Paramount Delays Michael B. Jordan’s Without Remorse, Jackass 4

The delays to upcoming releases continue for Paramount, as they postpone Michael B. Jordan’s Without Remorse and Johnny Knoxville’s Jackass 4.

Paramount has made yet another change to its release schedule, this time delaying both Michael B. Jordan’s Without Remorse and the fourth installment of Jackass. Back in September of 2018, Jordan signed on to play John Clark in the film adaptations of Tom Clancy’s novels Without Remorse and Rainbow Six. Without Remorse was the first one up, as that tells Clark’s origin story, and after production started in November 2019, it was expected to hit theatres on September 18 of this year. Shortly after Without Remorse started its production, Paramount also announced Jackass 4 for a March 5, 2021 release date, almost eleven years after Jackass 3D hit theaters. However, since the closure of theaters around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, studios have constantly changed release dates. Paramount most recently delayed SpongeBob 3 and Infinite, and now Without Remorse and Jackass 4 have been added to that list.

Screen Rant confirmed with Paramount the studio has moved Without Remorse from its original release date of September 18 to October 2 – the date Sony initially pegged for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Paramount also pushed Jackass 4 back four months, as the sequel will now open on July 2, 2021.

The constant changes to release dates are clearly leading to a domino effect, either allowing films to take over previously occupied release dates as seen by Without Remorse taking over from Venom, or films just being pushed back even further to adjust to other changes studios have made. The good news for Paramount is it gives A Quiet Place 2 the whole of September to hopefully have a strong run at the box office, before moving onto Jordan’s Without Remorse in October. In regards to Jackass 4, one would hope theaters will have resumed normal activity for months by that point, so hopefully, Johnny Knoxville will not experience any more delays.