Spider-Verse Star Doesn’t Know If Spider-Gwen Spinoff Is Still Happening

Hailee Steinfeld says she hasn’t heard anything as of late about the Spider-Gwen-drove female Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film side project.

Arachnid Verse star Hailee Steinfeld doesn’t have a clue whether the Spider-Gwen side project film is as yet occurring. Sony’s delighted in a decent arrangement of basic accomplishment with its Spider-Man films throughout the years, however none more so than with 2018’s energized Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Indeed, even before the film opened in theaters, the studio acknowledged it had something exceptional and gave the approval to both a spin-off and a side project. The last of those venture will rotate around different female web-slingers, including Hailee Steinfeld’s Spider-Gwen (following her presentation in the main Spider-Verse film).


From that point forward, maker Amy Pascal has affirmed the female Spider-Verse side project will incorporate (in any event) Cindy Moon otherwise known as. Silk and Jessica Drew otherwise known as. Creepy crawly Woman, notwithstanding Gwen Stacy. It’s likewise been accounted for activity veteran Lauren Montgomery (Voltron, Batman: Year One) is set to coordinate the film, with Bek Smith (who did creation changes on Captain Marvel) composing the content. Be that as it may, there haven’t been any significant updates for quite a while, and even Steinfeld’s uninformed about the venture’s present status.

During an ongoing meeting, ET inquired as to whether the Spider-Gwen side project is as yet pushing ahead, to which she answered “Not that I am aware of, I am not up to date with these things.” She proceeded to state “It’s interesting, on the grounds that I feel like this is an ideal opportunity to make sense of it,” regarding Hollywood being on shutdown in view of the coronavirus pandemic, before including “However I do think, clearly, everything has sort of been marginally required to be postponed. So there hasn’t been a lot of that I’ve heard of late.”

The pandemic isn’t the main factor that could be liable for the absence of ongoing reports on the Spider-Gwen side project. Vivified films set aside a long effort to create and it hasn’t been a long time since the main Spider-Verse film came out. With Sony pushing max throttle forward on Spider-Verse 2 for a 2022 discharge, it’s imaginable the female side project’s a lower need at the present time. It’s likewise conceivable the Spider-Verse spin-off legitimately sets up the Spider-Gwen side project, which is the reason the previous is occurring first. Phil Lord, who co-composed and delivered the first Spider-Verse film, recently prodded the spin-off highlights some large astonishments, so that may incorporate a snappy prologue to characters like Silk and Spider-Woman in front of their group up experience with Gwen.

Meanwhile, Sony’s keeping occupied with building up a few ladies drove Spider-Man extends on the real to life side of the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. That incorporates what’s supposedly a Madame Web film coordinated by S.J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones, The Defenders), notwithstanding the Jackpot film being composed by Arrowverse co-maker Marc Guggenheim. Indeed, even Gina Prince-Bythewood’s dropped Silver Sable and Black Cat group up film, Silver and Black, hasn’t been totally surrendered and could as far as anyone knows change into a Disney+ TV appear. Ideally, it’s by all account not the only female hero hybrid in play and the Spider-Gwen side project will in the end come around.