Fresh & Fit Podcast Host Tommy Sotomayor Gets Punched By Girl, Viral Video On Reddit

Tommy Sotomayor is Film Maker, artist, and humorist.He is The Architect as his Instagram bio states. The well known person additionally connects with himself in activisms and is a Smut Peddle, Philosopher and Truth Teller,

Notable as the King of Controversy, Tommy self-recognitions himself as the individual who stands up truth and rationale.

New and Fit Podcast: Tommy Sotomayor Gets Punched By Girl Tommy Sotomayor gets punched and attacked by a young lady in the Fresh and Fit digital broadcast video.

He as of late recorded a police report on assaulter Miss Chayneria or Chay and he likewise shared through his Instagram that he will be seeking after this make a difference without limit and not let it go in the smallest manner conceivable. Similarly, he likewise pretty much illuminated fairness expressing that assuming it was a man who physically attacked a lady, he would be in prison at this point.

Tommy additionally shared that since he would not hit the lady be able to back, he will continue with this attack matter by doing the court thing, particularly since she took all around the web gloating about the attack what not.

What’s more, the public broadcast have has effectively begun with the judicial procedures and activities to get the equity completely served to him and for the victimizer to be rebuffed by regulation.

Tommy Sotomayor Punched Video On Reddit Tommy Sotomayor’s punched video can’t be found on Reddit however on YouTube.

He has asked the watchers or audience to join his Onlyfans to see the full video of what made Chay distraught and envious. He likewise pinpointed that this is a direct result of her envy since he picked her fair looking companion.

As indicated in Lipstick Valley, the explanation Chay blew her top and physically battled with Sotomayor is that he had more science with the fair looking young lady and she had an uncertain outlook on fair looking ladies, with whom he got more personal.

In his Instagram video, he likewise said that this is a result of darker looking young ladies’ instabilities and weaknesses over nothing, the world would really rather avoid such young ladies overall.

What Is Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth 2022? Tommy Sotomayor has a total assets assortment in around or over five figures in 2022.

As per Celebrity Networth, the YouTube character has an all out amount of $500 thousand in aggregation.