Macka Diamond

Once more age or people’s viewpoints matter almost nothing to dancehall star Macka Valuable stone, who has let her critics know that she wants to stop her Primary Fans account.

The site is known for its unequivocal adult content, and, shockingly, but some content spilled from hers, she has communicated that she really doesn’t anticipate stopping posting genuinely strong content. She offered the expression while chatting with Jamaica Onlooker’s Sprinkle yesterday, September 29, where she added that she means to keep on posting significantly more accounts.

Birth name Charmaine Munroe
Also known as
  • Lady Charm
  • Lady Worries
  • Lady Mackerel
Born 12 January 1971 
Kingston, Jamaica
Genres Dancehall
  • Deejay
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Author
  • Movie Actress
Years active 1980s–present

She in like manner used the opportunity to take out any disarray and given fans access on that she had nothing to do with the delivered content that made it into the public region.

In the break, which occurred lately and is getting making the rounds through web-based amusement, the “Bun Him” craftsman ought to be noticeable fairly uncovered and truly zeroing in on her chests. This isn’t the principal opening either, as back in June, a video of relative nature similarly made it out of the dark field.

She enduringly acknowledges that the breaks are her doubters’ endeavors to endeavor to crash her calling as need might have arisen to gain from streaming the express content.

The “Variety” That is the very thing emcee added Accepting the legitimization behind the openings is to embarrass her, they unquestionably won’t win that battle.

Truly, she said it would simply help with supporting her participation on the site.

That would suggest that she ends up getting fundamentally more money.

Taking into account the new events, she similarly uncovered that she hopes to raise her participation from US$10 to US$50.

Similarly as with such incalculable deliveries nowadays, the veteran acknowledges it happened when she took her phone to have the accounts moved to another device.

“I’m feeling that when I actually changed my old phone that had the video being alluded to, someone at the phone store downloaded all my old stuff to the new phone, saw the video and decided to course it through web-based diversion,” she continued. She is one of the female DJs from Jamaica who have joined the site, which was shipped off in 2016.

Two other notable female DJs who are happy for including the site as a side business are D’Angel and Ishawna.

Macka uncovered that she joined the stage in 2020 during the level of the pandemic as he was looking for an extra sort of income.

She figured out that for a long while, when there were drop outs for herself as well as her accomplices to bring in cash, they decided to go to the site.

The “Done At this point” expert furthermore shared that since she and a part of her other female had the open door on their hands, they chose to keep their fans locked in.

“I want to remain mindful of my postings and if I don’t, the site will establish a connection with let you in on how since quite some time ago I posted.

In any case, I don’t gain a few specific experiences to post.

I could choose to post twice for a week and a while later once the other week; it depends upon the amount of material I possess,” she revealed.

Macka is furthermore certain that her 22-year-old youngster wouldn’t be embarrassed accepting he went over the video.

She added her fundamental youngster had recently seen what was on the video different times, so she scrutinized that he would oppose it.