Who Is Melody Lane From Cricut? Product Expert Passed Away Recently, What Exactly Happened?


Tune Lane was accounted for dead on February 15, 2022, by her relatives.

Her obvious reason for death has not been clarified and her adored kin posted through her Instagram gateway about Melody’s abrupt passing.


Song’s work with Cricut has been exceptionally productive and worshiping on occasion.

Cricut centers around cutting plotters and PC supported cutting machines also.

Cricut work with models that is appropriate for a wide range of texture and pitch cutting.

Who Is Melody Lane From Cricut? Tune Lane was an item master at Cricut organization.

Cricut is a monstrous organization that has practical experience in texture cutting and devices improvement.

Cricut has been sharing its new modules right on time with their venerated item master Melody Lane.

Tune would then continue to learn exhaustively about these items prior to posting long instructional exercise like recordings on her Youtube stage and other web-based media handles.

Tune was situated in Lone Oak Loop, The Villages of FL where she would participate effectively in her other two leisure activities: driving her Tesla X and playing golf.

Jen Swift, the CEO at Well Crafted Studio shared subtleties on Melody’s liberal works and said thanks to her for her great presence, while additionally affirming her pitiful death.

Tune has been sharing intense subtleties on all such items as she has been a specialist in the field for north of 10 years.

She joined her Youtube stage under the channel name of “Song Lane” on August 20, 2006, and in these 15 years, her channel had a monstrous upsurge of endorsers.

She has decorated around 212k endorsers in her authority Youtube channel and assembled over 19.8 million perspectives out and out.

Likewise, she was dynamic on her Instagram entrance also where she had 45.2k devotees and normally shared with regards to the item and cuts.

Gofundme Started On The Product Expert Melody Lane After Her Death A Gofundme crusade has been begun to fund-raise for Melody’s last custom and burial service procedures.

Her Obituary subtleties have not expressed an unmistakable reason for death.

She died at 3:22 am. Vegas time according to her sister who shared her passing report through Melody’s Instagram page.

An appearance and memorial service will be held close by the Villages, FL home in the forthcoming days.

How Did Melody Lane Die? Was It From COVID? Tune’s demise has not been expressed with an unmistakable reason at this point.

While COVID constriction might have had caused extreme entanglements, the relatives of Melody have not expressed anything in such manner.