Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come Superman Gets His Own TV Show In Fan-Made Poster

Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come Superman is the star of a HBO Max arrangement in a fan-made show banner made by advanced craftsman artoftimetravel.

A craftsman has given Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come Superman a HBO Max arrangement in a fan-made banner. The Superman Returns on-screen character played the Man of Steel without precedent for a long time in The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. Albeit remarkable for his Superman job, present day fans realize him best for his depiction of the Atom on Legends of Tomorrow. In March, Routh bid farewell to the little saint following various years on the Arrowverse.

In 2006, Warner Bros. discharged Superman Returns. It was the primary showy Superman film since 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Routh was picked to play the nominal saint and was the principal entertainer to wear the cape since Christopher Reeve’s unbelievable depiction. Superman Returns filled in as a spin-off of sorts to Superman II. Albeit numerous basic surveys weren’t terrible, the film’s notoriety among fans was not positive throughout the years. In any case, Brandon Routh’s depiction of the character has seen a resurgence in notoriety, thanks in no little part to him wearing the cape again in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Some even made the most of Routh’s arrival enough to seek after a TV arrangement featuring his Superman.

Over on Instagram, craftsman artoftimetravel has given Routh’s Superman a fan-made banner for a theoretical arrangement. The banner has Routh in a fight position against a Fortress of Solitude scenery. Obviously, the HBO Max logo is utilized, which is the administration numerous probable would need to see an arrangement on. Look at the banner underneath.


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In Crisis on Infinite Earths, Earth-38’s Superman and a couple different characters go to Earth-96 to select Routh’s Kingdom Come Superman. This happens after Lois Lane has passed on in a Daily Planet gas assault made by a “dismiss from Gotham,” who is inferred to be the Joker. Subsequently, Superman wore a red and dark emblem to connote, “Even in the darkest occasions, trust slices through.” At the finish of Crisis, Routh’s Superman is demonstrated flying in space, presently wearing an increasingly natural yellow and red logo shading plan. This rich backstory could give the ideal arrangement to an engaging, enthusiastic TV arrangement on HBO Max.

A Routh-featuring Superman arrangement could likewise convey a fascinating Superman Returns followup. It could adjust the demise of Lois referenced in Crisis on Infinite Earths and investigate the Man of Steel’s relationship with his child, Jason. Obviously, Crisis could have adjusted reality so that Lois never died, offering a fresh start for narrating. In spite of the fact that fans shouldn’t get their expectations up, nobody likely idea Michael Keaton’s Batman would come back to the big screen either, so the sky is the limit.