Who is Brandon Myers? Meet the stunning boyfriend of Gabby Allen

Gabby Allen, the unscripted television star from Liverpool, Britain, has had a real love life up to this point. However, everything changed when she met Brandon Myers, a man who was around five years her lesser. We’ve seen such a huge amount about Gabby’s relationship with Brandon when we dove into their lives. How about you get to understand what we’ve realized?

Brandon Myers Life story Brandon was born in the UK and is of blended nationality. He appreciates English and Ghanaian legacy.


This young fellow is a style model and works with the UK-based NEVS models. Brandon, however much he cherishes England, has made Dubai his home at this point. He works from the Emirates and transports between the Center East and the UK for work. Notwithstanding his high-profile way of life, Brandon has figured out how to keep insights regarding his family hidden.

Birthday Unknown
Place of Birth UK
Nationality British
Residency Dubai, UAE
Girlfriend Gabby Allen
Job Model/Entrepreneur
Instagram @brandonpmyers
Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight 78 kg (172 lbs)
Tattoos He has tribal ink on one side of his torso, his arms, and one of his legs too.
Smoking No, never
Sister / Brother Unknown
Father & Mother Unknown
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Net Worth (approx.) $2 Million

Gabby Allen’s connections A course of events For those of you that didn’t have any idea, Gabby Allen is an unscripted television star from Liverpool.

She previously showed up on the TV in 2017 when she entered Love Island on Day seven. Making it the entire way to the last, this lady started and cut off a friendship with an individual member named Marcel Somerville. She then, at that point, showed up on Superstar Big Brother in 2018, and it was during her time there she affirmed that she was dating Myles Stephenson.

This relationship went on for around eleven months before the lady concluded that he wasn’t really for her. She was momentarily connected to an honorable man named Dan Osborne as well.

Notwithstanding, she rejected that she was seeing him. Gabby Allen went totally calm after this. Brandon Myers and Gabby Allen’s relationship Brandon Myers and Gabby Allen met at some point in January 2020. We realize that they were acquainted with one another by their companions. The two started dating stealthily. The pair didn’t talk about their relationship to anybody and totally denied it as well. It was justifiable on the grounds that the lady had gone through a ton and needed to take as much time as necessary with Brandon prior to declaring her relationship to the world. As may be obvious, it was Gabby who was in the driving seat from the start. At long last, in August 2020, she uncovered that she was, as a matter of fact, seeing Brandon.

What’s next for Brandon Myers and Gabby Allen? Brandon, who has made money as a model, used to be an unscripted television star as well. He showed up on Ex near the ocean, which set him up for life and at last on Gabby’s way. The man has involved his freshly discovered fame to accomplish a couple of things throughout everyday life.

He’s positively partaken in all the consideration he was getting being with somebody like Gabby. Apparently, Brandon is viewing this relationship in a serious way. This couple isn’t hitched at this point and has no children together, however Brandon is by all accounts really intrigued by Gabby, and we can see them exceed all expectations to make this work.

Obscure Realities About Brandon Myers
Did you had any idea that Brandon estimates 40/32.5/30? That is chest/abdomen/inside leg.
This young fellow wears size 41 shoes.
Did you had at least some idea that Brandon Myers is the Head of a movement and the travel industry site called Inside Way of life? The organization is situated in Dubai, coincidentally.
Aside from demonstrating, Brandon is into styling and coordinating as well.