Darlene Rodriguez | Husband David Rodriguez And Kids

Writer Darlene Rodriguez co-secures Today in New York on WNBC. In the wake of announcing for WNBC and co-securing End of the week Today in New York, she was elevated to co-anchor in 2003.

Rodriguez takes care of for NBC’s The Today Show as a newsreader. Prior to joining WNBC, she functioned as a columnist for BronxNet Link and WCBS Newsradio 88.


Rodriguez, a Bronx local, is an alum of the College of Miami and Christopher Columbus Secondary School.

While going to school, she delivered diverse food themed nearby TV news communicates.

Rodriguez actually invests her recreation energy cooking and stitching. She lives in Croton-on-Hudson, New York, right now.

Spouse of Darlene Rodriguez Leonardo Rodriguez
Darlene Pomelas Rodriguez, co-anchor of Today in New York, is hitched to David Rodriguez, a previous sergeant in the New Rochelle police division.


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David confronted allegations in 2008 that he had sexual contact with a seventeen-year-old young lady while manhandling his, influential place. He ultimately entered a liable supplication and recognized his bad behavior.

He was one of the police officers that kept the beau of the young lady on doubt of homegrown maltreatment.

DarlwhoRodriguez’s significant other supposedly returned without anyone else later and physically attacked the young lady. He recognized taking part in ill-advised conduct as an authority by engaging in sexual relations with the young adult.

Darlene Rodriguez’s significant other left the police division and entered a blameworthy request to a wrongdoing allegation of true unfortunate behavior. He was given a trial and directing sentence.

The popular morning show moderator, Pomelas, and his better half were humiliated by the circumstance. All through the whole circumstance, the writer upheld her significant other.

He conceded that what he had done was an abuse of his authority power and communicated earnest remorse for it. The pair is still attached now notwithstanding the episode.

Darlene Rodriguez’s Life in Marriage
Rodriguez’s madespitesion to remain with David notwithstanding the assault claims against him.


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All through the court procedures, in spite of being at her better half’s side, and expressed, “I’m here to help my significant other.” I have confidence in him. I value him. He is totally blameless.

Darlene was subsequently tracked down blameworthy by the appointed authority. However, because of his supplication, he was allowed a one-year restrictive delivery and told to keep away from the youngster for a considerable length of time.

The previous police sergeant left the New Rochelle police division in the wake of being viewed as liable.

Indeed, even at this time, the anchorperson upheld her companion. Alongside one another, the pair defied and vanquished obstructions.

She did, in any case, face unforgiving analysis for remaining by her liable spouse. Twitter clients scrutinized her judgment and inspirations.

The two endure the typhoon and are still attached today since they wouldn’t allow the situation to obliterate their affection.


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Nothing demonstrates that the contention is as yet significantly affecting the Rodriguez family eleven years after the fact.

Remarkably, the Roaffectingl lives in the Westchester Region house they purchased in 2004, which was purchased four years before the embarrassment that shook their local area.

Children of Darlene Rodriguez
With her better half, David, the co-anchor of Today in New York is the mother of Hervia, the pair’s most memorable youngster, who was born in 2006.

After a concise time away because of labor, Darlene continued facilitating the morning program.

She showed child Olivia to the audience by welcoming her on the show a couple of times.

David Jr., their subsequent kid, was born in 2008, not long before her significant other’s unseemly way of behaving with a minor during his residency as a police sergeant became public.


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Darlene Rodriguez (@darlene4ny)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

The writer kept her consideration on life as a parent notwithstanding the disarray. Likewise, she brought David Jr. to work with her, permitting him to draw in with the team and play on the set.

She has recognized that it has been challenging to shuffle her calling and bringing up kids, yet her family starts things out.

Albeit the anchor monitors her children’s protection, she sporadically utilizes web-based entertainment to give devotees a look into her life as a functioning mother.

Her allure as a sort, thoughtful morning show moderator has just expanded in the wake of becoming a mother.