12-hour shifts leave TV soap actors with no personal life: Pratiksha Rai

Mumbai, Sep 25 (IANS) In the wake of playing significant characters in ‘Udann’ and ‘Pavitra Bhagya’, Pratiksha Rai is presently viewed as the main bad guy in ‘Nath – Zewar Ya Zanjeer’.

She talks how requesting TVs cleansers are, the sort of reaction she is getting from the audience, and how unique she is from the negative person she plays.

Going for an everyday cleanser, Pratiksha said, can very challenge. Extended periods at work leave an entertainer with scarcely any time for individual tasks.

“You don’t get time to zero in on your own life. As of late, I went for an uncompromising track due to which I didn’t get time for my exercise or even to call my folks. At the point when you work for a day to day cleanser, you don’t get time to prepare yourself, you don’t get occasions and you wind up going for over 12 hours consistently.

“However, you likewise receive a ton consequently, particularly acknowledgment. Thus, it is to be sure troublesome and one should figure out how to offset work with one’s very own life,” Pratiksha called attention to.

Diving into her personality, she shared the audience reaction: “I get both great and pessimistic remarks. Individuals compose that I am very awful, as I have divided the lead couple (Chahat Pandey and Avinash Mishra) and torment their youngsters. I need to let them know that I am nothing similar to Kaajal. I adore kids.”

She added: “I’m happy that individuals view the person so in a serious way and value my acting. Yet, I actually have far to go. I’m pleased that individuals know me from my personality and puzzle over whether I’m similar to the person, in actuality. I’m thankful for the open door,” she adds.

Things being what they are, would she say she is in any way similar to her personality? Pratiksha answers: “Everybody has a clouded side. I’m not envious like Kaajal. My dad generally showed me not to contend with others and consequently, I don’t feel the feeling of envy of all time. Kaajal can go to any degree to accomplish what she has set out for. While I can never be mean, I connect with her junoon (wildness) of achieving her objectives.”

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