Why did Tay K Get Arrested? Where is Tay K Now?

Taymor McIntyre, known as Tay K, was arrested and sentenced for his contribution in different savage violations, including murder, bringing about a 55-year jail sentence.

Who is Tay K?

Taymor Travon McIntyre, otherwise called Tay-K, is an American rapper. He acquired distinction in 2017 with his melody “The Race,” which discusses his contribution in crimes. The tune became well known while McIntyre was on the run from the police. He was in the long run caught in June 2017, that very day the tune was delivered.

McIntyre confronted serious legitimate difficulties. He was blamed for being engaged with a home attack and theft in 2016, where somebody died. In 2019, he was viewed as at fault for homicide and condemned to 55 years in jail. He was additionally accused of another homicide and is anticipating preliminary for that offense.

Regardless of his lawful issues, McIntyre’s music acquired consideration, and his presentation mixtape, “Santana World,” was delivered while he was in prison. It got positive input from fans and pundits. These days, McIntyre is imprisoned in Bexar Province Prison, San Antonio, Texas, carrying out his punishment.

Full Name Taymor Travon McIntyre (Tay-K)
Nickname Tay-K, Tay-K 47
Date of Birth June 16, 2000
Age 23 years (2023)
Birthplace Long Beach, California, U.S.
Origin Arlington, Texas, U.S.
Occupation Rapper, songwriter
Years Active 2014–2017 (active in the music industry)

For what reason did Tay K Get Arrested?

Tay K, whose genuine name is Taymor McIntyre, was arrested for his association in serious wrongdoings. In July 2016, he was arrested on charges of capital homicide after an unlawful lobbyist named Ethan Walker was killed during a home attack. Tay K and others purportedly entered the home to take cash and medications, however the circumstance turned savage, bringing about Walker’s passing.

While anticipating court procedures in January 2017, McIntyre cut off his lower leg screen and escaped with a companion to San Antonio, Texas. During this time, they were associated with another theft where they killed Mark Anthony Saldivar. McIntyre was likewise distinguished for looting and attacking a 65-year-elderly person.

Regardless of contentions that McIntyre didn’t shoot the deadly shot that killed Walker, he had to deal with murder penalties because of his contribution in the home attack. McIntyre’s sweetheart affirmed that his hands were up high when Walker was shot, proposing he wasn’t straightforwardly liable for the shooting. Be that as it may, he actually confronted serious legitimate ramifications for his activities.

Eventually, McIntyre’s contribution in numerous savage violations prompted his capture and ensuing conviction. He was condemned to 55 years in jail for his part in these offenses.

Tay K Career

Taymor Travon McIntyre, known as Tay-K, started his rap career as a component of the gathering Daytona Boyz in 2014. They delivered tunes on SoundCloud yet didn’t certainly stand out enough to be noticed. Tay-K delivered his most memorable independent tunes in 2015, which earned some neighborhood respect. His fame developed after he delivered tunes like “Megaman” while on the run from the police.

His most popular tune, “The Race,” was delivered that very day he was caught by the police. It turned into a hit, arriving at number 44 on the Board Hot 100 diagram. Tay-K delivered more music, including his mixtape “Santana World,” while in prison. “The Race” was subsequently ensured platinum.

Notwithstanding his legitimate difficulties, Tay-K kept on making music. He teamed up with different specialists and brought in a lot of cash from his record bargain. He additionally showed up on the waitlist for the 2018 XXL First year recruit list.

In 2019, Tay-K’s Twitter account, show to a relative, reprimanded his administration and record mark. Tay-K communicated disappointment with how the media depicted him and his longing briefly chance at adulthood. He likewise composed letters to his fans from jail, offering thanks and pondering his circumstance.

Tay-K’s career is marked by both melodic achievement and legitimate difficulties, yet he stays focused on having a constructive outcome through his music, even from in jail.

Tay K Total assets

Tay-K, regardless of his lawful difficulties and current detainment, amassed a total assets of $3 million basically through his music career. Beginning in 2014 with the gathering Daytona Boyz, he acquired nearby acclaim prior to breaking out with solo tracks like “BIFF XANNEN” in 2015.

His notoriety took off further with the arrival of “Megaman” in 2016. Notwithstanding being on the run from the law, his hit single “The Race” moved him to cross country acknowledgment. Notwithstanding being detained, his music keeps on creating pay. Tay-K claimed a house in Texas before his capture however is as of now carrying out his punishment in jail.

Where could Tay K Presently be?

At this point, Tay-K, whose genuine name is Taymor McIntyre, is carrying out his punishment in jail. He is detained for his contribution in different violations, including murder, endeavored murder, burglary, and attack. In spite of his detainment, Tay-K has been engaged with claims connected with his crook activities.

The claims incorporate cases from the groups of his casualties looking for harms and charging that McIntyre and his previous record names, 88 Work of art and RCA Records, benefitted from his music, which they contend ought to have been utilized to repay the people in question. Starting around 2023, the result of these claims isn’t openly known.

For what reason did Tay K Get Arrested? – FAQs

1. Who is Tay K?
Tay K, born Taymor Travon McIntyre, is an American rapper known for his hit tune “The Race” and ensuing legitimate difficulties.

2. For what reason did Tay K get arrested?
Tay K was arrested for his contribution in serious wrongdoings, including murder, theft, and attack, originating from occurrences in 2016 and 2017.

3. What is Tay K’s total assets?
Tay K’s total assets is assessed at $3 million, essentially procured through his music career before his imprisonment.

4. Where could Tay K presently be?
Tay K is as of now carrying out his jail punishment regarding his criminal convictions.

5. What lawful difficulties has Tay K confronted?
Tay K has been engaged with claims connected with his lawbreaker activities, including unjust passing cases and allegations of benefitting from his music.

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