Who Is Claudia Schattenberg? Meet The Beautiful German Wife Of Philipp Lahm!

Claudia Schattenberg Memoir Philipp Lahm is an effective figure in the football world. He has likewise composed a self-portrayal about his football vocation. He makes every moment count with his loved ones. His football profession has enlivened a few group. It has additionally drawn analysis from certain specialists.

This article is about a special individual in his life. The name of this individual is Claudia Schattenberg, and she is the spouse of this renowned footballer. The media doesn’t have a lot of data about this individual since she keeps her life hidden. Notwithstanding her saved nature, this article has summed up accessible data about her existence with Philipp.


She Has Wonderful German Elements The primary thing individuals notice about Claudia is her lovely actual appearance. She has hypnotizing blue eyes and fair hair. Her braids outline her little face impeccably. She has an honest air around her. Claudia doesn’t matter weighty make-up to look pretty. She has normally clear skin. Her fair hair suits her light coloring.

Birthday N.A.
Place of Birth Germany
Nationality German
Residency Germany
Boyfriend Philipp Lahm
Job N.A.
Instagram @N.A.
Height N.A.
Weight N.A.
Tattoos N.A.
Smoking N.A.
Sister / Brother N.A.
Father & Mother N.A.
Religion Catholic
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Net Worth (approx.) N.A.

She has likewise kept up with her figure with day to day practice and a solid diet. Claudia guarantees to take care of her family a lot of nutritious food, which keeps them sound. She additionally takes care of her psychological prosperity. Her diet and exercise systems make her look energetic remarkably late in the game. Her actual highlights are sufficient to make any young lady envious.

Claudia Met Her Significant other As A Young person Claudia and Philipp have a long history of fellowship and sentiment. They met when they were 16. In any case, the area and setting of their gathering stay hazy. Claudia and Philipp began as companions paying special attention to one another. They offered help to one another during their professions.

Claudia guaranteed to cause Philipp to feel adored and really focused on all through their relationship. They never experienced any issues in their relationship.

Such a great association is uncommon among couples in the football world. They Dated Two Years Subsequent to Dating Subsequent to investing a great deal of energy as companions, Claudia and Philipp started dating in 2008. They didn’t understand that they had experienced passionate feelings for throughout the long term. Their dating life was additionally smooth since there were no hindrances in their sentiment. Two years subsequent to dating, they secured the bunch on July 14, 2010. Their wedding occurred in Aying, a delightful Munich suburb.

They followed a Bavarian style during their function. It was a special arrangement, yet the web has a few pictures from the occasion.

A companion and individual footballer of Philipp Lahm, Andreas Ottl, went to the exceptionally expected occasion. He was the main footballer to go to their wedding.

Claudia Is A Conventional German Claudia has a novel desire for style and gems. She gladly wears customary German clothing. Her design sense is a much needed refresher in the realm of moderate style. She loves to layer her outfits. She is unafraid to address German culture and design in open as well. Her affection for her way of life is a quality worth valuing in their reality.

She Doesn’t Claim An Instagram Record There is an Instagram account with her name, however it doesn’t seem like it has a place with her. Claudia is a confidential individual who could do without to impart her life to outsiders. There are no articles about her family or kin. Claudia has never addressed the media about her own life.

She might have a confidential Instagram account, yet no one is familiar with it. Philipp now and then posts photographs of his family on his Instagram account.

He has a couple of pictures of Claudia for him. Claudia is a fortunate lady since her better half regards her desire to stay away from the spotlight.

Her Business Subtleties Are Covered up Claudia might be a utilized lady, yet no one is familiar with her status. She doesn’t have to work since she has a monetarily secure future.

Claudia cares for her two youngsters – Julian and Lenia. Them three frequently go climbing with Philipp. Philipp generally guarantees not to show their face in his photos.

Philipp and Claudia are fortunate people since they saw as one another. They have upheld each other in each phase of life. One can expect that Claudia and Philipp will live joyfully ever later.