Who is Kia Proctor? Meet The Model And Dancer Who Once Was In-Love With Cam Newton!

Kia Delegate Account Cam Newton has hypnotized his fans in the NFL people group. He has done his absolute best in each match, because of which he has made progress. His abilities are past admirable. This NFL star has contributed a ton to the NFL people group. His fame among yearning NFL players expanded on the grounds that he was involved with Kia Delegate.

Kia Delegate is a magnificent model and artist renowned in the games local area. Everybody in the US is familiar with her and her accomplishments throughout everyday life.


Kia Delegate Is Wonderful Back to front Kia works in media outlets, because of which looking pretty is an unquestionable requirement for her. She cares for herself to put her best self forward each day. She generally presents her most ideal rendition before the camera. Kia Delegate has gotten lots of praises for her normal magnificence.

Birthday October 16th, 1988
Place of Birth Maryland, United States
Nationality American
Residency United States
Boyfriend Cam Newton
Job Model, Dancer, Instagram Personality
Instagram @kiaproctorofficial
Height 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in)
Weight 55 kg (110 lbs)
Tattoos She has tattoos on her forearms
Smoking N.A.
Sister / Brother N.A.
Father & Mother Her parents’ names are Jerome Proctor and Anne Marie Proctor
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Net Worth (approx.) $400,000

Kia has earthy colored hair with blonde streaks. Her hair variety coordinates well with her dim skin. She gets a kick out of the chance to consistently change her haircut. Kia has taken great consideration of her hair through such a long time. She likewise loves wearing various hairpieces with striking tones.

Kia has consistently had a provocative figure. She works out consistently to keep up with her burning hot body shape. Her all around kept up with body makes her look energetic. She is an artist, so wellness has never been an issue. Kia additionally has delightful facial elements. Her balanced face and almond-formed eyes make her look pretty.

Kia likewise does her make-up immaculately. Obviously, she was involved with a renowned NFL star. Kia Is A Bigshot In Media outlets Kia is a free lady with an effective vocation. Notwithstanding, she had an unassuming starting to her brilliant profession. Kia started her vocation in media outlets as a stripper.

She likewise worked for an elegant strip club with the stage name Hazel. The name of the club was Washington DC Arena.  She found employment elsewhere at the club to turn into a party have in Atlanta. Kia chose to take a shot at demonstrating while at the same time working at the club. Before long, she made her leap forward in the demonstrating business and became renowned.

She rose to progress right away, on account of her diligent effort and commitment. Kia guaranteed to remain in her prime consistently. She never compromised in her profession and kept significant standards. Her prosperity is a motivation for everybody attempting to make it in media outlets. Kia Was In An Involved acquaintance With Cam Newton Kia and Cam work in a long wonderful relationship.

The NFL people group had some awareness of the relationship and revered them. They were a wonderful couple who had a bunch of difficulties. Be that as it may, they generally endured troublesome times with trust and correspondence. Sadly, they met the finish of their understanding.

After some additional time, they headed out in different directions for good, and fans were disheartened. Individuals were expecting the couple to get hitched after a long sentiment.

Cam and Kia have four youngsters together. They have stayed sincere for their kids after their separation. They need the best results for their youngsters. Kia likewise has a little girl from a past relationship. Kia Is A Virtual Entertainment Star Kia loves to post pieces of her life on her Instagram account. She frequently transfers photographs of her kids, appreciating them for being a major part of her life. She spreads inspiration through her Instagram pictures.

She has a few supporters who hope everything works out for her. Kia is a functioning person on her virtual entertainment profiles. She wants to keep up with her online entertainment presence because of her profession. Luckily, Kia won’t hesitate to refresh her fans about her life. She keeps her fans in the know while making progress in the amusement and design industry.

Kia and Cam had a wonderful relationship, however it ran its course. Numerous connections end in a separation following quite a while of bliss. Kia and Cam were ideally suited for one another, yet time made a huge difference. Kia is as yet a renowned character in the NFL people group since she is pretty and capable. Ideally, Kia tracks down her first love. Kia merits joy and friendship, and she will probably get it from the perfect man.