Disney’s Cancelled Atlantis Movie Sequel Plans Revealed

Executive Kirk Wise uncovers the first arrangement for Disney’s dropped continuation of its 2001 enlivened element film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Chief Kirk Wise has uncovered Disney’s unique arrangement for a since-dropped Atlantis: The Lost Empire continuation. Discharged in 2001, Atlantis spins around Milo (voiced by Michael J. Fox), a fearless wannabe swashbuckler who sets out with a group of pilgrims to locate the lost realm of Atlantis in the year 1914. The film denoted a difference in pace for Disney Animation, removing them from musicals as well as princess fantasies into the domain of Jules Verne-style science fiction dream experience. After a year, the studio proceeded a similar way with Treasure Planet, putting a comparable 2D vivified science fiction turn on Treasure Island.

This break from convention didn’t keep going long; both Atlantis and Treasure Planet baffled economically and drew blended audits, inciting Disney to relinquish any plans of proceeding with their accounts. By that point, they’d just finished three scenes for an Atlantis TV arrangement, titled Team Atlantis, so they abandoned the remainder of the show and sewed the scenes all together to video spin-off called Atlantis: Milo’s Return (discharged in 2003). Things being what they are, the producers behind Atlantis had just mapped an appropriate showy spin-off by that point, as well.

In an ongoing meeting with Collider, Wise uncovered he and his Atlantis co-executive Gary Trousdale (both of whom had recently helmed Disney’s enlivened Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Note Dame), alongside story administrator John Sanford, had mapped out an “all out” spin-off of Atlantis before the principal film debuted. He summed up the plot as follows:

“We would have another scoundrel in the story. The scoundrel would have been wearing enormous, alarming, fleece, cumbersome, World War I-style attire with a terrifying gasmask to darken it’s face; a little Darth Vader-esque. Furthermore, this reprobate was going to attempt to retake Atlantis and finish the activity that Rourke couldn’t achieve. Also, the huge wind in the peak of the film is that the scoundrel is exposed and it ends up being Helga Sinclair. Unexpected development!”

For the individuals who need a boost: Helga is the second-in-order to Lyle Tiberius Rourke, the leader of the crucial discover Atlantis in the film. Obscure to Milo, they and the remainder of the group are really hired fighters who intend to loot the lost realm of its fortunes – in any event, before he gets various them to adjust their perspectives and go along with him in shielding Atlantis from Rourke, Helga, and their residual soldiers. Though the last was a cross between a femme fatale and a heartless fighter in the principal film, the spin-off would’ve seen her become (as Wise puts it) “a mid twentieth century cyborg” after she was – apparently – lethally harmed by Rourke during their fight in the peak of the first film. It’s a fascinating turn that would’ve given the spin-off a baddie propelled by more than covetousness, in contrast to the principal Atlantis. Regardless of whether the spin-off would’ve filled in general, that is begging to be proven wrong.

It’s a disgrace Atlantis never got an appropriate continuation. The film is imperfect (most strikingly, Milo is a White Savior hero), however the TV appear or potentially all out spin-off could’ve enhanced its story issues while proceeding to investigate the interesting folklore of Atlantis in the film’s dazzling 2D activity (which is done in the style of Hellboy maker and comic book author craftsman Mike Mignola, who filled in as a creation fashioner). Atlantis has since pulled in a religion following in the years since its discharge, and a considerable lot of its fans have contended the film would really be a fitting decision to get a no frills revamp. It most likely won’t occur since the first energized Atlantis bombarded in the cinematic world… in any case, on the off chance that it ever does, it might utilize a portion of the thoughts Wise and his teammates had as a main priority for their dropped continuation.