Has Sondra Theodore Undergone Plastic Surgery? Hugh Hefner Ex Girlfriend Grooming Allegations And More

Sondra Theodore is a previous model and entertainer.

Most popular for being the model of Playboy Magazine, she is the previous love interest of the late Hugh Hefner who was the originator of Playboy.


Hefner was the praised figure in the diversion and demonstrating industry with every one of the new faces he had acquainted with the universe of allure as of not long ago.

A narrative series named ‘Privileged insights of Playboy’ has broadcasted on A&E and presently fans are seeing the more obscure insider facts of the organizer of Playboy.

Theodore has come to help for illuminating the watchers about the more obscure side of the fabulousness world yet for the most part about Hugh Hefner.

We should look further into their set of experiences yet we start with.

Did Sondra Theodore Undergo Plastic Surgery? Sondra Theodore is a wonderful lady who has not performed plastic medical procedure.

Theodore still can’t seem to uncover assuming she has gone through plastic medical procedure to people in general so we were unable to affirm the matter.

Be that as it may, given the situation of Hugh Hefner’s inclinations, all of his sweethearts was asked by the author to perform the plastic medical procedure.

One of his lady friends Holly Madison uncovered that the plastic medical procedure in his manor was habitual aside from few exemptions as Hugh would dissuade his sweethearts expressing they were not effortlessly adequately attractive enough.

Regardless of whether Theodore is a special case or falls under the class of ladies who performed go through a medical procedure, she has been a lady of incredible excellence since her initial days.

Hugh Hefner Ex-Girlfriend Sondra Theodore Grooming Allegation Details Sondra Theodore uncovered that she was prepped by Hugh Hefner to bring different ladies into their beds for a long time.

Her assertion came into notice at the new docuseries where she clarified her relationship with Hugh Hefner.

Theodore was drawn to Hugh for his appeal however the sexual longings and dreams under him drove Sondra to break up with him.

She even saw him physically associated with their canine.

Hefner’s dreams with the canine didn’t end there as he had made pornography star Linda Lovelace perform oral sex with German Sheppard and Theodore experienced that too.

Sondra Theodore Age And Husband Details Sondra Theodore is 65-years of age.

She met Hugh when she was matured 19 while Hugh was in his 50th year.

Sondra turned into the sweetheart of Hugh Hefner for quite some time.

Discussing her conjugal issues, she had hitched supervisor Ray Manzella in 1985. They nurtured 2 youngsters together prior to getting a separation. One of their kids is an entertainer Katie Manzella.

Theodore remarried in 2000 yet the personality of her accomplice is kept undisclosed at this point.