Who Plays Sleeper on Fire Country? Who is Grant Harvey?

Award Harvey plays Sleeper in “Fire Nation.” He’s been acting beginning around 2008 and has showed up in different shows like “The Mysterious Existence of the American Young person.” Sleeper is a previous fellow prisoner of Bode Donovan and is engaged with criminal operations, creating problems for Bode all through the series.

Fire Country

“Fire Nation” is a Television program about activity and show. It was made by Max Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater. The show is made for CBS and stars Max Thieriot. It began circulating on October 7, 2022. The story follows various characters and their lives loaded up with activity and experience.

The show was well known to the point that it got restored briefly season. This implies there are more episodes for fans to watch. The subsequent season began on February 16, 2024. In this season, watchers can hope to see additional exhilarating undertakings and energizing minutes. The series is set in a spot with bunches of activity and show. The characters face difficulties and impediments, however they additionally have snapshots of win and achievement.

The show’s makers and makers strive to make every episode energizing and entertaining.”Fire Nation” is a television series that engages watchers with its activity stuffed scenes and sensational storylines. It has caught the hearts of many fans who enthusiastically sit tight for each new episode. Whether it’s battling flames or managing individual battles, the characters in “Fire Nation” consistently keep watchers as eager and anxious as can be with their exhilarating experiences.


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Who Plays Sleeper Ablaze Country?

Award Harvey depicts Sleeper Hadley in “Fire Country.” Initially from Hawthorne, Nevada, Award Harvey has been dynamic in media outlets beginning around 2008. He earned respect through his job in “The Mysterious Existence of the American Youngster” on ABC, showing up in roughly 32 episodes.

Beside “Fire Country,” Harvey has been highlighted in different TV programs and movies, including “Collective of animals,” “The Intersection,” and “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.” In the series, Sleeper Hadley is presented as a fascinating person with an upset past. All through the show’s story, Hadley’s history unfurls, uncovering his previous associations with Bode Donovan, depicted by Max Thieriot.

Their entwined history, established in a common time in Lompoc jail, adds profundity to the elements between the characters. Sleeper’s personality bend in “Fire Nation” includes his continuous association in drug dealing, which stands out from Bode Donovan’s endeavors at reclamation. Their contention raises, prompting extraordinary showdowns and holding plot improvements.

Award Harvey’s depiction of Sleeper Hadley dazzles audiences, carrying intricacy and profundity to the person. His presentation adds to the convincing narrating of “Fire Nation,” making him a paramount piece of the series. As the show advances, watchers are brought into the multifaceted trap of connections and difficulties looked by Sleeper and the remainder of the cast.

Who is Award Harvey?

Award Harvey is an American entertainer known for his jobs in motion pictures and Network programs. He was born on June 30, 1984, in Hawthorne, Nevada, to guardians Debbie and John Harvey. Experiencing childhood in Hawthorne, Award sought after a degree in News coverage from the College of Nevada, Reno. Beginning his acting career in 2008, Award Harvey has showed up in different TV series and movies.

A portion of his remarkable works remember jobs for well known shows like “The Mysterious Existence of the American Young person” and “Animals of the world collectively.” Furthermore, he has exhibited his acting abilities in films, for example, “Thumper” and “Billy Boy.”Grant stands tall at 6 feet 0 inches and has left an imprint in media outlets with his exhibitions. Through his assorted jobs, he has enraptured audiences with his ability and adaptability.


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Full Name Grant Whitney Harvey
Date of Birth June 30, 1984
Place of Birth Hawthorne, Nevada, U.S.
Nationality American
Education University of Nevada, Reno (Journalism)
Occupation Actor

Award Harvey Career

Award Harvey started his acting process with a job on ABC Family’s “The Mysterious Existence of the American Young person,” marking the beginning of his career. He then showed up as a visitor star on a few television series, for example, “Bosses of Sex,” “Otherworldly,” “Lucifer,” “CSI,” “NCIS,” and “Criminal Personalities.” In Dan Fogelman’s series “The Neighbors,” Harvey played a repetitive part, displaying his ability.

In 2017, Harvey wandered into the universe of motion pictures, featuring in the show wrongdoing film “Billy Kid” and Jordan Ross’ film “Thumper,” which was delivered via Cary Joji Fukunaga. These jobs showed his capacity to assume different personalities and sorts.

Proceeding with his TV career, Harvey showed up in the ABC series “The Intersection” in 2018, playing the person Roy. He further exhibited his acting ability in 2019 by joining the cast of dynamite’s “Animals of the world collectively” in its fourth season, depicting the person Colin.

Most as of late, in 2024, Harvey assumed the job of Sleeper Hadley in the activity show series “Fire Country.” Through his different jobs in both TV and film, Award Harvey has secured himself as a flexible entertainer, equipped for conveying charming exhibitions across various stages and kinds, collecting acknowledgment and commendation from audiences and pundits the same.

Fire Nation Plot

“Fire Nation” follows the excursion of Bode Donovan, a youthful convict looking for an opportunity at recovery. Condemned to jail for his previous oversights, Bode volunteers for the California Preservation Camp Program to abbreviate his sentence. Allocated to his old neighborhood in Northern California, he unites with individual prisoners and talented firemen to battle the successive fierce blazes that assault the district.

As Bode works close by his previous companions and world class firemen, he wrestles with individual evil presences and faces the outcomes of his activities. Regardless of the difficulties and risks of firefighting, not entirely settled to show what him can do and set things right for his past offenses.


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All through the series, watchers witness Bode’s development as he learns the worth of collaboration, penance, and versatility despite misfortune. As fierce blazes fury and strains heighten, Bode structures far-fetched coalitions and finds unforeseen partners among his kindred detainees and firemen.

In the midst of the confusion of fighting flames, “Fire Nation” digs into the intricacies of Bode’s connections, over a wide span of time, and investigates subjects of pardoning, reclamation, and the quest for renewed opportunities. Through heart-beating activity successions and convincing person elements, the series offers a grasping depiction of fortitude, kinship, and the unyielding human soul notwithstanding nature’s rage.

Fire Nation Cast



Max Thieriot Bode Donovan
Kevin Alejandro Manny Perez
Jordan Calloway Jake Crawford
Stephanie Arcila Gabriela Perez
Jules Latimer Eve Edwards
Diane Farr Sharon Leone
Billy Burke Vince Leone
W. Tré Davis Freddy
Michael Trucco Luke Leone
Jade Pettyjohn Riley Leone
Sabina Gadecki Cara
April Amber Telek  Bode’s aunt
Aaron Pearl  Paulie Burnett
Zach Tinker Collin O’Reilly/Alex Shawcross
Katrina Reynolds Cookie
Karen LeBlanc Dr. Lilly Crawford
Fiona Rene Rebecca Lee
Julianne Christie Kate
Barclay Hope Father David Pascal
JP Padda Andy
Ian Tracey Wes
Rebecca Mader Faye
Kanoa Goo Kyle
Kane Brown Robin
Crystal Balint Erika Snow
Riley Davis Troy
Rafael de la Fuente Diego
Tye White Cole
Jason O’Mara Liam

Fire Nation Delivery Date

“Fire Nation” is an exhilarating American television series loaded up with activity and show. It was made by Max Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater, and is created by Jerry Bruckheimer for CBS. The show stars Max Thieriot and appeared on October 7, 2022. Following its effective first season, which enamored audiences with its serious storyline and convincing characters, the series was recharged briefly season.

Fans enthusiastically anticipated its return, and on February 16, 2024, their expectation was compensated as the subsequent season debuted. Set in enrapturing areas and highlighting a gifted cast, “Fire Nation” has earned acclaim for its holding plotlines and super charged activity groupings. The show follows the undertakings of its primary characters as they explore through perilous circumstances, framing collusions and confronting impressive enemies en route.

With its recharging briefly season, watchers were excited to dive further into the universe of “Fire Nation” and investigate new exciting bends in the road in the story. The debut of the subsequent season marked one more interesting part in the series, promising more excites and tension for fans to enjoy.”Fire Nation” keeps on being a must-look for enthusiasts of activity stuffed TV, offering diversion and energy with every episode.


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Where to Watch Fire Country?

Watchers can watch “Fire Nation” by leasing or buying episodes on famous streaming stages like Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play. The show, which circulated on CBS from 2022 to 2024, offers an activity stuffed show experience that enraptures audiences with its emotional plot and drawing in characters. In any case, accessibility might shift relying upon topographical area, and a few districts could encounter geo-obstructing limitations.

Featuring Max Thieriot as Bode Donovan, Billy Burke as Vince, and Kevin Alejandro as Manny, “Fire Nation” follows the excursion of a youthful convict looking for recovery through an unpredictable firefighting program in Northern California. Close by different detainees, Bode accomplices with first class firemen to fight enormous fierce blazes across the locale.

Regardless of any potential review limitations, fanatics of activity, show, and experience can appreciate “Fire Country” for its exhilarating narrating and grasping exhibitions. The show has gathered acclaim for its extraordinary plotlines and activity groupings, making it a must-look for those searching for an adrenaline-filled survey insight.

Who Plays Sleeper Ablaze Nation – FAQs

1. Who plays Sleeper “Ablaze Country”?
Award Harvey depicts Sleeper Hadley in “Fire Country.”

2. What is “Fire Nation” about?
“Fire Nation” is a Network program loaded up with activity and show. It follows the narrative of Bode Donovan, a youthful convict looking for recovery through firefighting.

3. When did indeed “Fire Nation” debut?
“Fire Nation” debuted on October 7, 2022.

4. Who made “Fire Country”?
“Fire Nation” was made by Max Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater.

5. Where might I at any point watch “Fire Country”?
Watchers can watch “Fire Nation” by leasing or buying episodes on streaming stages like Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play.

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