Avengers: Secret Wars Fan Poster Adds Doctor Doom to the MCU

Another fan banner envisions The Avengers 5 as a Secret Wars film and acquaints Doctor Doom with the MCU as all the legends join to crush him.

Another fan banner envisions The Avengers 5 as a Secret Wars film and acquaints Doctor Doom with the MCU. The initial twenty-three movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe made up the Infinity Saga, a long-running storyline that finished in a year ago’s Avengers: Endgame. That film indicated exactly how enormous a Marvel film can be (truly, seeing as its runtime is 3 hours), yet even before the credits ran fans were thinking about what will come straightaway. It appears to be inescapable that there will be another Avengers film later on, however it was excluded among the movies declared by Kevin Feige at San Diego Comic-Con a year ago.


Simultaneously, Feige recognizes what the following Avengers program resembles, so it’s sure that The Avengers 5 will turn out eventually. With regards to what precisely it will be about, that is less clear. The Infinity War inside the initial three periods of the MCU was an epic occasion, and it’ll take a great deal for Marvel to top it. Some have thought about whether the following significant occasion could be Secret Invasion from the funnies, while others presume it’ll all come down to the Secret Wars. That 2015 occasion saw each part of the multiverse breakdown into one particular reality and put Doctor Doom at the focal point of the contention.

That is the motivation for this new fan banner from computerized craftsman Psychboz. The banner sees the entirety of the MCU’s Phase 4 saints social affair to take on Doom, who stands triumphant on a transcending heap of skulls. You can see the banner for yourself in the space beneath.


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Since Marvel has recaptured the rights to Doctor Doom (just as the Fantastic Four), he’s required to show up in a future MCU film. All things considered, he’s one of Marvel’s most famous lowlifess, and it would bode well to consolidate him some way or another. There’s an expectation among some that Doctor Doom will turn into the primary scalawag in Black Panther 2, however nothing has been affirmed. All things considered, if Marvel needed Doctor Doom to turn into the following Thanos-level miscreant, it would bode well to begin building up him up in front of the unstable showdown.

There’s very an enthusiasm among those at Marvel in making a Secret Wars film. The Russo siblings have said they would come back to the MCU to guide one, and Endgame screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have reverberated similar opinions. Wonder is as yet centered around the early pieces of Phase 4, so it’ll likely be some time before anything about The Avengers 5 is affirmed. All things considered, it may bode well to begin getting ready for Secret Wars; anything could occur.