ and ‘Tarazu.’ Later, in 2023, she turned into a competitor on Bigg Manager Season 17, further setting her presence in the Indian diversion scene. At 27, KhanZaadi keeps on transforming the music business and unscripted tv.

Khanzaadi Sweetheart

Firoza Khan, otherwise called KhanZaadi, has been sincerely connected to display Jad Hadid. The two were spotted together at a café in Mumbai, igniting gossipy tidbits about their relationship. In August 2023, Firoza stood out as truly newsworthy when she cautioned entertainer Akanksha Puri to avoid Jad Hadid, her sweetheart. Firoza, an Indian rapper and performer, has shared insights concerning her melodic impacts, naming Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Nicki Minaj, Arijit Singh, and Shreya Ghoshal as her godlike objects. Her relationship with Jad Hadid has been a subject of interest, adding an individual aspect to her public persona.

Khanzaadi Total assets

Firoza Khan, known as KhanZaadi, is assessed to have a total assets of $1 million starting around 2022. Her income supposedly incorporate a week after week compensation of 3 lakh rupees. She creates pay through her music, recordings on YouTube, and publicizing adventures. KhanZaadi’s monetary achievement is credited to her thriving career in the music business, where she makes content as well as takes part in different income producing exercises. Her huge total assets reflects both her notoriety and the monetary prizes she has gathered through her contribution in music and other related adventures.

Why Khanzaadi isn’t in the Bigg Supervisor Finale? – FAQs

1. Who is KhanZaadi?
KhanZaadi, genuine name Firoza Khan, is an Indian rapper, vocalist, and performer from Assam, known for her cooperation as a general rule shows like MTV Hustle 2.0 and Bigg Supervisor Season 17.

2. For what reason is KhanZaadi not in the Bigg Supervisor Finale?
The particular justification behind KhanZaadi’s nonappearance isn’t known, however it is recommended that her and Anurag Dobhal’s questionable ways out from the show and conceivable discontent with the procedures could have contributed.

3. What is KhanZaadi’s Age?
Starting around 2023, KhanZaadi is 27 years of age, having been born in the year 1996.

4. Who is KhanZaadi’s Sweetheart?
KhanZaadi’s sweetheart is Jad Hadid, a model. Their relationship acquired consideration subsequent to being seen together in Mumbai.

5. What is KhanZaadi’s Total assets?
KhanZaadi’s assessed total assets is $1 million of every 2023, with revealed profit from music, YouTube, and promoting, including a week after week pay of 3 lakh rupees.