NFL Photographer Kelly Smiley Racist Tweets And Falls Video On Reddit- Is She Homophobic?


Kelly Smiley is an expert picture taker who as of late broken her spine in the wake of tumbling from a phase.

She was imagining Matthew Stafford and his significant other Kelly Stafford during the party of the Los Angeles Rams at the Rams’ super bowl rally in LA.

Smiley’s tumble from the stage turned into a discussed occurrence after Matthew overlooked and strolled around while his darling spouse checked on the off chance that the photographic artist was OK.

Fans proceeded to talk brutally of the player after his reaction yet presently the tables have turned before long after Smiley’s tweets have reemerged on Twitter.

NFL Photographer Kelly Smiley Racist Tweets Kelly Smiley’s bigoted tweets from 2013 and 2014 experience got herself in big difficulty.

The picture taker’s tweets have been reemerged now and netizens are getting down on her to be a bigot and homophobic individual.

While the Stafford family has declared to cover the cost of the medical clinic bills for her cracked spine and a wrecked camera, netizens are thinking about what the couple will do now with every one of the bigoted tweets being reemerged on Twitter. Stafford couple is yet to talk with regards to this issue.

Meanwhile, the Twitter world is detonating after Smiley’s bigoted tweets are being placed on the middle again as individuals currently accept that she could be covering the medical clinic bills herself.

Smiley took a hit against the Asian, African-American, and LGBTQ people group individuals through her tweets. Her record @kellysmiley23 has been erased.

Kelly Smiley Age: How Old Is She? Kelly Smiley is a young lady who is by all accounts at the age of 25-30.

While she has not uncovered her age to people in general, Smiley revealed that she began her photography vocation at an early age.

Long Beach, California-local NFL photographic artist looks truly youthful deciding by her photos. Moreover, the honor winning photographic artist’s profession blast during 2017 and 2018 as she had won a few honors during that time.

LA Rams photographic artist and photograph editorial manager Smiley is an alum of San Diego State University where she finished her Bachelor’s certificate in Multimedia.

Kelly Smiley Falling Video Revealed Kelly Smiley tumbling from the stage was gotten on a video and can be seen as on the web.

The video caught she was prepared to click photographs of Matthew Stafford and his better half Kelly Stafford.

Smiley had posted a photograph on her private Insta story uncovering she was feeling alright and had said thanks to individuals for connecting with her.

Besides, a GoFundMe page was set to cover the cost and the designated sum to raise was $30k. At the hour of composing, almost $48k has been raised.

The Reddit clients have communicated their perspectives with respect to the new mishap and the prejudice tweets by the photographic artist.