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Niama was the brother of French proficient footballer named N’Golo Kante. He plays as a focal midfielder for Premier League club Chelsea and the France public group.

Sadly, Niama is no longer among us. He died only at some point before the 2018 world cup.

N’Golo is perhaps of the most notable and best player on the planet. He has consistently cherished football since he was only eight years of age.

He is as of now one of the best player and furthermore is well off, yet he actually decides to carry on with an exceptionally modest life as he came from an extremely unassuming foundation.

Full Name Niama
First Name Niama
Profession Celebrity Brother
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Sibilings N’Golo Kante

He has substantiated himself ordinarily, and his partners even made a melody to honor him and how he has helped the group.

Marriage and relationship No data can be found of Niama’s affection life. It isn’t even certain regardless of whether he was hitched.

N’Golo is the sort of individual who doesn’t show, talk, and, surprisingly, let individuals in on about his dating life. For a long time many didn’t know regardless of whether he was even single.

His primary center was his profession, and football was his main sweetheart.

Be that as it may, presently N’Golo might be a hitched man and with a lady named Jude Littler, a financial specialist known as the ex of a previous player of Liverpool named Djibril Cisse.

The two of them are extremely confidential individuals and offer no data about their own life.

The date of their marriage or any data of their wedding and relationship is as yet a secret. What’s more, the two of them have not affirmed or denied anything.

Despite the fact that many sources says that they are hitched, many say that they are simply dating, and many say that it is only gossip and N’Golo is as yet single.

The fact of the matter isn’t known until N’Golo or Jude affirms them.

Adolescence Niama and N’Golo had an extreme youth. They were exceptionally poor and needed to do anything for food and a rooftop.

Their dad died early, leaving four kids with their mom, and N’Golo was the oldest among the four.

Their mom used to function as a cleaner, while N’Golo used to fill in as a junk or trash picker.

As he was the oldest among his kin, he understood since the beginning that he had an enormous obligation on his shoulders and needed to really buckle down.

N’Golo used to walk numerous kilometers to gather trash as speedy money, however he generally realized that this way could never help him and his family, and he needed to buckle down.

Modest nature N’Golo is an extremely bashful individual, and he has been something similar since he initially began getting into football at 8 years old.

He was in every case calm and more modest than others however used to stun everybody with his abilities. He is prepared without anyone else.

Indeed, even subsequent to winning the FIFA World Cup 2018, he was timid even to say that it was his chance to hold the prize, and his colleagues gave him the prize saying it was his move.

Total assets The total assets of Niama isn’t known.  The total assets of N’Golo is 23 million euros.

Income Source 23 Million Euro Professional football player Age The specific period of Niama isn’t known. He died in 2018 as a result of a heart failure. N’Golo is at present 30 years of age. He was born on March 29, 1991.