25 Arrested and Charged in Fraudulent Nursing Diploma Scheme That ‘Erodes Public Trust’ in South Florida


In excess of 7,600 fake certificates were purportedly given by three nursing schools in South Florida. The U.S. Branch of Equity reported the capture of 25 people in a proclamation on Wednesday, as well as different wire extortion charges for a plan “that made an unlawful permitting and business easy route for trying medical caretakers.”

As per the DOJ’s news discharge, the litigants are blamed for selling false nursing degrees and records from authorize Florida schools, Siena School and Sacrosanct Heart Worldwide Foundation in Broward Province, and Palm Ocean side School of Nursing in Palm Ocean side Region. Charges connected with Sienna School incorporate Stanton Witherspoon of Burlington Area, N.J.; Alfred Sellu of Burlington District, N.J.; and Rene Bernadel of Westchester Region, N.Y., with plotting to commit and committing wire extortion.


Eunide Sanon, who oversaw Siena School, likewise faces a charge, as per charging records. In the Sacrosanct Heart Global Establishment case, the arraignment charges Ludnie Jean, Serge Jean, Simon Itaman and Anna Itaman, all of Harris Region, Texas. Furthermore, Rhomy Louis of Suffolk Region, N.Y., and Nadege Auguste of Broward District are additionally accused of plotting to and committing wire extortion. Holy Heart’s proprietor, Charles Etienne, was likewise arraigned.

In the Palm Ocean side School of Nursing case, the prosecution charges Gail Russ of Broward Province; Cheryl Stanley of Collier District, Fla.; Krystal Lopez of Palm Ocean side Region; Ricky Riley of Broward Region; Norberto Lopez of Palm Ocean side District; Damian Lopez of Palm Ocean side Region; Francois Legagneur of Nassau Area, N.Y.; Reynoso Seide of Association Area, N.J.; Cassandre Jean of Palm Ocean side District; Yelva Holy person Preux of Suffolk Area, N.Y.; Evangeline Naissant of Nassau Region, N.Y.; Rony Michel of Monmouth Area, N.J.; Vilaire Duroseau of Essex Region, N.J.; and Yvrose Thermitus, a/k/a “Yvrose Thompson,” of Association Province, N.J., with planning to commit, and committing wire misrepresentation.

The prosecution claims that these respondents requested and selected people who looked for nursing qualifications to acquire work as an enlisted nurture or authorized down to earth nurture or professional medical caretaker. The “counterfeit confirmations and records” permitted counterfeit understudies to take the public nursing board test, which after passing they could get licenses and occupations as enlisted nurture and authorized useful/professional medical attendants, as indicated by the arraignment

Every one of the three schools have since been shut, and the respondents face as long as 20 years each in jail whenever sentenced, the Equity Division expressed.

“An extortion plot like this dissolves public confidence in our medical services framework,” Markenzy Lapointe, U.S. lawyer for the Southern Locale of Florida, said in an explanation.

“In addition to the fact that this is a public wellbeing concern, it likewise discolors the standing of medical caretakers who really complete the requesting clinical and course work expected to get their expert licenses and business,” added Lapointe. The supposed wrongdoing “possibly jeopardizes the wellbeing and security of patients and put-downs the good calling of nursing,” said Omar Pérez Aybar, a specialist in control at the Branch of Wellbeing and Human Administrations with the Workplace of Reviewer Genera.

Wrongdoings like those supposed in this prosecution keep on occurring in South Florida, the DOJ said.

“Numerous tricksters consider this to be a method for procuring simple, however unlawful, cash,” Chad Yarbrough, acting specialist in control with the FBI in Miami, said in a proclamation.

“What is upsetting about this examination is that there are more than 7,600 individuals around the country with false nursing certifications who are possibly in basic medical care jobs treating patients,” he added. “Were it not for the determination and difficult work of the agents on this case, the degree of this extortion might not have been found,” Yarbrough said.