Leon Draisaitl: Girlfriend, Family, Prize Money & Net Worth

Life story Taking up ice hockey as a German isn’t a thing that a great deal of Germans would do. However, Leon Draisaitl isn’t similar to most of them.

This expert ice hockey player who plays for the Edmonton Oilers of the Public Hockey Association (NHL) was born on the 27th of October 1995 in Cologne, Germany.


Despite the fact that he was keen on football as a youngster, it was ice hockey that truly held onto his advantage. He started playing with the Kölner Haie under-16 group and the Adler Mannheim under-18 group, and, surprisingly, the Ravensburg Towerstars. He has likewise played for Jungadler Mannheim prior to setting out on his vocation.

Drafted with the third generally pick by the Oilers in the 2014 NHL Passage Draft, he has been a vital piece of the Oilers’ offense since he began playing for them.

A three-time Elite player, he is viewed as one of the top youthful advances in the NHL, and he has a splendid future in front of him.

This young fellow addressed Germany at the 2016 World Cup in Toronto and won the silver award with them.

Birthday October 27th, 1995
Place of Birth Cologne, Germany
Nationality German
Residency Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Girlfriend Celeste Penelope Desjardins
Study Unknown
Instagram @drat_29
Height 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight 94 kg (208 lbs)
Tattoos Leon is not a fan of tattoos.
Smoking Never
Sister / Brother He has a sister named Kim.
Father & Mother Peter and Sandra Draisaitl are his parents.
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Net Worth (approx.) $40 Million

Leon Draisaitl Sweetheart Who realize that playing ice hockey could land you perhaps of the prettiest young lady on earth? Celeste Penelope Desjardins met the young fellow without precedent for 2018. She’s from Canada and had a characteristic love for the game. An extraordinary European who was setting the arena ablaze was something she had quite recently requested.

Who is Leon Draisaitl as of now dating? Celeste and Leon have been profoundly enamored. Both of them are indivisible also. In spite of the fact that Celeste has a bustling life as a functioning lady, she knows how to keep her man cheerful. Leon definitely stands out enough to be noticed he wants from her. He’d be totally distraught to have another as an afterthought.

Family: Guardians, Kin and Kids Peter and Sandra Draisaitl are the guardians of our player. His father was into the game big time. Peter, a previous expert ice hockey focus, has addressed both West Germany and Germany in the game. Our player took a characteristic getting a kick out of the chance to the game, because of his dad. However, it is muddled how his mum made ends meet.

Leon likewise has a sister named Kim. Despite the fact that he’s been with Celeste, he has no children with her. The couple is holding on to get hitched prior to having any youngsters.

Leon Draisaitl Complete Award Cash and Total assets As somebody who has previously acquired more than $53.75 million from addressing the Oilers, this youthful German’s total assets remains at an expected $40 Million, roughly. What amount does Leon Draisaitl procure each year? The huge agreement he endorsed with the Oilers will see him make about $11.3 million per year.

We believe he’s expected for an agreement expansion, and this time it will be significantly bigger. He’s a Panther competitor and is known to work with different brands in the event that the perfect time introduces itself. The man is addressed by Octagon, and we must say that they’ve worked really hard for their client.

Obscure realities about Leon Draisaitl
Did you had any idea that his dad used to mentor the Ravensburg Towerstars, the group he addressed as a lesser?
Leon is a big canine darling and has a dog named Brownie.
This man won the German Athlete of the Year grant in 2020.
He likewise won the Hart Commemoration Prize, the Ted Lindsay Grant, and the Craftsmanship Ross Prize in 2020.