Who Is Sergio Barraza New Wife Amber Cheatham? Elizabeth Barraza Remarried 2022


Sergio Barraza is the spouse of Elizabeth Barraza, a Texas lady who was severely killed. She was shot in her carport in January 2019, as she was planning for a carport deal to bring in cash for her wedding commemoration.

Elizabeth and her significant other arranged a thrilling excursion to the new Harry Potter World in Orlando for their fifth wedding commemoration. To assist with the expenses, the couple had a carport deal on January 25 2019, at their home in Tomball, Texas.


Sergio Barraza: Who Is New Wife Amber Cheatham? Sergio Barraza remarried Amber Cheatham on 30th November 2021. There is no more data on Amber Cheatham. In any case, as per Sergio’s Facebook Profile, the couple were locked in since March 2021.

Barraza is a part and a craftsman of the 501st Legion, a Star Wars costuming bunch run by and for Star Wars fans from one side of the planet to the other. His departed spouse Elizabeth and him were Star Wars fans.

Sergio Barraza Age and Wikipedia Explored Sergio Barraza gives off an impression of being in his late 30s in view of his looks. His real age and date of birth, notwithstanding, are obscure.

At the hour of her passing, his significant other Elizabeth was 29 years of age.

Sergio Barraza And Elizabeth Barraza Sergio Barraza And Elizabeth Barraza were hitched on first February 2014. The Star Wars several was hitched for very nearly 5 years when Elizabeth was unfortunately killed on 30th November 2019. The couple purchased their most memorable house in Tomball Texas, in 2016.

She experienced childhood in Spring Texas, and went to Klein Collins High School. At the hour of her passing, she was filling in as a Data Reporter at Rosen.

Sergio’s better half was violently shot and killed by an obscure attacker while unarmed and exposed in her front yard.

Right now, the character of the person who killed Elizabeth is as yet unclear. Reconnaissance film, in any case, caught the culprit, who appeared to be a woman in a robe. She escaped the truck and headed towards Barraza.

Sergio Barraza had just barely gone to work when she was killed.

Elizabeth arranged the carport deal, as indicated by Barraza’s family members, to gather cash for an excursion she and Sergio were getting ready for their fifth wedding commemoration.